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TF Club Submission Rules

Rules n Stuff

:pointr: Must contain a transformation of some sort, whether it is Written, drawn, or Photo Manipulated. These MUST be original creations and not screen shots/clips from cartoons, web animation, or the like.
:pointr: If you are going to submit Mature/ Nsfw artworks, they MUST be censored appropriately.
:pointr: Do NOT submit IRL picture of nudity, artistic or not, I will NOT be accepting pretty much raw pornography.
:pointr: Do NOT submit to the wrong folder, if you do on multiple occassions you will be banned from the group
:pointr:If you resubmitted submissions excessively to the group you will be banned, resubmissions may it very hard to keep to track of the other things that are submitted to the group.


Folder Details:

Solo TFs:
A TF that is a solo piece/ does not stand with any other images/ a one time image.

Multiple Character TFs:
Either there is more than one character in the TF or there is Multiple characters that are transforming.

Comics and Sequences:
Applies to either a comic, a sequence, or separate images that are a sequence. Be sure to show in the title if there are multiple parts for the TF! (For example: Part 3/4)

Any TF that is animated.

All Nsfw:
Any Nsfw transformation content.

Open YCHs and Commissions:
Please show in the YCH or commission that something is transforming if you're going to submit to here!

Any photo that has been edited to show a transformation of some kind.

Any written works, whether it is posted as an image or a typed document.

Gallery Folders

TF Story Commissions [Open]Prices:-- Normal Options:Short Story:800-1300 Words---Example--Sleepyhead - Raccoon TF TG [FtM] [Short Story]-The TF isn't very detailed, and there's almost no backstory.$5------------Medium Story:1700 - 2200 Words---Example--Fake Tail - Maned Wolf TF TG [FtM]-The TF is much more detailed, and the backstory is a bit more predominant.$10------------Long story:2500+ Words---Example--Train Ride - Punchy/Bob TF/TG [FtM] [Art Trade]-The TF is as detailed as it can possibly be, and the backstory usually has a bigger role.$13------------Side Effects/Extra Stuff:-Side Effects:FtM TG: FreeMtF TG: FreeMinor MC: +$2Full MC: +$5Micro: +$3Macro: +$3Weight Gain: +$2 - $5 (Depends on intensity)Muscle Growth: +$2 - $5 (Same as above)-Extra:Goo: +$5Latex: +$5Split TF: +$5Upside-Down TF: +$5Mature Content: +$3 - $10 (Depends)*Extra Characters: +50% of the price.*More information here. Warning: NSFW content.------------Rules:I vastly prefer writing Human to Non-human TFs (Pokémon, Ocs, Animals, Fictional Characters, Anthros...).With that said, Non-Human to Non-Human is allowed, but I will be picky with what I'll write.I'm fine with most side effects, but they will cost more (Check the "Side Effects" section).Payment is preferably upfront, but this can be negotiable.I have every right not to accept your commission if I don't want to work on it.I'm willing to write mature content, but it'll largely depend on what you want me write. Please send me a note if you're interested.Do not commission me if you're under the age of 18.By commissioning me, you agree with the rules above and confirm that you're over the age of 18.Things I Won't Write:Any side effects not listed in the section aboveHateful content of any kind. (Racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia...)Human to Human TFsHuman to Object TFsTFs to extremely humanoid creatures (This does not include anthropomorfic animals)TFs to creatures that resembled objects (Ie: Magnemite, Hagurumon... etc)TFs with under-age characters. It's almost always alright if they're aged up, but this will depend on the character.Anything involving real people who didn't consent to being featured in the story. Mature content featuring feral animals.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Slots:1- Open2- Open-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------F.A.Q-Do you do Art Trades?Yes! Note me if you're interested.-Do you give refunds?I'll give full refunds if I haven't started working on the story yet. If I have (you can check the progress on my Trello page) we can negotiate on something. Please note that I won't refund you if I've already delivered your commission, however.-Do you accept points?Nope, sorry!-Can I commission a story with more than two characters transforming?Yes, but if more than three characters are included in the story, the price might be increased further.-Can I commission a TF story featuring my original character as the end result?Yes, as long as they're not human.-What kind of mature content are you willing to write?This would require a very long explanation so please send me a note if you want to know. But just as a general rule, I won't write anything involving feral animals, under-aged people, or non-consensual activities. This is non-negotiable.-Do Pokémon/Digimon count as feral animals?Depends on the Pokémon/Digimon. Again, ask me about this.-I have a question that isn't here.Feel free to send me a note, then!
[c] Fossil Record by RecurrentArt
[ych] Magical Snake Ring - ANIMATED by RecurrentArt
Pick One - Chocobo TF/TG [Commission] by Roundabbout
Solo TFs

