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Welcome to TFTales. This group exists as an archive of Transformation stories and is no longer accepting submissions. Everything below is for reference.


We're the premier transformation story group on DeviantART! We were founded by a group of transformation enthusiasts to collect the best TF stories on DA.



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Hello Everyone,

A few years I started this group as a way to archive my favorite transformation stories. We tried to do something that at that time, no other group on DeviantART had done: collect transformation literature with some sort of quality standard. This group expanded to beyond my wildest dreams: over 100 members at its peak, 500 watchers, and over 80,000 page views. With that expansion, the amount of stories we received grew almost exponentially. It became a full time job for me outside of school. I was reading transformation stories for hours a week just to keep up with group - and that was with four or five other admins.

Unfortunately that had an unintended side-effect: I grew tired of transformation stories.

I tried igniting that spark again last year, at the coaxing of some admins, but unfortunately it has failed, and it is time for me to move on. TFT was a great stepping stone into the wide world of transformation, and so I will keep it here as an archive of the wonderful stories that everyone has posted over the years.

Other than that, the group will be closed to submissions.

I wish you all the best in the future, and never stop changing!

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Hey, may I please join? I've been working on a TF story for more than four years now XD
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I'm working on a transformation themed crowdfunded story project:
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Hey, transformation fans. While searching Kickstarter projects I came across this video game in development that you all might find appealing. A small company called "Crooked Tree Studios" is looking for funding for their game. They hope to raise at least $150,000.00 (a hundred and fifty thousand dollars) by the 22nd of July.

Here is a link for their kickstarter page:…

The story seems to be about this girl who goes on a quest to rescue her brother, defeating monsters along the way, but for each monster she defeats she not only achieves one of the monster's abilities but also begins to transform into a dragon-like creature.

Anyway if you want to see this game become a reality I recommend to give what you can to the kickstarter project.
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