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My Bimbo Academia TG Page 31


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Randomcopy's avatar

It would be interesting if baku has mixed feeling about deku, even if she defeat this villian.

Where the fuck toga get clothes from???

not a fan of bakugo turning things around do to the fact i utterly hate bakugo

LustFellUndyne's avatar

But if Deku made Bakugo mad, shouldn't Bakugo just be mad at Deku?

Would it help if Deku confirmed that she only did that to break the mind control?

LustFellUndyne's avatar

Why would it break the mind control? If anything it would strengthen the mind control by making her hate Deku and see her as an enemy, which would also make her hate the idea of listening to Deku and rebelling against Beautician

Well, from what I've read, this mind control seems to focus on pleasure and bliss. So distracting the mind from those sensations with, as an example, anger, sounds like an option worth at least attempting. Especially in the case of Bakugo, whose short temper has become infamous.

LustFellUndyne's avatar

I guess I didn't pay attention to that part. I just really hate it when characters who've been fully brainwashed in fan comics break out of their mind control, especially because of something as simple as getting angry. Not to mention this comic is taking way too long to get to the point where Deku and Bakugo are both brainwashed and it seems like it's purposely dragging the time getting there. It's really annoying.

nosanity1's avatar
Musicallover1234's avatar

Wow! Toga got back into her clothes fast. Although, Deku needs a top that matches her panties lol.

tghawk555's avatar

Damn, the eye on Bakugo in that 4th panel is fantastic! Really fitting for the character!

Bring it on bitch Bakugo will reduce you to cinders and Deku.....I have no idea right now maybe break the floor?

n0tsaved's avatar

Oh god i'm actually hype over this. I actually feel invested if they win this. I'm in too deep ladies.

jimmyinwhite's avatar

Truely beautiful people will never be broken into someone's plaything.

Mobysimmo's avatar

Bakugo, careful with the camera, I don't think the Cameraman likes being under your ass

jimmyinwhite's avatar
DrvonSchmeltwick's avatar

She redressed fast.

h300's avatar

When appear the rest of the class A1??

12345123456734's avatar

The situation is going to get a lot dicer in the near future though. One zombie alone isn't threatening, but if it finds others to infect...

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