Mature Content

Sammy's Christmas Advent-ure - Snow Woman by PrincessSammyXaxas

Mature Content

Sammy's Christmas Advent-ure - Bauble by PrincessSammyXaxas
(COM) New Sisters! - Animal Crossing TF TG by SparkBolt3020
Lamp Dragon, Alkaide by Anatoli001
Multiple Character TFs
A Draconic Discussion by JamesTheDuck
Foxtober Species Swap Hijinks by JamesTheDuck
Guessing Game by phyrexianrevoker
Survival Of The Fittest by Pheagle-Adler
Comics and Sequences

Mature Content

Cynthia Sonia Pokemon fusion by Klonoahedgehog
Surprise Hat! by Weazel75

Mature Content

Celica Fire Emblem TG by Klonoahedgehog
Tiger Feet rescan by matthewjamesrann
TG beach animation by mporci
ANIM - Foxy Ruby by Unidentified-TF
Clone TG Animation by cchimeras
WIP - Magic Nova GIF - WIP 2 by MisterDuwang

Mature Content

Holly Blue Bimboification by Magic-Writings

Mature Content

Don't Call Her An Ass by Magic-Writings

Mature Content

Genshin Farm 2: Mona by BlueClayMan

Mature Content

Com: Want some Milk? by MauiMoe
YCHs, Commissions, n Adverts.
TF Story Raffle! [CLOSED]Hey, everyone! Since I'm nearly done with all my commissions -- and I'm hoping to finish them all before the weekend -- I decided to do another raffle. It's been a while since the last one!As always, just leave a comment -- you can comment anything -- and I'll assign you a number. After around 48 hours, I'll use a random number generator to pick the winner -- or the winners! If we have fifteen or more people participating, then I'll select two winners instead of one. The first winner will receive a long (2500+ words) story, and the second winner (if there is one) will receive a medium (1600 - 2100 words) story.Rules: You must be watching me to participate. (New watchers are welcome!) I'll only write transformation stories. I won't write anything out of my comfort zone. (Check this journal if you're not sure what I'm willing to write) Mature content is allowed, but only if you're over the age 18.I won't write any stories featuring under-aged characters. Most side-effects are fine. (OPTIONAL) Make a journal (titled "RAFFLE") or a status post linking to this journal. If you do so, I'll assign you two numbers instead of one -- doubling your chances of winning! If you do make a journal/status post, either tag me or comment it here. There's no guarantee I'll see your journal otherwise.(OPTIONAL) Comment your request below, if you'd like. This is useful for me since I can tell you whether or not your idea goes against the rules. But once again, this is completely optional.Participants/assigned numbers so far:MoonShine210 - 1 Maurili - 2MorganLing - 3, 14JakeShiba1226 - 4, 5MatchboxCamo - 6, 11Sabertooth3 - 7TheMythicalMarshadow - 8, 16Pokemonboy1234 - 9, 10HudsonSpacecraft - 12, 13PheagleAdler - 15Faldir - 17Moonstrick - 18DatAwesomeCottonee - 19cylonmaverick - 20
tf commissions open by krakenskreed
[TF] Paypal Commissions [Open]Prices: Short Story:800-1300 Words ---Example-- Red Dust - Camerupt TF/TG [FtM] [Request] The TF isn't very detailed, and there's almost no backstory. $4.50Medium Story:1600 - 2100 Words ---Example-- Were-Creature - Typhlosion TF/TG [FtM] [Request]The TF is much more detailed, and the backstory is a bit more predominant. $7.50Long story:2500+ Words ---Example-- Territorial Creatures - Tyranitar TFs [Commission] The TF is as detailed as it can possibly be, and the backstory usually has a bigger role. $10  Side Effects/Extra Stuff:FtM TG: Free MtF TG: +$3Minor MC: +$1 Full MC: +$2 Micro: +$1 Macro: +$1AP: +$1.20 Weight Gain: +$1.25 Muscle Growth: +$1.25 Goo: +$3 Latex: +$3 Split TF: +3 Upside-Down TF: +$5 Mature Content: +$5Extra Characters: +50% of the price.    Rules:1 - I mostly prefer to write Human to Non-human TFs (Pokémon, Ocs, Animals, Videogame/Anime Characters, Anthros...).  2 - With that said, Non-Human to Non-Human is allowed, but I might be picky with what I'll write.3 - I'm fine with most side effects, but they will cost more (Check the "Side Effects" section).4 - Payment is preferably upfront, but this can be negotiable. 5 - I have every right not to accept your commission if I don't want to work on it. 6 - I'm willing to write mature content, but it'll largely depend on what you want me write. Please send me a note if you're interested. 7 - Absolutely do not ask for a mature commission if you're under the age of 18. I will block you if I find out. Things I Won't Write:Any side effects not listed in the section above  Hateful contentHuman to Human TFsHuman to Object TFsTFs to extremely humanoid creatures (This does not include anthropomorfic animals)TFs to creatures that resembled objects (Ie: Magnemite, Hagurumon... etc)TFs with underaged characters (No matter what their actual age is, they will be depicted as being 18+)Anything involving real people who didn't consent to being featured in the story.  F.A.Q-Do you do Art Trades? Yes! Note me if you're interested. -Do you give refunds? Only if I haven't started working on the story yet.  -Do you accept points? Nope, sorry! -Can I commission a story with more than two characters transforming? Yes, but if more than three characters are transforming, the price might be increased further. -Can I commission a TF story featuring my original character as the end result? Yes, as long as they're not human. -What kind of mature content are you willing to write? This would require a very long explanation so please, send me a note if you want to know. But just as a general rule, I won't write anything involving feral animals, under-aged people, or non-consensual activities. -Do Pokémon/Digimon count as feral animals? Depends on the Pokémon/Digimon. Again, ask me about this. -Do you write non-TF stories? I do in my free time, but they're not available as commissions. -I have a question that isn't here. Feel free to send me a note, then!...
