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TF Club Submission Rules

Rules n Stuff

:pointr: Must contain a transformation of some sort, whether it is Written, drawn, or Photo Manipulated. These MUST be original creations and not screen shots/clips from cartoons, web animation, or the like.
:pointr: If you are going to submit Mature/ Nsfw artworks, they MUST be censored appropriately.
:pointr: Do NOT submit IRL picture of nudity, artistic or not, I will NOT be accepting pretty much raw pornography.
:pointr: Do NOT submit to the wrong folder, if you do on multiple occassions you will be banned from the group
:pointr:If you resubmitted submissions excessively to the group you will be banned, resubmissions may it very hard to keep to track of the other things that are submitted to the group.


Folder Details:

Solo TFs:
A TF that is a solo piece/ does not stand with any other images/ a one time image.

Multiple Character TFs:
Either there is more than one character in the TF or there is Multiple characters that are transforming.

Comics and Sequences:
Applies to either a comic, a sequence, or separate images that are a sequence. Be sure to show in the title if there are multiple parts for the TF! (For example: Part 3/4)

Any TF that is animated.

All Nsfw:
Any Nsfw transformation content.

Open YCHs and Commissions:
Please show in the YCH or commission that something is transforming if you're going to submit to here!

Any photo that has been edited to show a transformation of some kind.

Any written works, whether it is posted as an image or a typed document.

Gallery Folders

[c] Beautiful Changes - ANIMATED! by RecurrentArt
[c] Wolfoup Lenticular Shift Badge by RecurrentArt
[YCH/Collab with NekoGato] Test Tube Rakan by RecurrentArt
[c] What a Big Wolf [2/5] by RecurrentArt
Solo TFs
skye raffle prize by how2101
[PSR] A New Kind Of Blue by RunningToaster
[PSR] New Sister Vaggie by RunningToaster
[PSR] I'll Go Tails by RunningToaster
Multiple Character TFs
Kitchen Remodeling Spell by Pheagle-Adler
Magic Fur Hire by Pheagle-Adler
Winter Exploration by Pheagle-Adler
Tauriffic Accident by Pheagle-Adler
Comics and Sequences
pwbs by Hukeng
Magical Transfer Bauble by Weazel75
Chief Bogo TF (PayPal Commission) by Chubby-Dingo
Klonoa Catches The Edgy (PayPal Commission) by Chubby-Dingo
Hands into Paws TF animation by Chubby-Dingo
What's Happening to Mememe? by mainkore
Animated TF: cat princess by oldiblogg
Hair Pull TG Animation by cchimeras

