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TF Club Submission Rules

Rules n Stuff

:pointr: Must contain a transformation of some sort, whether it is Written, drawn, or Photo Manipulated. These MUST be original creations and not screen shots/clips from cartoons, web animation, or the like.
:pointr: If you are going to submit Mature/ Nsfw artworks, they MUST be censored appropriately.
:pointr: Do NOT submit IRL picture of nudity, artistic or not, I will NOT be accepting pretty much raw pornography.
:pointr: Do NOT submit to the wrong folder, if you do on multiple occassions you will be banned from the group
:pointr:If you resubmitted submissions excessively to the group you will be banned, resubmissions may it very hard to keep to track of the other things that are submitted to the group.


Folder Details:

Solo TFs:
A TF that is a solo piece/ does not stand with any other images/ a one time image.

Multiple Character TFs:
Either there is more than one character in the TF or there is Multiple characters that are transforming.

Comics and Sequences:
Applies to either a comic, a sequence, or separate images that are a sequence. Be sure to show in the title if there are multiple parts for the TF! (For example: Part 3/4)

Any TF that is animated.

All Nsfw:
Any Nsfw transformation content.

Open YCHs and Commissions:
Please show in the YCH or commission that something is transforming if you're going to submit to here!

Any photo that has been edited to show a transformation of some kind.

Any written works, whether it is posted as an image or a typed document.

Gallery Folders

!CLOSED!: [Transformation/ TG Commissions] by RaysingSunshine
[AT] Faba flygoned by Nolhyaa
[CMS] Not the Twilight curse you expected! by Luckery
Comission: Halloween Costume TF Shop by Avianine
Solo TFs
Mareep Goo Color by how2101
Pumpkin by flamesdames
COM: GP2 - World on Fire by Arthas972

Mature Content

Afterwork (quick sketch TF practice) by LuCIoos
Multiple Character TFs

Mature Content

COMMISSION - Agitha and Midna Swap Tranformation by undeadpenguin37
Little Pigs TF by artistNJC
Prehistoric Pandemic - Dino TF Collab by Fluffy-Chew-Toy
Going batty, Man gone bunny lady!-double tf collab by Fluffy-Chew-Toy
Comics and Sequences
Koopa Collar by Weazel75
Sonata Dusk TF/TG by tf-sential
Colliegirl 8 by scarletwhite
Colliegirl 6 by scarletwhite
The Amiibo Collectress [TG+TF] by LeatherSFM
Fortnite - Cracked by Smexynation-Lite
Squat TG Animation by cchimeras
Pud'n Tentacled Monster TF by thieviusracoonus
The rubber farm by how2101

Mature Content

kinda invasive girlfriend (part 2) by phyrexianrevoker

Mature Content

CMSN - Pyrrha Nicows by Unidentified-TF

Mature Content

Kinda Understanding Boyfriend by phyrexianrevoker
YCHs, Commissions, n Adverts.
Taurmerge by pythos-cheetah
Orca Suit by Zenbas
Barking Band Camp Part 1 - Alyson Hannigan by t-n-o
Barking Band Camp Part 2 - Alyson Hannigan by t-n-o

Mature Content


Hello lovely TF Club members! It's your Founder here. I mentioned it briefly in the last journal I posted when I took the reigns, but it might of got buried by people who just looked at the headline. Basically, I'm looking for Contributors! These are people who upload frequently and can post straight to the group instead of needing to wait!

On top of that, I need a few people to fill in a Co-Founder position. This is primarily for people to give the "Yes" or "No" when it comes to submissions, since it can be a lot to handle at once sometimes (there's currently 40 I have to go through as I write this). There isn't much "admin" work to it aside from that. I am going to be a little more careful for who I promote for this though!

Interested parties should comment below!
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Here is a pokemon tf rp of mine.…
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What TF folder should these go in:  Shazam Hiss Men TF by thieviusracoonus   Crocogoat TF by thieviusracoonus   Hoss and Mindy Tentacled Monster TF by thieviusracoonus   Harold and Gladys Tentacled Monster TF by thieviusracoonus   Sperg Tentacled Monster TF by thieviusracoonus
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Hi everyone

So this is my first time posting here and it is not really in regards to this site. Recently (as I far can tell), sexyanimal99, a deviantart tf story creator, deleted his account and took all his work offline. Fortunately someone way back decided to cache most of his account but one of his more recent works 'Stealing from Sis' did not make it (as far as I can tell). I not really asking to see if anyone has a back up copy (unlikely) but rather anyone here has memories about the contents of this story and what it was about, given that this is a community of story creators and consumers. It is more of a curiosity thing given that it cannot be accessed anymore.

Joshman88 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2019
Did you ever manage to find a cache of all of his stories>  I was hoping to save them to my own collection!
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How And Why
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