Become a dog for me and sit! by Jokerfan79
Waiting for Her Change by pythos-cheetah
Hopping Around the Woods by pythos-cheetah
Maybe It's Mane-belline? by pythos-cheetah
Modifying Mod [COM]As they were based in the Ever-Changing City, the Saint Thundara Police Department often had their work cut out for them. They spent their days and nights tracking down different transformation-powered individuals and their victims trying to restore the balance in their fair city. Though the Neighborhood Watch was often useful as their eyes and ears throughout every district, the fact that transformation products could be picked up at most drugstores only made their jobs that much harder. As such, it would be a miracle if someone was brought in and immediately interrogated before they could transform another member of their staff to their side. One of their more feisty frequent escapees was Marcus “Mod” Lenzi, an anthropomorphic hyena who had arrived supposedly from another dimension simply to cause trouble. He did so through a variety of means but his most frequent methods included tying people up with his spiked collar or resorting to spraying perfume his girlfriend Alice made in her shop. Though he’d been arrested on multiple occasions, Mod had always evaded jail time by a simple transformation, be it of himself or of someone else. Today, however, he wouldn’t be so lucky. “Oh don’tcha worry, doll! You’ll make a perfect surfboard…” Mod muttered as he continued to transform an innocent young man into a surfboard with a shark design. Just as the man’s limbs began to push together, Mod watched in confusion as the transformation began to reverse. No matter how hard he tightened the spike color, the man continued to revert, his normal skin tone returning to him rather quickly. “The fuck?!” Suddenly, Mod felt a pair of handcuffs get slapped onto his wrists. “Marcus Lenzi, you’re under arrest for non-consensual transformation in an open area. Hope you’ve got a good alibi for this one, bud.” Mod rolled his eyes. “Aw come on, you can’t arrest me!” he proclaimed. “Figured you and your boys would know that by now, Gordie.” “This time, we’ve thought of everything,” the greyhound shot back. “Plus, someone caught you in the act.” Stepping out from behind him was an anthropomorphic brown bat wearing rectangular-framed glasses, a gray collared shirt, an unzipped green jacket, and black pants. Mod groaned upon recognizing him. “Oh great. Cyrus,” the hyena grumbled. “You just seem to drop in on anyone doing any damn thing at any damn time, don’t you?” “Well, it is my job, Mod,” the bat replied smugly before turning to Gordon. “Get him in the cruiser. I’ll interrogate him personally.” Mod shivered before being forced into the back of the cruiser. Once the cruiser reached the police station and Mod was removed from said vehicle and settled into the interrogation room, Cyrus followed suit not long after. In one of his hands was a case file with Mod’s name upon it. “Now, Mod, you’re aware you’ve built up quite a repertoire, right? We have files on you going back at least a few months…” began Cyrus. “…and some that are missing because you transformed the staff into poultry not too long ago…” Mod snickered at the memory of that incident. “Come on, what other dirt could you possibly have on me besides that?” questioned Mod, a smug grin on his face. With an equally devious smirk, Cyrus slammed the case file down triumphantly, causing quite a number of incriminating documents to fall out. Past due parking tickets, unpaid bills and rent collected from his apartment, forged paperwork and a few fake passports were only the highlights of the small pile before him. “...well shit.” “I’m not as dumb as you think, Mod,” the bat remarked. “We probably know more about you than you know about yourself.” Mod’s tongue was tied. All that was before him brought back vivid memories of a number of incidents in the few months he had been in St. Thundara. His run-in with the hyena bullies, a few accounts of petty theft, trying to flee the country… ...and the first time he met Alice. The hyena then realized he had her as his ace in the hole. There was no way the police knew he was in love with someone. However, while the hyena’s head was in the clouds, Cyrus had been rattling off his rap sheet and his known contacts. “...stealing a car, crashing said car into a flower shop, stealing flowers…” the bat continued before looking back at the spaced out Mod. “Hey, space cadet, come back down to Earth for a minute.” Cyrus snapped his fingers, snapping Mod back to attention. “Eh? What, what more do you have to say?” “Well...y’know someone did call me up on my way over. Someone we know that you know and have a particularly strong relationship with.” Mod’s eyes went wide. “What. The. Hell. Did. She. Say.” the