Mature Content

New Outlook [CM] by Hukeng

Mature Content

Serena Transform into Grace_Mature by ThatFreakGivz

Mature Content

Picture This - chesshire88 by Corivas

Mature Content

Twilight Princess Link (chesshire88) by Corivas
Lux-ury Vacation by pythos-cheetah
Extreme Mental Exercises by pythos-cheetah
Neapolitan Cerb by pythos-cheetah
Bumblebee Football TF by EarWaxKid
Bawk to the Backlot [T]A calming night settled in over Toontown, its residents milling about in an expectedly cartoonish way as the day began to wind down. Nova, a toony inkwolf, sighed happily as he reclined in his overly sized easy chair. He grabbed a hot cup of joe and took a sip, a dopey smile crossing his lips as he did.“Only in Toontown can you get something as good as that…” the Inkwolf said happily. “…there could be somewhere else, though.”It had been a few weeks since the incident at the old animation studio but Nova just couldn’t get the thought of being painted over into Foghorn Leghorn out of his head. No matter what he did, the memory of that day was as fresh as the pot of coffee he’d brewed. To pull off a stunt like that yet again would take some doing but some part of Nova wanted a little bit more out of that experience.With the sun setting, Nova looked back toward the wardrobe that led him between Toontown and the real world. He hadn’t used it nearly as often as he’d have liked, but tonight would be different. “Ah say ah say, time for a quick little trip back to the backlot,” he commented, tossing his coffee right back into the pot. He opened the doors and saw the portal swirling and whirling. “Here goes nothing!” Nova shouted as he took a running start and leaped straight into the portal.A moment later, Nova popped out on the other side, landing just in front of a yellowing poster advertising some old cartoon screening attached to an equally decaying theater. He adjusted himself and peered over the chain-link fence separating him from the studio.“Ohohoho, there it is!” he chuckled mischievously. “All that’s left to do is find the animation department and I’ll be back to clucking soon enough!”The inkwolf returned his eyes back to their normal size and squeezed through the fence, dipping in and out of ink between the foliage. Soon the old animation department was in sight with the only obstacle being a light that would alert any guards to his presence almost immediately.“Thankfully I already know how to get in, it's just a matter of getting over there…” Nova muttered to himself as he crawled through the bushes. He was aiming for the back door which was, miraculously, not heavily guarded. “Jackpot~!”Nova snuck through the bushes, nearly being spotted by a passing guard. He plunged into the wall and morphed himself out to look like a toon striking a pose. The inkwolf then sidled along the wall as another guard walked past. Once the coast was clear, Nova popped out of the wall and strode toward the door. He grabbed the handles and tried to turn them, but they wouldn’t budge a bit.“Aw phooey, they’re locked,” Nova noted. “But hey, nothing’s impossible for a Toon!” He formed an air valve on his belly and opened it up, causing him to deflate like a balloon. Nova then stretched his flattened form under the door and into the animation studio.After a small chuckle, he reinflated to his old self and went through the darkened halls. With barely any light outside of the small flashlight Nova had picked up near the entrance, the hands’ lair had a foreboding feel not present during Nova’s first visit. Those two troublemaking hands had to be around here somewhere.As soon as he heard them approaching, Nova whipped around with a pair of finger guns drawn. “Freeze! Hands in the air!”Having really nowhere else to go, the hands opened up, with their palms visible. They moved a little bit but shivered as if reacting to the evening air let in from outside.Nova guffawed, confusing the hands even more. “Hahaha, you should have seen the look on your palms!” As the inkwolf entered a laughing fit, the two hands looked at each other in confusion. Once Nova broke out of the state he was in, he shook his head and looked back to the hands. “Anywho, I need you...uh...hands’ help with something.”The hands looked between one another in confusion before glancing back at Nova. Given their forms, their expressions were nigh impossible to read.“Remember that little stunt you two pulled where you turned me into Foghorn Leghorn?” Nova asked.The hands nodded best they could.He then began pacing the floor like a drill sergeant. “Well, boys, there’s one thing I want and one thing only!” Nova whipped around and pointed at them. “An encore!”Needless to say, the hands looked at each other…presumably deviously? It was hard to tell. However, they ‘nodded’ once again but waggled their pointer fingers before rubbing two of them together.“You guys want…payment?” asked Nova. The hands nodded yet again, to which Nova responded with a shrug. “Alright, sure! I’ll pay anything!”The hands were grateful and quickly picked up the inkwolf by his shoulders. They didn’t drag him immediately to the animation cel, however, instead sending him slamming into the costume closet. A few hangers and spare costumes fell, startling a nearby security guard. He crept into the animation department and shone his flashlight down the hall.“H-Hello?” he asked. “Someone there?”As if on cue, a Foghorn Leghorn costume stumbled around the corner. The security guard jumped in fear, shining his light on and off to hopefully deter it. This tactic proved ineffective, as the hands rose up and Foghorn charged toward the security guard, scaring him out of the building.“Pffft...did you see that guy?!” Nova laughed from inside the costume. The hands made sounds resembling laughing and clapping. “Ah say ah say, that was a stunning display!”The hands nodded in agreement and then began to move the costume slowly toward the animation cel, still resting on an animator’s desk. It took some doing but the two managed to squish Nova and the costume together into the cel. Unlike last time, however, they dragged and dropped the cel over a background, pushing the transformed Nova into a cartoon world. Both hands dove in, ready to collect payment.Once Nova regained control of his body, he looked down at his now gallinaceous toony hands. “Ah say ah say, it feels good to be back!” He wandered around the world, admiring the artwork behind it. “Thanks for the help, boys!” Nova waved as he began blissfully strutting off toward a sunrise.However, the hands had other plans for their unsuspecting companion. They got right to work messing with Nova, beginning with a bellows being stuck into his mouth. It was an odd fit, given the shape of his beak, but the toon hands somehow managed.“Mmmph?!” Nova questioned, confused by what the hands were doing. “Whuff...whuff’s guhing awn?” His speech was muffled by the bellows beginning to pump, with air pushing into him and causing his belly to bloat out a bit. Nova’s belly continued to grow and expand with the extra air spreading quickly to his limbs and head. The chicken toon began to float into the air with the two hands tying a string around his beak and walking around with him like a balloon. With Nova unable to respond, the hands shared a mischievous gesture between one another.“Mmp-wh-what the…” Nova woozily mumbled as the hands began to bounce his balloony form between one another. One eventually untied the string and knocked Nova over a hill. “WAAAAAAAGH! THIS IS FUN BUT TERRIFYING ALL THE SAME!” he gobbled.Nova bounced between buildings and props like a ping-pong ball before landing on a weathervane. Once the point pushed in, all the air rushed out of Nova in an instant, launching him quickly into the air, He flew in several directions before the hands caught him midair. They patched Nova up and reinflated him, bouncing him up and down. Both of them eventually widened out and slammed down on Nova, leaving him as a cartoony mess between their palms.“Gah, my achin’ everything…” Nova grumbled as the hands stretched out. All of his features were displaced on the blob he’d become. The hands saw them and began rearranging Nova not into his original form, but into an accordion instead. They positioned themselves in the proper positions and prepared to play.“Oh bother…” mumbled Nova.Both hands played ‘Novaccordion’ for a few minutes, pushing and pulling him into different forms at their leisure. First Nova was thinned out and separated into a few paper dolls, then he was spun out into thread for a sweater, and finally he was morphed into a wall of clay before Foghorn Leghorn’s form was pushed out of it. Nova gripped his aching head as the hands flew down in front of him and began to swirl around.“This has, I say, this has been swell, boys…but I really gotta…” Nova’s pupils reformed into spinning swirls as the hands spun around in a circle.Soon the chicken would forget he was ever a wolf to begin with. Years of memories of living in Toontown lost to the void, replaced by visions of a past spent messing with both his fellow roosters and chickens as well as a dog forever bound to his barnyard doghouse. Nova was now, in both form and mind, Foghorn Leghorn.Foghorn blinked. “I gotta show that, I say, show that little hawk boy what for!” With a bit of pep in his step, Foghorn ran off, his old self long lost to the world that was just a little looney.


