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Behavior Rules

1) Respect each other, don't flame, don't get mean or personal, don't troll. You get the general idea. Everyone is different and everyone should have the right to say their mind in a constructive rather than destructive manner.

Content Rules

1) The purpose of the group is to support transformation and mind control genres the works posted must fall within those groupings or they will be removed. :)

2) This group can have mature content such as nudity etc, anything posted though should clearly abide by the rules on DA. Obviously we're not looking for pornography.

3) The only other content based rule is the portrayal of children. They should not be in adult like themes etc.

Submission Rules

1) The works posted should be your own submissions.and follow DA policies.
2) There is a global limit of 5 per day for submissions for members (Contributors and above exempt).
3) Members are not allowed to submit to the feature gallery (only contributors and above) At the admin(s) discretion an image can be moved to Featured they deem especially noteworthy.
4) Photo Manipulation policy, you need to provide links to the stock used. If the images don't have attributions as to the source of the image, it will be rejected. This goes for celebrities and other images folks find on Google. You don't own the rights and/or have permission in general to reuse them for your purposes. That is a violation of DA policy.

General Rules

1) The rules of course are subject to change and adaptation as we evolve.
2) The TFMC Advertisements folder is only for commissions and advertisements related to the Transformation and Mind Control niches. It is not meant to be a catchall for whatever folks want to put there.







So some of you may be aware and others may not be aware, but with the recent fiasco's with Trolls, reporting system abuse, Admin apparently not really caring all that much or admitting that the system is being used for cyber bullying. I with the help of others have stood up a site that is somewhat an extension of what TFMC Central is about... though on a larger full site scale and with a more supportive community environment for our shared interests.

OUr manifesto, or general statement of what we stand for is:

Community: A feeling of fellowship and camaraderie with like minded individuals, as a result of interacting and sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

TFMC Nexus is a community of creative expression focused on transformation, mind control, peril, and bondage themed work. We believe, as a community, in fostering a safe, supportive, and accepting environment to fantasize, explore, share, and individually express these interests. We believe that when people come together to share, discuss, express, and build relationships, creativity is unleashed. Each person is a beautiful, unique, emotional, often messy, full of contradictions, and quirky. Each of us wishes to feel accepted, and for our differences to be embraced for who we are as individuals. TFMC Nexus seeks to build a community around our shared interests. Though our individual interests may vary, our common goal is to respectfully explore our interests together.

There are things like this group that are not allowed, you will have to read the extensive rules and TOS, and I am sure both of those will evolve. We aimed for clarity in the content that can be posted but also leaving some flexibility in what you can post that may not exist here on DA.

We are note intending this to be a Chan, or boouro, or just a dumping image board, it is about art and writing around the mentioned themes and those that appreciate them. So this isn't a site for selfies etc...

It can be found at tfmcnexus Dot com ... or through a search engine... it is growing and we hope it to provide more capabilities and fun as we evolve....
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Amaryst: The Menace of Mellanica (Part 2) by theheckle01
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YCH TF Stories for Sale! by stepfordpatriarch




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