hyena questioned, slamming his fist on the table. One of the nearby officers held Mod back from lashing out at Cyrus, who simply pulled up a transcript of the call on his phone. “Well, first and foremost, she’s in no danger,” the bat began. “And secondly, Ms. Steele simply agreed with me when I said you needed to have a lesson learned.” Mod was confused as he was settled back into his seat. “The fuck does that mean?” he questioned, raising an eyebrow. “In short? Community service and learning proper manners.” Mod rolled his eyes and drummed his fingers on the table. “Oh come on, buddy, how are you gonna do that?” “Simple, really. I’m going to take you on what we call…a date.” Mod was even more confused. “A…a date? Where at?” His confusion only grew once Cyrus led him to the place he’d selected for their date: a rather ritzy restored lounge known as The Swingin’ Salmon. Though it had once been a booming hive of jazz and blues, it had fallen into disrepair until a pair of urban explorers suggested to the city council it be brought back into the limelight. The ghosts residing within did make for a few interesting nights but overall it was still an enjoyable venue for entertainment and some of St. Thundara’s best cooking. “You gotta be fuckin’ joking, right?” exclaimed Mod, looking up at the surprisingly ritzy exterior. “This place doesn’t vibe with me one bit!” “Oh honestly I’ve been meaning to check out this place for ages and I know you’re gonna like it,” said Cyrus in a rather condescending tone. “Like hell I am!” Mod shouted, throwing a punch at Cyrus. The bat’s fist immediately turned to stone, Mod’s fingers cracking on impact. Just as quickly as the fist transformed and the fingers cracked, both returned to normal. “Okay okay, now what the hell kind of shit are you pulling?” “Basic self-transformation, surprisingly!” Cyrus chuckled. “It allows me to do a number of things to my body and instantly fix them in a moment’s notice. It’s also what allows me to do…” Cyrus pulled out a rather decadent looking bottle of perfume. “...this.” SPRITZ! “Pwuh! Pluh!” Mod exclaimed, trying to fan some of the spray away from him. “And the hell was that?!” “Figured you’d know, given it did come from Alice’s shop,” replied a rather amused Cyrus. “And the changes should be kicking in riiiiight about now.” Mod watched as his ragged leather glove suddenly became a tightly fitting elbow-length purple glove and his hand and arm lost a bit of mass. “Oh you’ve gOtTa bE ki-thE fUck’S uP with my VoICe?” Just as Mod’s other arm, hand and glove all befell a similar fate, there was a catch in his throat. Said catch and the subsequent cough turned out to be the disappearance of Mod’s Adam’s apple and the rearrangement of his vocal chords to give him a more alluring tone. He wouldn’t be a guy for much longer, though, as a pair of decently size mounds began pushing out onto his chest and straining his shirt just as an odd twinge ran through his privates. Speaking of his shirt, Mod watched as both it and the rather comfortable jacket he had been wearing shrank and merged into a short, slinky deep purple dress with frills near the legs and neck. His boots would not be spared as they lost a bit more material and became mere shiny purple pointed toe t-strap shoes. “For fuck’s sake, did you really have to transform everything about me?!” Mod questioned just as his face finished feminizing, purple lipstick and eyeshadow forming right alongside some styled longer hair. Cyrus chuckled. “You’re wrong, actually! Only one thing hasn’t been changed yet.” He indicated something on Mod’s neck. “Oh. Oh you wouldn’t fucking dare,” Mod said, clutching what Cyrus was indicating to: his beloved spiked collar. Upon feeling it over again, though, Mod realized the potion had already worked its magic and the collar had become little more than a necklace made of shining purple disks. Before he even had time to react to that, though, Mod found himself being quickly hurried backstage by Cyrus. “H-Hey where are we going? Let go of me!” “Oh, did I fail to mention that you’re the opening act?” Mod blinked. “You son of a…” “Ladies and gentlemen! Please put your handpaws together for our newest performer...the Marvelous Miss Moddie!” the host announced. Suddenly, Mod found himself turned toward an excited audience of lounge patrons of all shapes, sizes and species. His elegant hands were upon the oddly glowing microphone and Cyrus had somehow already made it into the audience. The backing musicians began to play as the crowd began tapping their feet. Mod then recognized the song and groaned. “Oh there is no way in he-well I don’t know why I came here tonight~” he began to sing. “I got the feeling that something ain’t right and I’m so scared that I might fall off my chair…” The microphone clearly had some degree of control over Mod, leaving him as a passenger in his own body. The entire time, whatever specific entity was controlling him made sure to appeal a bit to the audience and sing his little hyena heart out. Overall, the hyena felt very strange and wasn’t quite sure what was going on. Once he was back in control, though, Mod could see the audience applauding wildly. Though Cyrus was mysteriously absent again, Mod was surprised to see Alice come on-stage to congratulate him. After all that