Hey all! Here is the first entry of the Community Classifieds, where members of the group can submit their contests, commission infos, trade requests, and everything in between! Let's not waste anytime and get right into it!


Vino and Me Contest TWOOO [CLOSED]Update: Pushed the deadline back. I didn't have enough time to advertise the contest since the e-com situation. As such, it's moved back to allow for more time to see it! 
Update #2: If you spread the word about the contest in way of a journal and link it back to me, I will write you one free quickie transformation! Quickie transformation is basically a very short story that's essentially just a transformation. Make sure you post a comment where you linked it back here! 
Update #3: Moved the deadline back to August 31st. The 17th was just a weird deadline date. As such people will have until the end of August! 
Update #4: If you need a little bit of extra time to finish off your entry, let me know and I can let you submit it a bit late! Otherwise submissions will properly close on the 31st!
Hey all, it's Vinomath! So, it's that time again: contest time! I've been wanting to hold another contest lately, and while trying to think of a theme my mind kept returning to the Vi
by :iconvinomath: (hey that's a familiar face!)

Want to enter a contest where you can go wild with what you can write? Try it out with very little limitations and even your own self insert to be included! Fun prizes and both writers and artists are welcome to enter! Check out the post for more info!

Machine Malfunction TG Contest!! 30 Hours Left!!Edit: 30 Hours Remaining!!
Machine Malfunction: Complicated devices breaking down.
Total Prize pool for this contest is: $600.
The contest starts on July 1st and will end in 2 months on August 31st.
The main theme of this contest is Malfunctioning Machines that lead to a transformation, with a preference for genderswap. Entries should depict a genderswap or other transformation that occurs as a result of a machine breaking down. Submissions can take any form: Comics, Pinups, Sequences, Stories, Captions, Mixed Media, etc. Visual and Written entries will be judged separately.
The most important rule for this contest is to make sure your entry involves a machine breaking down in some way. For this contest when we say machine we mean ‘A device that uses power to complete an action.’ Please no abstract concepts of machines like ‘society is a machine’ or ‘when you think about it, human
by :iconflashkill455:

Big ol' contest with a big ol' prize pool and a plethora of judges. Make sure to check it out and enter for a chance to get a piece of that!


:thumb804367261: by :iconnikolai-jolt:

Commission Sheet 2019 by RecurrentArt by :iconrecurrentart:

:thumb804626438: by :iconturpshi:

Commission Status And Past CustomersBasic Single Caption: $5.00.Buy 5 Get 1 Free
Add Ons (description of each below):
Provide an image: subtract $.50 cents. Fanfiction Research: Usually $.50 cents - $1 (Only if I don't know about the series/character)Colored Dialogue: add .50 centsFetish I'm not super into: Variable (but generally just another 50 cent bump)Private Caption: Double the price (Yes really. I don't like doing private caps)Series: Usually +$1 per part past the first.Short Stories: Short Story prices are not set in stone. They work mostly on negotiation based on the idea and desired length.
If you provide the image you want capped I will take 50 cents off the price.If you want me to do research on a specific series for the cap I will add 50 cents to 1 dollar per major point of research. 50 cents if I know the series but not the character. A dollar if I don't know the series. Otherwise I will only go off what is given in your note.If you want the dialogue colored to match specific speakers I'll add 5
by :iconflashkill455:
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