Star Trek Pixelfigs

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Another old batch of goodies from Jaynz. This is my collection of 'pixelfigs' from various members of the TOS cast. As with the ships, I'll be updating these as I can get around to them, but it should only take a couple of days to get them all.

26 Oct 2012
- Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Rand, Noel
- Arex, MRess, Scotty, Martine, Riley
- Chekov, Sulu, Uhura, Chapel, Tribble x1

27 Oct 2012
- Bele, Lokai, Nobad, Shana, Tal
- Kor, Koloth, Klingon Soldier, Decius, Charvanek
- Romulan Lt., Romulan Centurion, Romulan Sub-Lt.
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