had happened, he knew he couldn’t stay mad at her. “Hey, Moddica Rabbit, you did pretty good out there,” said Alice with a coy grin as she wrapped her arms around her boyfriend. “I knew you had it in you, Mods.” “Y-You did?” Mod questioned, a soft blush on her face. “Of course I did, hun! Didn’t know you had vocal chops like that!” the malamute exclaimed, wrapping her arms tightly around her beloved. “H-Heh, well, well thank ya!” Mod’s blush only intensified, causing a suddenly reappearing Cyrus to chuckle. The hyena then glared daggers at the bat. “Not one word about this around the department, got it?” The bat nodded and then noticed a beep on his phone. “Ah, that’s my cue. I’ll have to two enjoy yourselves now.” With that, Cyrus strutted away through the lounge, not a single eye watching as he headed down the road. The couple continued their embrace, but Mod’s seething rage was only beginning to bubble. He knew he was going to have to do something big eventually...but what?...
The Ring TesterDing-Dong! At the sound of the doorbell, Calvin’s eyes shot open. His heart hammering excitedly in his chest, he quickly sat up, jumped out of his bed, and rushed towards the front door. He’d been awaiting the package that was likely just outside his door for weeks now, and the fact that it was here now made him feel energized like nothing else. He practically flew down the stairs to the front door, opening it without hesitation. There, on the front step, was a short rectangular package addressed to him. Grinning to himself, he bent over and picked it up, eager to see what was inside. Taking the package inside and setting it down on the kitchen counter, Calvin immediately grabbed a pair of scissors, using them to cut the box open. Upon opening it up, he found exactly what he’d been waiting for: a thin sheet of plastic forming a circle that resembled a hula-hoop. While it looked rather unremarkable to a casual observer, Calvin knew better: he wouldn’t have gotten so excited over a simple piece of plastic, after all. Noticing a piece of paper propped up against the hoop, he picked it up and began to read it aloud. “Dear Calvin,” he read. “We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected as a beta tester for our brand new product, Transform-Rings. As you know, these products have great potential as they allow those who use them to experience life from the perspective of entirely new forms, something that until now has been all but impossible. However, such unbound potential is not without its own risks, which is why these products must be tested thoroughly before they can be officially released. That is why we ask you, as an interested member of the public, to give us your honest feedback from using this ring, so that we can make any adjustments we need to to assure that this ring is as safe and enjoyable as possible to use when it is finally released to the public. Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to hearing back from you. Sincerely, the FormShift company.”As soon as he was finished with it, Calvin tossed the note aside and picked up the hoop, trembling with anticipation. He could hardly believe it when he found out that he had been selected as a beta tester for this thing a few weeks ago, and that he would be one of the first members of the public to have access to such an astounding piece of technology. As a longtime fan of anything having to do with transformation, the thought of having access to something like this before almost anyone else made him feel giddy with excitement, and now it was finally happening. He was finally going to get to see what it was like to experience an entirely new form! What was it going to be like? More importantly, what was the ring actually going to turn him into? He’d considered simply going with skunk when he’d been filling out the online form, as that was the form he took most often online, but given how many other forms he took as well, it didn’t seem right to him to simply go with one over the others - so he decided to simply not select a preference. What had the company chosen for him, then? There was only one way to find out, he supposed. But where should he start? As he looked over the ring, an idea struck him. Passing the ring off to his left hand, he took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and stuck his right arm straight through the middle of the ring. He frowned. Nothing felt super different, at least at first. It was only when he tried moving his fingers that he felt any significant change: they seemed stiffer than usual, and it felt like they were stuck together in pairs. He opened his eyes and glanced down at his hand, nearly dropping the ring in shock upon seeing what had happened. Starting from the place where it passed through the ring, his arm and hand were covered in shaggy brown fur, and his fingers had merged into two strange hoof-like appendages, giving his hand the appearance of having cloven hooves. Turning his hand over, he noticed that he also still had a thumb, though this too had become hoof-like in appearance. Tentatively, he tapped his thumb against his other two fingers, marveling at the clicking sound they made. Dropping the hoop and letting it hang over his elbow, he ran his other hand through the fur on his arm, barely able to contain his