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Baby Radio TNG: Pink and Floyd Zeppelin
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Character  Pink ZeppelinCharacter  Floyd ZeppelinLocation  New York City
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TNG stands for The Next Generation!

Allow me to introduce Pink and Floyd, Todd Zeppelin's second and third offspring (after Lepidolite). After his stints up in space and down in Atlantis, Todd settled down as a local Daytime New York DJ. He reunited and married his college friend Pearl Jam, and that's how Pink and Floyd came about. A medical sight for sore eyes, the children were born under a fetus-in-fetu situation, in which Pink was born pregnant with Floyd, who came out five months later. It's no wonder Floyd sees Pink as a mother figure!
They both share their parents' love for rock and radio equally. Of course, they speak Baby, but fortunately, Todd's translator headset from his Alien Radio days make understanding/talking to them effortless.

Their ball cap graphics are of the Q train and the F train, respectively. F for Floyd, and Q for...well they didn't have a P train cap, so what're you gonna do? (Baby!Todd had a Q train cap as well, but it's outdated: orange instead of yellow)
T-shirt graphic: 80's Elektra (Pink) and Asylum (Floyd) Records logos, designed by Milton Glaser
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