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Onset of Villainous Tendencies [COM]Elijah had no clue where he was. The human made a wrong turn somewhere along his urban hike, and hadn’t noticed for several blocks, at which point he was deep inside the abandoned part of the city. He looked around himself, at the soaring buildings that had been left to decay over the decades. An old museum caught his eye, and he shrugged. “Might as well check this place out,” he said as he went inside. It wasn’t long before he realized that the building’s interior did not seem as entirely abandoned as everywhere else: there was far less dust on the floor than he would have expected, and there was a path made by a particularly clean area, leading towards the back. He scanned the room twice, feeling quite certain that there were no traps in the room, even though he had no idea what to look for. He took a deep breath and proceeded to follow the path, slowly and steadily, each footstep registering as a ca-lunk that echoed through the room. The light slowly faded as he went further and further, and the feeling of being watched slowly crept over him. The light from outside was very nearly gone when he saw it, a backlit numpad on the wall next to a circular vault door, and it looked to be both installed and used rather recently. The feeling of being watched only grew stronger as he approached it, and then he started pressing keys at random. He jumped in surprise as the door opened after the fifth key press, revealing a chamber that was full of darkened, depowered equipment of which he could only see faint outlines in the darkness. Elijah could not stop his feet from carrying him inside, even as the door started to close with a loud squeal, his curiosity had so completely overpowered everything else. He turned back just in time to see it close and lock, momentarily plunging the room into darkness before the lights and equipment suddenly turned on. Looking around, he thought he had somehow wandered onto a set for a 1970s comic book movie, there was even a grappling hook launcher mounted along the far wall, and a comically oversized computer monitor and keyboard on the adjacent wall! He stood in the center of the room, slowly looking around and gawking, not noticing a small strip of black cloth materializing directly above him, at least until it suddenly fell onto his face, forming a hole over each eye and somehow adhering to his head. Instinctively, his hands shot up to his face to pull it off, but he froze when he felt something else on his face - soft, dark brown fur. It was at that point that he became aware of something flashing to his left, and he slowly turned to see that the large screen had turned on, displaying one flashing message: Intruder correction protocol initiated. Beneath his hands, the fur continued to spread, and something felt off with his hands; they started feeling rough on some spots and fuzzy on others.. He pulled them away from his eyes which had taken on a yellow color as his pupils changed into narrow slits, and found that the fur was now growing on them as well, and was also brown in coloration there. Padding had appeared on his palms and fingers as well, and over that, black gloves were materializing, starting with the fingertips. Elijah could not stop himself from staring at his hands, even as his nose and mouth started pulling away from the rest of his face, slowly forming a distinctly vulpine muzzle, whiskers sprouting in quick succession from either side while his nose turned moist and black, while his teeth sharpened and his tongue became somewhat flatter. His cheeks moved higher and became more pronounced as his head morphed to a distinctively vulpine shape, quite painlessly for how sudden that part was. The fur continued spreading down his arms, neck, and over his face, taking on a lighter brown color over the temples and pale gray-tan over his ears as they slowly moved up to the top of his head, enlarging and gaining a triangular shape. Meanwhile, his hair became slightly darker, grew over the left eye, and lengthening so that its lowest point was now perfectly in between his shoulder blades. He shifted his feet ever so slightly, and that’s when he became aware that his feet had reshaped into feetpaws on whose toes he now stood, held by a pair of dark lavender high-heel shoes that were perfectly tailored for his rapidly-changing body, and within those were a pair of black socks, also tailored to fit his changing form. The fur shot up his legs, causing his shins to thin out slightly and his knees changed so that his lower legs moved backwards slightly, followed by his thighs becoming somewhat broader, right as something between them went inside of his body and turned into its female counterpart. His - or her now - fingers curled as a grimace came to her face as soon as she noticed, and then her waist narrowed so quickly that it brought out a harsh cough, and seemingly in response to that, a pair of small breasts formed on her chest, further confirming how complete her transformation would be. That wasn’t the end of it, though, as indicated by a hole opening in the back of her jeans and underwear, both of which reformed in other ways to continue to fit, and a very bushy tail, about as long as one of her legs, and with all three of her fur colors on it swiftly grew into being from her tailbone. Her jeans turned into a tighter, flexible fabric, becoming dark purple with medium lavender cuffs. Around her narrowed waist, as the fur continued to spread up her arms and torso, a dark brown belt formed with loops on the outside for holding various pieces of equipment, and a decently-sized bag materialized over her left hip, and from there another strap that went around her torso and right shoulder appeared. She looked up at the screen again, seeing that a