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I just want to find out if people are approval submissions anymore on here? I have tried a couple of times now with no one approving them?
Sorry, I haven't been as active on DA as I used to be before Eclipse. I'm afraid I've fallen behind on a number of things.

Cool - do you need some help with approving and managing the channel? I am willing to volenteer if you like

Can my three pending submissions (MagiTechRanger chapter 26 and 27, and a commissioned art piece titled "Ojou ModBun") please get reviewed?  I can understand if there's a lack of people doing the reviewing, but I've had eight submissions to this group in the past 10 weeks, and they're all being accepted in what looks to be a haphazard manner.  I don't know if my submissions are getting buried, ignored, or if it's just bad luck at times.  I'm just getting frustrated in trying to contact whoever is in charge and getting no response.
Hello everyone, I'm looking for a story I read on DeviantArt a few years ago. I only remember fragments, but it was basically about a guy getting the power to change reality to his liking (i believe through some artifact he got from his grandfather but I might be wrong). He changes a few things, especially around his school, but at some point some girl he changed gets his power and continues changing the whole school/world making herself kind of a goddess. The guy ends up in chains in some kind of dungeon nursed by the slaves the girl created for herself. I also remember one change where the girl makes her ex (i think?) worship her vagina and then changes his mind so that he is now obsessed with only her and forced to masturbate to the thoughts of her four hours a day. There's also a part where he creeps around her taking pictures of her, so he has something to get off to. That's basically what i remember but I just can't find it anymore. I'd be really happy if someone could help me out! Thanks in advance 😊