excitement. This was no trick of any kind - this was the real deal. His arm had well and truly transformed. But what exactly was he turning into? Some kind of hooved creature, obviously, but what? Eager to discover what else the ring had in store for him, Calvin started to move it further up his arm when he noticed something peculiar: his sweatshirt still remained on the human part of his arm, but the non-human part had only fur. In fact, the sweatshirt seemed to disappear as soon as it reached the ring, only fur being visible on the ring’s other side. Slightly confused, Calvin slowly moved the ring further down his arm towards his hand, noticing more of the sweatshirt appearing as his arm became increasingly more human. Dropping the ring around his elbow again, he moved his hand and tugged at his sweatshirt, surprised to find that it wouldn’t budge; it was as if it was stuck within the ring, being held in place by some invisible force. As he examined this phenomenon, Calvin recalled something he’d read online about how exactly these rings worked: something about creating a personalized alternate reality, where you essentially were whatever the ring was turning you into. The ring acted as sort of a wormhole for these realities: every time you passed through the ring, you were essentially passing through a personalized gap in the fabric, allowing you to change while the outside world remained the same. This, he realized, was what was happening with his sweatshirt: in one reality, it existed, while in the other, it didn’t. With the ring hanging off his elbow, his sweatshirt was stuck between these two realities, hence why it didn’t move when he tugged at it. It was a bit confusing to think about, but Calvin got the basic gist of it: as long as the sweatshirt was touching the point where the ring was, it couldn't be moved. Keeping that in mind, Calvin continued moving the ring up his arm, until it was right where his shoulder was. Then, with another deep breath, he lifted the ring up and placed it down over his head, letting it rest on his other shoulder. Eager to see what he now looked like, Calvin quickly ran over to his bathroom, turning on the light and facing the mirror. His eyes widened when he saw his reflection: His head was covered in shaggy brown fur, and his ears were long and pointy, flicking as he watched in awe. But that wasn’t the most striking thing about what he saw in the mirror; that would be his face pressed out into a short snout, his pink nose lying flat against it with two nostrils facing directly forward, and the two short white tusks jutting upwards from the sides of his mouth. His black shaggy hair was still sticking out on top, but that was the only human thing about his head remaining. His heart beating rapidly, he reached up with his hands, both hooved and human, to feel what had happened. From his hooves clacking against his tusks to his fingers running through his fur and feeling his large flat nose, he could feel every change for himself. He had a boar’s head. That’s what he was becoming: a brown, shaggy boar. Staring into the mirror, Calvin chuckled. While they weren’t his favorite animal, he’d always been quite fond of boars, and the thought of becoming one made him feel even more excited than before. Now more than ever, he wanted to see what the transformation would look like when it was complete, which meant it was time to stop stalling and continue changing! With a nod, he looked over at his left arm and began pulling it through the ring, noticing more shaggy hair growing in to replace his sweatshirt sleeve as he did. Looking back down his arm, though, he noticed that the human part of his lower arm still had part of his sweatshirt on it, despite not actually being attached to anything on the boar part of his upper arm. Must be because of that alternate reality stuff, he thought as he continued to pull his arm through the ring. Eventually his hand emerged, looking exactly like his right hand: hoof fingers and all. Eager to continue, Calvin grabbed onto the ring with both hands and pushed it down his body, desperate to see more of the changes for himself. However, the ring only made it about halfway down his torso before he noticed something else peculiar: covering the fur on his chest was a blue sweatshirt just like the one he usually wore, except this one appeared to only be small enough to cover up his chest. The sleeves also appeared to have been ripped off for some reason, hence them not appearing on his arms when he’d first looked at them. So he did have a sweatshirt in this form, he thought as he looked down at his lower torso and noticed the bottom part of his original sweatshirt still covering his bare skin. But why was this sweatshirt so small?The answer to that question became clear as he continued to lower the ring down his torso, noticing that his belly was beginning to feel different - heavier, even. Looking down, he was greeted with the biggest surprise yet: His once thin belly was now bulging out of his torso, making him appear very chubby compared to before. Shocked, he took one of his hands off the ring and began rubbing his hoof fingers across his belly, a smile slowly spreading across his face as he did. He hadn’t been expecting this part at all, but he would have been lying if he’d