progress bar had appeared beneath the Intruder Correction Protocol message, labeled as 50% and quickly climbing. As the fur overtook her arms and torso, now covering all of her body, her shoulders and arms lost some of their definition, while her shirt merged with her pants, copying its dark purple color around the torso and turning lavender around the arms with thin purple cuffs, all of it becoming a tight-fitting suit with a zipper at the front, and the outfit changes finished with a tan collar of sorts forming around the middle of her tail. Elijah looked over herself, feeling the new outfit and the thick, soft fur underneath, not realizing that the Intruder Correction Protocol was not yet complete. It paused for a moment as Elijah looked around the room some more, resuming just as suddenly, causing the vixen to grab her head and groan as a whole new set of thoughts and memories were forced into his head, weaving themselves through the ones that were already present, but not overriding them. She was still Elijah, but she was also someone with a far more interesting - and perfect! - life, an actual supervillain by the name of Farley, by all accounts, as her own mind said, the most perfect fox to ever had lived, and how could that be wrong? She let her hands down, turning to the monitor, which now read, “Intruder Correction Protocol complete. Welcome home, Miss Farley.” She smiled, pulled down on her suit at the waist, and proceeded to explore the rest of her new home. What had once been an abandoned, decayed museum was now a mansion, and it belonged to Farley. A heavy plush carpet, soft walls, and long, broad hallways all decorated in various shades of purple, tan, and gray, and it was all hers. Eventually, after some exploring and taking everything in, she looked out of the biggest window she could find, finding that the mansion was on the outskirts of a huge, bustling city, glowing brilliantly in the night even more so than any other city her old, boring human self had ever seen! Her thoughts turned to all those loose, valuable objects that were just lying around, waiting to be taken. Without any hesitation, Farley turned and made a run for the planning room as a big grin crept to her face. As the door to that room opened, she grinned ear to ear, saying proudly to herself, “I think a little heist is in order.”* * * * * * Cutting power to the museum was a simple matter of planting a small, circular device on its roof, and holding down the single button in the middle for four seconds. Next, she took a white cylinder the size of a small soup can from her belt, and switched it out with the device that shut all power to the building, which went into her bag. The next device, once the soft red button on its top was pressed, extended a small arm, on the end of which was a plasma torch that ignited as soon as the arm started to spin, quickly cutting a hole into the roof. The perfectly circular cutout, smoldering around the edges, fell to the top floor with a thud, and Farley winced at the noise, waiting for a few moments before descending through the hole. Her eyes didn’t need to adjust too much, as there was some city light coming in through the hole, as well as wall-mounted, evenly spaced emergency lights that illuminated the hallway she found herself in just enough, even if the latter caused a series of bizarre and often unsettling shadows all over the floor and walls. The stairs to the next floor weren’t hard to find, and she quickly zeroed in on the room that held various jewel-laden artefacts. Jackpot. She reached into her bag and pulled out another device, this one resembling a baseball-sized pearl, completely devoid of any features. She knelt down and rolled it across the floor, where it began broadcasting electromagnetic garbage that disabled and/or jammed every sensor that was in the room, as the security system had their own backup power sources, after which the vixen simply stood up and strode in, carefully observing each and every object of interest, as well as starting a countdown in her head to when the jammer ran out of power, after which its internal systems would melt themselves, leaving it untraceable. The first one she saw looked like some kind of dress shirt, made from purple-dyed silk with gold, silver, rubies, emeralds, and sapphire. The next tool she retrieved was a simple crowbar, which was immediately forced between the glass and top of the display, and a little bit of force pried the glass and display apart from each other, leaving more than enough room to get an arm inside of the display. Farley, keeping one hand on the crowbar, leaned forward and reached out with the other, grabbing the whatever-it-was and pulling it out. The crowbar was gently lowered and then pulled away next, and the glass clunked softly. Farley pulled one more tool from her bag, a little teleportation pad, threw the item that gave off an air of very probably being cursed onto it, and it promptly disappeared with a hiss. She moved on to the next display case, which held a suit of armor that must have been at least nine hundred years old, with a golden, jewel-laden crown fused to the helmet, and began working out how to take it as well.* * * * * * The police sergeant noticed the sphere right away. He sighed as he picked the familiar device up with one hand, tapping a finger against it. It was still warm to the touch. “What is that, sir?” one of his underlings asked. “It’s a jamming device, this is the fourth one I’ve seen this year.” He looked up, out the window that faced further into the city, and then around the room, particularly at the display cases that were now empty, of which there were fifteen, only three remaining untouched. His neutral expression flickered for an instant, betraying a scowl. “Who put you here?” he asked the sphere, turning it over in his hand....

