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Generation 1
Weirdwolf and Monzo by Sharpe-Fan
Blot Hanging Out by Mojo1985
March of Robots 21: Springer by slacknhash
Delusions of Grandeur by PaladinTomo
Generation 2
Breakdown (G2) by Sharpe-Fan
Dead End (G2) by Sharpe-Fan
Shadowstrip by Sharpe-Fan
G2 Devastator by Darknlord91
Beast Era
Optimus Primal Blizzard by NoahTigerDragon
Waspinator and Tarantulas by NoahTigerDragon
RatTrap by NoahTigerDragon
upbeat and lively warrior by grim1978
Robots in Disguise
TFNation 2019 RiD Sky-Byte by KrisSmithDW
Armorhide RID by Darknlord91
RID Scourge by Darknlord91
SSS3 BLACK CONVOY free sketchup download by kaxvandam
Unicron Trilogy
Transformers Armada: Hotshot Portrait by TechnoBlade
Cybertron Thunderblast by synth-brave
I am GALVATRON!!!! by hybridmode
Powerlinx Demolishor by Darknlord91
TFA Prowl meme redraw by Allduin99
TFA - Best Friends by SweetCrow
Gaming by Allduin99
I was here first! by Allduin99
Live Action
Bay's Arcee by NoahTigerDragon
Twitch - Comission by GUILLERMOTFMASTER
Cindersaur Transformers The New Generation by GUILLERMOTFMASTER
TRANSFORMERS A NEW GENERATION RP In this universe after the war between Autobots and Decepticons ended and with the help of Human allies Cybertron was reborn by the Alspark and parts of it was remade taking ideas from earth the new Protoforms now look like babies(like the one that became Sari in TFA) that when touched by a Cybertronian causes the Protoform to turn into a child resembling the one who touched it so like WindBlade touches one and it was male it looks like a child/male equivalent of her but it could have like Green instead of Red colors.With these new Protoforms the Autobots have begun to raise them as their children like humans would teaching them and making sure they can fight if the cons ever come back in a big way.The last major fight with the cons that happened was a fight for the new Protoforms which lead to a chuck of them being taken by the cons to the planet there living on for the time being.So this is kind of a idea I thought of kind of combining the current idea from IDW comics with bots being assigned to care for newly born bots and the Idea of Sari from TFA but fully Cybertronian.Thinking the new kid bots do age but of course slowly so there kids for a long time before actually growing to be normal sized Cybertronians.I like next Gen characters and thought this could be fun I had thought of some for TFA ideas mainly based on the idea of BlackArachnia trying to make more bots like her or Slipstream making clones but they mess up and get a kid like robot and thought it be fun to expand that idea but sent it in a made up continuity that can have elements from all the series.And I've seen people with OCs that are kids of characters so thought people might be interested in this.Other ideas I've thought for this universe is Megatron became Galvatron but him and Starscream are believed to be dead but aren't and can show up when we want.I'm okay with playing a character for you like to interact with you're next gen OC if you have one as long as you will do the same like I've thought up a son for WindBlade so if I'd played you're OCs parent I'd like you to be her .This will basically be a mix of Slice of life action and adventure or at least all that type of stuff can happen in this.Just something I thought could be fun to try :3So anyone interested?
Oh, Lunardash by EarthRabbit
Arcee's Big Surprise by EarthRabbit
Customs and Digibashes
Robot Masters Smokesniper and Gigant Bomb Digibash by Air-Hammer
Breath in boi - Transformers by Le-Sluagh
TFCon DC 2017 Sheabee + Starscream by SheabeePrime
Page Doll: Blurr by OrbularBird
Robots in Disguise 2015
Anthro Grimlock Hanging Out by Mojo1985
Original Characters
Gungunner (OC) Transformers The New Generation by GUILLERMOTFMASTER
Original Characters - Beast Era
Red Bat Donut Bot Bot Adopt! [CLOSED] by rinovarka
Original Characters - Animated
Transformers Animated OC: Sassy Fembot(Commission) by ZER0GEO
Original Characters - TF Prime
Art Payment: Eclipse by GhostFreak-Artz
Original Characters - Movieverse
Transformers Movie Concept: Pursuit V2 by ZER0GEO

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TFA: ALRS Chapter 4
Bumblebee looked up at Starscream, well at least he thought it was Starscream. For some reason he wasn't attacking, and his smile was diffrent. It was still evil, but he didn't look like he was going to put him off-line.
"What are you doing here," Bumblebee asked, keeping his guard up.
"I came here to destroy some stuff in hopes that you would show up," Starscream replied, "But it looks like you saved me the trouble of destroying the city."
"Well here I am," Bumblebee said, sounding both angry and scared, "So what do you want?"
The smile on Starscream's face-plate grew as he stalked closer to Bumblebee. The younger mech tried to run, but Starscream grabbed his shoulders.
The larger mech leaned in closely to Bumblebee's audio receptors, and said, "I want you."
Bumblebee let out a gasp of surprise as Starscream lip's brushed against his neck, "Wha...What do you mean," he shuttered even through he was pretty sure he already knew the answer.
Starscream brought his face-plate closer to Bumb
:icondiamondheart31:DiamondHeart31 40 15
Sora's Spark Road page 2 by joselyn565 Sora's Spark Road page 2 :iconjoselyn565:joselyn565 228 37 Sora's Spark Road page 3 by joselyn565 Sora's Spark Road page 3 :iconjoselyn565:joselyn565 170 20 Sora's Spark Road page 5 by joselyn565 Sora's Spark Road page 5 :iconjoselyn565:joselyn565 162 18 Sora's Spark Road page 6 by joselyn565 Sora's Spark Road page 6 :iconjoselyn565:joselyn565 145 4 Sora's Spark Road page 7 by joselyn565 Sora's Spark Road page 7 :iconjoselyn565:joselyn565 130 8 Sora's Spark Road. by joselyn565 Sora's Spark Road. :iconjoselyn565:joselyn565 396 46 More than meets the dead by joselyn565 More than meets the dead :iconjoselyn565:joselyn565 230 11 What matters by joselyn565 What matters :iconjoselyn565:joselyn565 229 20 [IDW]The Optimus Prime by Mr-SO [IDW]The Optimus Prime :iconmr-so:Mr-SO 221 10 [TFP]Merry christmas by Mr-SO [TFP]Merry christmas :iconmr-so:Mr-SO 254 38 Optimus Vs. Megatron by corguitarist Optimus Vs. Megatron :iconcorguitarist:corguitarist 73 9 Optimus Prime by Variones Optimus Prime :iconvariones:Variones 450 97 Optimus Prime armada 2 by ailgara Optimus Prime armada 2 :iconailgara:ailgara 124 40












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