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August 23rd, 2016
  • People often ask me what kind of songs Tina and I enjoy listening to. Here are eight:
    Boston: More than a Feeling
    Led Zeppelin: Immigrant song
    Pink Floyd: Brick in the Wall
    Elvis Costello: Red Shoes
    The Doors: People are Strange
    David Bowie: Oh, You Pretty Things
    The Beach Boys: I'm Waiting for the Day
    The Zombies: Tell Her No
  • For those of you who are wondering, here are eight songs that my wife Ellen enjoys listening to:
    Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells
    Squeeze: Take Me I'm Yours
    The Kinks: You Really Got Me
    Simon & Garfunkel: Bookends
    Nilsson: Puppy Song
    Herman's Hermits: A Must to Avoid
    Elvis: Burning Love
    Peter Paul & Mary: If I Had a Hammer
  • Wanna know what Brian likes? Look no further!
    Van Morrison: Brown Eyed Girl
    Donovan: Jennifer Juniper
    Bo Diddley
    Muddy Waters: Key to the Highway
    Howlin' Wolf: Worried Bout My Baby
    Cream: Badge
    Nico: These Days
    Carl Perkins: Blue Suede Shoes
  • Here are eight songs that we enjoy listening to as a whole:
    The Beatles: I Feel Fine
    The Rolling Stones: Mother's Little Helper
    Bob Dylan: Wicked Messenger
    Meat Loaf: All Revved Up with No Place To Go
    The Band: Caledonia Mission
    Talking Heads: Wild Wild Life
    Jimi Hendrix Experience: Purple Haze
    The Monkees: Daydream Believer
August 24th, 2016
Here are some of our fellow virtual/cartoon rockstars that we've come to know through friends or otherwise. Which of these ring a bell to you?
  • Gorillaz (2)
  • Studio Killers (0)
  • Evelyn Evelyn (0)
  • The Archies (0)
  • Mistula (0)
August 26th, 2016
  • Big news from the front! The new TPEG album is OUT NOW on Bandcamp!
  • For our third album, our boss Slim Guy sent us to his brother Tough Guy to produce this album, and he gave it his own flavor. Sorta as if it was his own solo piece only with me and the guys singing/rapping/playing for him.
September 1st, 2016
  • Tina says hi. She also says that she sniffed her bedsheets and they smell like her.
    Ugh, that is so un-me.
September 25th, 2016
September 26th, 2016
  • I don't care if his buildings ARE nice-looking. We are NOT voting for Trump!
    • I was at one of his towers recently. His food court only serves pizza by the pie, NOT by the slice.
      I've a good mind to make like Shatner and yell "TRUMMMMMMMMMPPPPPP!!!!!!!!"
October 21st, 2016
  • I think Cherry hates me. But I get along fine with Dyna and Goldie. So majority rules: I'm faving this one.
  • What's THIS? Cyborg's still around?
    Next time, Murdoc should think twice before spreading false gossip on his radio show or his Twitter or whatever he's on right now.
  • Wake me when they get the okay to reopen this site.
  • A word to my fellow New Yorkers: DO NOT EAT PIZZA FROM OHIO.
    One place had more cheese than crust, another place we got small squares with RAW cheese sprinkled on the top. And it isn't even Mozzerella! It's Provalone! Like they think we're too stupid to tell the difference.
    If I'm being too offensive here, I'll just take this post down and quietly walk away.
  • This video came out a few months after our debut LP. Needless to say, it introduced us to Gorillaz, encouraging us to (attempt to) join the ranks of other notable virtual bands like the other ones on this list.
    P.S. On the longrun, we're still somewhat unknown, so if my band shows up on a WatchMojo Top 10 list in the future, then I'm a mummy's uncle!
October 31st, 2016
November 2nd, 2016
November 9th, 2016
  • TRUMP is the new PRESIDENT?!?!? Our worst nightmare has arrived.
    We're NEVER going to his buildings again.
    He won't last a week in that oval office. Bets?
November 13th, 2016
  • In case you haven't noticed, we got a brand new single out on our Bandcamp page.
  • Goodbye, Leonard Cohen.
    And Leon Russell, too.
November 25th, 2016
  • So yeah, in case you haven't noticed in our recent publicity shots, I'm growing a mustache.
    Brian can't decide whether to go for a full-on goatee or a mere soul patch. I wish him well.
    And no, this is NOT because it's Mo-vember or anything. I've been working on this since early September.
November 30th, 2016
  • When we recorded "Morning Walk", I sampled a car horn and a power drill. But I really wanted to sample a burp.
December 19th, 2016
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