Mature Content

Karma, Incorporated [COM]“Okay,” an ebony-furred wolf lady sighed as she locked the library’s doors. “That was a busy day,” she said resignedly in her heavy Southern accent. She turned for the parking lot, trying not to hang her head from exhaustion. She looked up to the billboard on the other side of the street as soon as she noticed from the corner of her eye that there was something new on it. She could not believe her eyes no matter how many times she read what was on it: it was the advertisement for a company that made and sold anti-anthro stuff - in a town full of them! The last library guest, who was a human, was seen gawking at the sign, himself in disbelief. Surely this had to be some kind of sick joke! She shook her head and walked on, and pulled the keychain out from her skirt’s pocket, only for it to disappear. In fact, every vehicle and person around her disappeared as the sky turned dark, and a thick, purple fog rolled towards her from every direction. She sighed as she realized who was about to reveal himself, as no one else she knew had so much love for dramatic entrances. “Hello, Felgar.” Before her, some of the fog coalesced into the form of an anthropomorphic duck, about the size of a feral swan, with short, L-shaped horns and shiny black hair. His plumage was a deep blue, and his eyes were the pitch black of utter nothingness, with white rings around where any other creature would have had pupils. “Salutations, my favored denizen of this dimension!” Felgar said. “How is my favorite witch today?” As he asked this, the fog disappeared, the sky brightened again, and all the cars reappeared. “I’m all tired, but fine, except for,” she nodded to the billboard behind her. “Surely that’s a joke, right?” The demon, floating above the ground in a sitting position with his arms crossed, shook his head. “That’s all too real, I’m afraid,” he answered. “And that’s why I’m here. What say we dish out some karma again to those who are just asking for trouble?” The wolf gave an exhausted grin and held up her keys. “Tomorrow mornin’, alright? I’ve had a long day. And, yeah, I must agree that this here company’s just askin’ for a whole lotta problems, tryin’ to spread into a city like this.” She looked more closely at the sign, seeing it was advertising things from repellant perfumes to stun batons and restraints. That brought out a scowl. Felgar nodded, his broad, flat beak twisting at the corners into a grin. “You bet.”* * * * * * The next morning, as Karina awoke with a long, loud yawn, she became aware of someone else, just outside of her bedroom door. She grinned as she slowly pushed herself up. No one except the demon duck had an aura such as what she felt through the door. “Just a moment, Felgar,” she said in a slightly raspy tone, shuffling over to her closet. “Oh, we have all the time in the world!” Felgar said through the door, obviously excited to go out and cause shenanigans with a mortal who, unlike most others he met, he actually considered a partner in causing havoc, while most others he saw only as playthings to be subjected to his whim and his reality-breaking powers. She was out of her room a couple minutes later, in her usual outfit of a white short-sleeved shirt and a blue skirt that stopped just above her knees, made from a thin, non-insulating material to protect decency while not causing her to overheat. “So!” she said, “want to check in on Chester first, see if our foxy friend wants to come along?” “You bet I do! Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if he winds up turned into an object himself again!” Karina smirked. “You know me all too well, just as well as we both know where Chester is right now!” Felgar raised a hand level to the corresponding ear, middle finger and thumb pressed together, and then he snapped them, instantly relocating them to the old, enormous, abandoned hangar that their friend used to store various historically significant vehicles; mostly tanks and warbirds. Karina listened for any sounds of Chester working inside, and then knocked hard on the door. “Just a moment!” a feminine voice called out from somewhere inside. So, Chester was in her female form for now, Catherine. “You can come in,” she called a minute later as the door handle clicked from being unlocked. Karina opened it and stepped through - with Felgar following by floating right through the wall - to find Catherine walking back to the latest member of her collection, that being some early variant of the infamous MiG-21 fighter, its engine laying on a wheeled cart beside it. “Are you two about to go do something?” she asked, putting a welding mask on. “Yes, actually,” Felgar said, taking that same pose in which he greeted Karina the previous day. “There’s some new company that moved into town selling anti-anthro stuff.” The vixen’s ears twitched as she picked up a welding torch. “Yeah, I’m aware of them. Immanuel’s been working on a set of potions for that, and I’ve been figuring out how to