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Published: June 15, 2015
Updated March 6th, 2020

Commission Type

  The commissions are for Source Filmmaker, G-Mod, Blender, VRChat and Unity models, mostly, though other programs are available as well. They include any format you might need for an external animation program, texture, rigging, flexes, animation and porting, given the model. Source Filmmaker and G-Mod models are both made the same way, and they're the default model type I work on, unless specified otherwise. I make VRChat models which can be uploaded directly into your account, you must have a VRChat account for this not only a Steam account. VRChat commissions require you to have your own version of Unity with the VRChat SDK Pack installed, so that when the model is done you can upload it.


  The price of the model's work depends on the request, which is specified by the commission type, a set of added works with fixed price. So the total price of the commission will be the sum of the prices of each individual work. You can check on the list what type of commission, or commissions, you wish to request and the total amount will be defined before my work starts in USD, United States Dollars.
  I define the price after being given all the necessary information concerning the commission and files, any additional data after the price is set will be charged. Once defined the cost of the commission won't change, although the same commission can have varying price along the year as the Dollar price changes.
  It is important to note that I will also be charging a split of the taxes in PayPal's transactions, that is, half of the taxes that PayPal would charge only on myself if the commissioner paid the untaxed price. This means both of us pay the same amount for using this payment service. For this calculation pick twice the commission's price and divide by approximately 1.85. It will appear in the invoice as the shipping.


  Those are all the possible works the commissions cover. Although each work comes with a fixed price it will always be scaled proportionally to a standard unit of said work. For this I use a detailed large object of any kind. This scale goes from 0.5 to 2.
  • Modelling 200 USD each model
    •  This type of commission is defined as creating a mesh inside any modelling program, no textures, flexes, rigging or any other work included. This work is the sum of 75 USD for topologizing, 75 USD for sculpting, 50 USD for refining.
  • Texturing 125 USD each texture
    • This means UV unwrapping and creating the texture for an already finished mesh. It is a sum of 50 USD for UV unwrapping and 75 USD for creating the textures.
  • Rigging 175 USD each rig
    • This work is creating a skeleton and assigning the weights to each bone of it. Does not include animations or IK. For a SFM model the default human form will always come with the Rig Biped Simple. This is the sum of 75 USD for skeletonizing, and 100 USD for weighing.
  • Materializing 5 USD each material
    • Making the surface properties when the model's textures interact with light. Materials also include any kind of surface effects which can be made in a modelling program.
  • Flexing 1 USD each flex
    • The flexes, or shape keys, of an already finished mesh. For a human form it will always be added 75 basic flexes, or 75 USD worth of facial expressions, which can be expanded to 22 extra facial flexes and custom flexes, not only for the face but for any part of the model.
  • Animating 175 USD each animation
    • Creating an animation for an already finished skeleton, with or without mesh assigned. The animation will always be a sequence, not a series of sequences, that is, anything that can be looped. Each individual sequence is its own animation. It is the sum of 100 USD for keyframes creation, being 1 USD each frame, and 75 USD for interpolation.
  • Porting 325 USD each port
    • This work includes passing all the files from an already finished model into a program. Unless mentioned it means porting into SFM, altough porting models into VRChat and creating mods for games are also possible. Contains all the works required for the model to properly work in the said program. It is the sum of 50 USD for organizing the files, 175 USD for rigging, 75 USD for materializing taking 15 materials as base, 25 USD for converting. Characters have added 75 USD for flexes.
  • Transforming 175 USD each transformation
    • With a finished model transforming means doing a set of works on it so that it becomes something else. The possible works of transforming are quite diverse, but it will mean any of the previous works which isn't adding more to the model.
  • Fixing 250 USD each fix
    • It's a kind of transforming which the given model isn't working as it is supposed to. This will be technical only, since aesthetic fixes don't interfere with function and will be always considered transformations.
  • Converting 25 USD each conversion
    • With a finished model and all the necessary files for a program converting means to transport those files to be used in there. It is different from a porting in the way that this is the final step of porting, just passing the files which are already compatible. For SFM specifically it means compiling the model.
  • Reworking 325 USD each rework
    • A rework is a form of reverse modelling where I pick a model, break it down then rebuild it. It is almost like porting but instead of passing the model from one program into another I simply port it back into the original program after working on it on a basic level. It charges the same as the porting.


  I only accept PayPal. Before I start my work I will message the commissioner and inform him. The payment is done with an invoice that I will send at the beginning of my work. The commissioner have 10 days to pay it, from the date sent, and I start it as soon as the invoice is paid. After those 10 days I'll skip to the next commissioner, leaving the invoice unpaid, returning the commission to the queue. If the commissioner pays it within 30 days, from when I've sent it, I start the work after finishing the current one, otherwise it will be cancelled. The model will be delivered as soon as I finish my work.