said he didn’t enjoy it at least a little bit. After all, rubbing those hooves across his belly was an extremely pleasant sensation , and the fact that there was more belly just meant that there was more space for him to rub. But there would be plenty of time for that later: he still wasn’t finished with the ring, after all. Placing both hands on it again, he decided that his best course of action from here would just be to drop it to the ground, and let it finish up its changes that way. Smiling, he let go of it, listening as it clattered to the floor.Immediately, he noticed that his legs and feet felt different than they had before. His heels were raised off the ground, giving him and digitigrade stance, and his toes were feeling rather numb, giving him a good idea of what had happened to them. Eager to see the changes for himself, he looked down… and immediately found his view obscured by his large belly. With a sigh, he turned and began walking over to the toilet, noticing a clicking sound coming from the bathroom floor as he walked. Sitting down on the toilet, he stretched his legs out in front of him, peering over his belly to get a better look at them. As he expected, they were covered in shaggy brown fur, just like the rest of his body. Peering further down, he noticed that his feet had changed as well, having been replaced by a pair of cloven hooves. He tapped one of them on the ground, smiling as it clicked against the tiled floor. Turning his attention back to his legs, he suddenly noticed something strange: he wasn’t wearing any pants. It appeared that the pants he had been wearing had disappeared as soon as they’d gone through the ring, leaving his fur as the only thing covering his legs. Surprisingly, though, he didn’t feel at all like he needed them: his legs felt sufficiently covered as they were, with the fur being enough to both keep them warm and obscure his modesty. Smiling, Calvin rose to his hooves, walking over to the ring and picking it up. Now that it had fully done its work, he felt that he could safely say that it was a success. His body did feel different, but not in a bad way - it felt fresh and exciting, like he was experiencing something amazing for the very first time. Walking on hooves was easy and felt natural, like he’d been doing it his entire life. Even his belly, despite being a bit unwieldy, still felt both comfortable and natural, like it truly belonged the way it was. Running his tongue across his now flatter teeth, he opened his mouth, making an attempt to speak. “Hello. Hello hello, my name is Calvin. Testing testing testing.” Sure enough, speech also felt easy and natural, even with his altered facial structure. The only real downside to this form he could think of was the loss of dexterity in his fingers, and even that wasn’t really a big deal unless he had work that he wanted to get done - but he could always switch over to his human form for that. Looking over the ring, Calvin couldn't help but grin. He really had to hand it to whoever made this ring: they really knew how to make this form as easy to enjoy as possible! Speaking of which, he realized that he still needed to send his feedback to the company, to let them know exactly what he thought of the ring. He’d need to switch back to his human form to do that, since typing would probably be much more difficult with his hoof hands, but that wasn’t a big deal. He’d have plenty of time to spend in this form later, after all.Holding the ring out in front of him, Calvin once again stuck his hand through the ring, watching his human hand emerge from the other side followed by his sweatshirt wearing arm. He wiggled his fingers, smiling; as much as he enjoyed being a boar, it was nice to have the dexterity of his old fingers back again. He continued going through the ring just as he had before, putting it over his head and then sticking his other arm through before pushing it down over his torso. As soon as the ring reached his belly, though, he noticed something: the large size of his belly meant that there was less room to maneuver it through the ring, and he was starting to have trouble squeezing it through. He wiggled the ring as best he could, trying to make it fit, but as soon as the ring reached the center of his belly, it stopped moving entirely. It was stuck. Feeling panicked, Calvin tried to force it down over his belly, tugging on it as hard as he could. The next thing he knew, he heard a loud SNAP, and felt all resistance give way as his hands fell away from his belly. He looked down, and his eyes immediately widened in horror. Slowly, he lifted up his hands, each one holding half of the now broken ring. Fear began to well up within him. He tried pressing the two halves of the ring together around his body, but it was no use: whatever was being used to transform him had seemingly disappeared now that the ring was broken. Feeling dejected, Calvin looked down at his body. It was a strange sight indeed: His human half abruptly gave way around the middle of his belly, making it look as though someone had cut out the top half of his belly with a knife and left the bottom half awkwardly jutting out like some kind of plateau. Below the belly, his bottom half was still boarish, complete with the same pantless shaggy legs and cloven hooves from