deliver them to the folks running that company, see how some of ‘em like being an anthro.” Immanuel, their skunk friend, was a good alchemist, at least when his brews didn’t destabilize and explode. “Are you going to use one of these metal contraptions to deliver them?” Felgar inquired, gesturing around the room. “Actually, no. Immanuel and I agreed to the old throw-it-at-them method.” “How ‘bout your eye contact-based powers? Not gonna use those this time?” Karina wondered. “Oh, I will, but Immanuel’s potion idea sounds a lot more fun.” “Well, I hope he gets done soon,” she stated, “because we’re just about to begin!” Catherine nodded as she started cutting a badly-rusted piece of the engine away. “I’ll be there when I can.” “Good! Come on, Karina, let’s get started!” He snapped his fingers again, and they both vanished. * * * * * * The duo arrived at the headquarters building as soon as it opened. The guard at the checkpoint, as if aware of who they were, went bug-eyed as he opened the gate for them, as if Felgar couldn’t just send them right past it, and he only became more freaked out when he noticed fur sprouting on his hands! “Let’s let that one live on as an anthro,” Karina decided. “‘Least he knew when to quit.” “Too bad you got to him first,” the demon duck replied, “I could go for a new bowling set!” “Fine, next one we come across, you can get ‘em,” Karina grinned as the two approached the building. Behind them, the increasingly-feline guard tried to get out of his shirt as he quickly shrank. “Halt!” Two more guards shouted in unison, and Felgar turned slightly to face them as he sat upon the air itself. “Oh, wonderful!” he cried, “The numbers are perfect here!” He pointed at the two of them with all five fingers on each hand with their tips pressed together, freezing the guards in place, and then spreading his fingers out. The guards’ bodies immediately turned to wood save for their heads, which became polyester. Their limbs and heads separated from their torsos, heads turning hollow and spherical with three holes for fingers, while the limbs and torsos turned into bowling pins with a black-with-blue-stripes color scheme. “There’s no need for you two to worry,” the demon stated with his beak twisted into a tooth-bearing smile. “I’ll have plenty of spare time for you!” Karina rolled her eyes. “Come on, let’s go meet the ones behind all this.” Felgar, of course, had no trouble inviting them in, simply willing the front door out of existence. A number of employees on the floor immediately fled, but some of them were caught by the duo’s magic. Karina flattened one of them from across the lobby by pressing her hands together, the palm of one against the back of the other, and her body turned into a rectangular canvas with a fancy wooden frame, falling to the floor as an abstract painting. Felgar decided on turning his latest catch into yet another wooden puppet, which was something he’d been doing quite a lot recently. He held it from its wooden, X-shaped controller for a few moments, admiring how perfect his new toy looked, and then dropped it with the promise of “I’ll come back later,” then followed Karina into one of the elevators. By then, someone had used the PA system to alert everyone in the building, not that they could do anything about it. Karina pressed the button for the top floor, but it only went up three floors before it stopped and the doors open, and the employee just outside had barely enough time to go bug-eyed before Karina said, “howdy,” and pointed both index fingers at him, then closed her hands, followed by the employee turning into a thin, dandelion-yellow ribbon which Karina promptly folded and tied into a sort of necklace for herself, which she finished just as the elevator doors closed again, and the car resumed its ascent - at least until someone made it stop on the tenth floor. “Well, that was boring, anyway!” Felgar said, floating forwards and partially phasing through the doors as they opened. “We have all day anyway, don’t we?” “We sure do,” the wolf answered, stepping through the door. Both of them turned as they heard a security force coming around the corner. The duo grinned to each other as the first security person came into view. Karina stopped him in his tracks with a pinching gesture, then opened her hands with her fingers splayed and palms turned towards the ceiling, and the guard’s body immediately turned into a hollow sphere of latex filled with helium, and Karina allowed the newly-made balloon to float to the ceiling. The next one came around just in time to see this happening, and acted upon the better part of valor by turning around and running away. The next one was not so fortunate, much less smart, pulling one of the company’s own stun batons from his belt and charging at the demon, only to collapse to the ground as body flattened and turned into to a large sheet of aluminum with a clap of the demon’s hands, who then spun his hands around each other, causing the sheet to