Time of Work

  The time of my work depends on the commission's complexity, with an estimate of an average minimum of 1 day to an average maximum of 60 days to be finished. Each model is made individually. I can take any amount of commissions by one person at once, but if the total of work exceeds 2000 USD I will split the commission, working on each set of models worth the price, and coming back alternately, to not overly delay the next in queue.

Process of Work

  As soon as the commissioner opens a commission I will give them the price and estimate date of start and finish defined. The commissioner can request updates on the model at any given time during the commission, although I do not take inputs on the work in progress. After the model is finished I will send it packed through a Drop Box link. With the commission finished any additional request will count as a separate new commission, put in the end of the queue, so make sure to make all the requests you'd like.

Creative License

  Every model is either created entirely by me or be provided by the commissioner. After the model is finished the commissioner is allowed to post it, share, and use it however they please. However if the model is to be further commercialized or put in videos or other work it must have credits to me. The commissioner is allowed to provide publicly accessible models, which are not copyrighted by anyone.


  Send me a note saying you’re interested message me in Steam Id: Juggernaut-Untpb, Steam Code: 74925419, Discord Tag: Juggernaut#1258, or e-mail: so we can discuss the details. It is important that you have either a Steam or Discord for direct communication. To help me with the process of making your request gather all the files: models, image references and anything else I might need and put them all in a folder together with the information about your commission, then send it to me in a compressed folder, though either a link to file sharing service hosting it or an e-mail. If you have any questions or want to know more feel free to comment or send me a note.


  I am open to do pretty much all kinds of requests which requires any of the listed works. However there are a few standars I follow for the commission process:
  • Work based price
    • I'll work on the commission by request, that is, considering solely the work I need to do. I don't consider either the content or the price. So you can request any form of stuff you want and since I know how much work is needed for each request the price is set based on it, not the reverse.
  • Complete work
    • While a smaller work means a smaller price I won't do half works. That is, either start work to be finished or finish someone else's work. I can contribute in a larger project that requires more people, but always fully in what I'll make.
  • Refunds and cancellation
    • The commissioner can request any commission, in queue or in progress to be cancelled. Though I don't issue refunds for works finished or started.


  When you start a commission you agree to have read and understood all the information in this page. All the commissions will be following the aforementioned terms. While I'm open to answer any questions, both the prices and commission related information can be found here and will be the base which I use, so I'll process the request as if the commissioner already knows it.


  • Q: Are the commissions open? A: The commissions are alway open.
  • Q: Do you work on NSFW models? A: I do work on NSFW models.
  • Q: Can you do ...modelling/rigging/texture/porting... work? A: Whatever modelling work you need, yes I am able to do.

I won't be answering specific commission related information in the comments. Contact me if you're interested.

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So does technically mean that a full basic model is 325?

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SMM9673Hobbyist Digital Artist

I know the FAQ says that commissions are always open, but considering the dates and everything, I still want to ask, just to make sure; are they still open?

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TFSoldierProfessional Filmographer


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Aeon-SilenceHobbyist General Artist
Do you only do character models or do you do objects and weapons as well?
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TFSoldierProfessional Filmographer
I work on them as well.
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Aeon-SilenceHobbyist General Artist
Ok thanks!
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ZephoriaxHobbyist Digital Artist

I have a question, do you fuse tf2 cosmetics into tf2 model and compile it in one and only model ?

If so, what is the price for this commission ?

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Do you make custom models from scratch?
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can you make a xna broly model 
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Hey I was thinking if you could make me a Number 5 model from the movie from short circuit. Willing to pay asking for a estimate for porting, rigging and modeling any other info on the model DM me on discord. Genner0072#4649
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BlackWolxenHobbyist Artist
I don't know if your still Open but can you send me a note if yes ? That would be great
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cfowler7-SFMHobbyist Digital Artist
How much would Ark: Survival Evolved models cost?
cfowler7-SFM's avatar
cfowler7-SFMHobbyist Digital Artist
Does this include Ark: Survival Evolved Models?
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TFSoldierProfessional Filmographer
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cfowler7-SFMHobbyist Digital Artist
How much would a human model with Flak armor cost?

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How much would you charge me for passing an XNALara model to SFM?
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TFSoldierProfessional Filmographer
That's 120 USD
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CyrillCipherStudent Writer
By any chance, do you do port models? I'm looking to port a few models over to SFM from XNALara/XPS for a comic project I'm planning.
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TFSoldierProfessional Filmographer
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CyrillCipherStudent Writer
Sweet, how much would it be to do that per one model?
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TFSoldierProfessional Filmographer
120 USD
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I hope you could add me in Discord , I seek your Help man..
and many good words about you!!

my Discord name is Skeleton . Please accept me as friends so I can talk with as soon as possible!!
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Ill be saving as hell in hopes of commissioning a model one day
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How much does it cost to port a model from another modeling program like Cinema 4d?
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