coil tightly around itself and become riddled with diamond-shaped gaps that quickly expanded until he became a roll of chain-link fence. “There’s a new one,” Karina remarked, listening for anyone else that might be coming for them. “Well, this guy needs to learn to keep his distance! That is the purpose you mortals have for fences, is it not?” The wolf shrugged. “Good point.” A door at the end of the hall from where the guards came got her attention; it was a storage room, and it sounded like there was someone in there. “Wanna go check that out?” she suggested. Felgar nodded and the two crossed the hall and entered the room which was, in fact, a storage, filled with anti-anthro stuff, and a single worker right before the two. Before Felgar could think of what to turn this one into, Karina carried out her own idea, pointing her index finger at the man’s forehead and her thumb at his chin, then flipping her hand around, causing the human’s face to turn upside down! He yelped as he staggered backwards until he walked into a shelf and fell to the floor. “Let’s let him go,” Karina stated. “He might turn back if he cleans up his act. Now, let’s go meet the head of this operation.” “Sure thing! It’s multiple heads, actually, but sure.” The office at the head of the building was an agora, with one wall made entirely with huge, curved windows. Two men and two women, obviously the heads of the company, were waiting for them, grinning as though they had won some great victory. “You have no power up here,” one of the men declared as if he were in a movie. Felgar rolled his eyes. “Another person acting like a cheap disposable villain in some short story. Oh, wait, that’s exactly what he is.” “Y’all realize you’ve kicked a hornet’s nest with this business a’ yours, right?” Karina asked with a glare, having not heard Felgar’s remark. “Yeah, and what are you going to do about it?” one of the women mocked, Karina’s metaphor flying over her head. She pulled one of those perfume sprayers, while one of the men drew a stun baton. “We’ll teach you a little lesson!” This woman raised the sprayer, only for Felgar to move his toes about as he cast some of his own magic, causing the perfume sprayer to shrink and fold into a rubber duck just as the woman squeezed it, causing it to quack. She did a double take at what she was now holding, and then charged with a yell at the two anthros alongside the colleague with the stun baton. Before Karina could stop them, Felgar pointed a foot at each of them with toes splayed, and they froze in place. He wriggled them about some more, causing the man to drop the baton as his form turned into a simple wooden cylinder, with a gold plate on the side with “FELGAR THE MIGHTY” stamped into it. Meanwhile, the other woman suddenly gained a distinctly avian form as she shrank and turned to gold, her body coming to mirror Felgar’s form, except at the size of a typical anthro, and then her feet fused to the pedestal, her body locked into a commanding, prideful pose. The other two humans, still not realizing they were way in over their heads, were trying this whole time to flank the wolf and duck. Karina let them come to them, targeting the man first. She turned the restraints he was holding to dust, and all of his interior tissues to soft, harmless plush stuffing as his clothes and skin fused together into a soft, gray fabric. She held her hands out with her fingers splayed, and then closed then, causing the former person to shrink. Pulling gestures, one towards and one away from him, caused him to grow a snout and a tail respectively as his increasingly-canine form fell to the floor with a soft plop. Ignoring the new plushie, Karina turned around and took hold of the other person with her magic, kneading the air as her body collapsed into a blob of clay, ready to be molded into whatever shape someone wanted. “Is that all of ‘em?” she asked, looking around the room. Her ears perked up when she heard someone running up the stairs. They both turned towards the door just before it swung open. Panting heavily, Catherine stepped into the room with a bandolier filled with potion vials. Her excited expression flattened as she looked around at all the transformed people, and at Karina and Felgar standing in the middle of it all. “Aww,” she groaned. “Did I miss it?”...

Mature Content

2000 Watcher AMA Raffle - Ends 19/03/2021 by TheQuelch
Street Tiger by pythos-cheetah
Digivolve 4: Weregarurumon by pythos-cheetah

Mature Content

Queenly Punishement by TheDigitalRebecca
Lions Fan by pythos-cheetah

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content


Hello all. I'll keep this short. I've gotten much more busy, and do not have the time to manage this group proper. As such, I will be stepping down to allow someone else who does the chance to do so. If you're interested in taking the reigns, please leave a comment below and I'll look into finding the replacement between those.
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