before. Above the belly was his human half, looking exactly the way it had before he’d used the ring. As he examined himself, he noticed that the bottom part of his sweatshirt seemed to be missing, having disappeared into the divide between his human and boar forms. He tried pulling on it, but it wouldn’t budge; it was stuck between the two realities, meaning he wouldn’t be able to take it off until he managed to find a way out of this mess. With a sigh, he realized there was really only one thing he could do: write to the company, explain what had happened, and hope that they could fix it. He could probably include it in his feedback letter to them as well, he figured. After all, as much as he’d enjoyed using the ring up to that point, this could easily be considered a major issue that needed to be corrected before the rings were officially released. Thank god he still had his human hands, or typing up this letter would be a nightmare! With a sigh, he made his way back over to his room, dropping the broken remains of the ring to the ground as he went. He was still happy that he got to test out the ring, as he had thoroughly enjoyed his brief time with it, but this had made him realize just how dangerous beta-testing something like this was: situations like this were bound to happen if he wasn’t careful enough. Still, at least he got to experience what being in a new form was like - even if it didn’t end as well as he would have liked it to....
Hana's ReturnHana swallowed, trying to calm her nerves as she made her way towards her village’s shrine. Events from the previous evening kept flashing through her mind, just as they’d been doing for the entire day. She’d barely been able to concentrate on her job at the bookshop with how preoccupied she’d been, her mind swimming with thoughts of the events that had completely changed her life. Though she felt like she’d handled the situation she’d been in well, all things considered, she still felt like she had a lot of questions that needed answers. That’s why she was going to the shrine, in hopes that the Caretaker there would shed some light regarding these new duties that had been thrust upon her. As she walked along the wooded path, Hana felt a chill run through her body. While it wasn’t nearly as prevalent as it had been the previous night, it was still enough to make her nervous. Again, images from the previous night flashed in her mind: that creature, or “shade” as the Caretaker had called it, standing in the doorway of the shrine, ready to destroy everything within. She shuddered to think of what would have happened to her if she hadn’t figured out how to use that talisman that was given to her as quickly as she did. That was part of the reason she was going back: she wanted to figure out how to effectively use her new powers more consistently. As exhilarating as it had felt using her powers to take out that shade, she had a feeling that she had mostly just gotten lucky, and she knew that she couldn’t afford to rely on luck if something like this happened again. Continuing her walk, she soon noticed a faint candlelight through the trees, a telltale sign that the shrine was close. Upon seeing this, she quickly broke into a run, eager to see the Caretaker again and get some answers to the questions that had been plaguing her all day. As soon as she reached the shrine, she quickly barged in, slamming the doors behind her just as she’d done the previous night. As she did, she turned around, examining the dusty and dilapidated shrine once again. Everything looked pretty much the same as it had when she’d first come: the burning incense sticks off to the left, the basin filled with some kind of flammable liquid, and the red carpet leading to the banners with her family’s crest on them. And of course, the fox. The red stone fox positioned on the back altar, its amber eyes staring at her just as they had before. Other than that, nothing in the shrine seemed particularly exciting, but Hana of course knew better. Remember what she had done the night before, she took the burning incense sticks and walked them over to the basin, dipping them into the flammable liquid. At once, the basin burst into flame, bathing the shrine in a holy orange light. All of the dust in the shrine seemed to dissipate before the flame, the entire place practically shining with a red and orange glow. But Hana wasn’t focused on any of that. Instead, she kept her focus squarely on the fox on the altar, knowing exactly what effect the flame would have on it. Sure enough, as she stared, the stone started to change texture, shifting into bright orange fur. The shift continued across the fox’s body until the stone had completely dissipated, leaving behind a real flesh-and-blood fox in its place. Freed from its stone prison, the fox quickly jumped down from the altar and sat down on the carpet, looking up at the girl standing in front of him. “Oh!” he said, a smug grin spread across his face. “It’s you.” Hana smiled. “You seem happy to see me,” she said. “What’s that grin all about?” “Oh, you know… I’m just glad you're here is all,” said the fox. Or as Hana knew him, the Caretaker. He stood up and began circling around her, still grinning up at her as he did. “I see you’ve come for some additional training… not terribly surprising, to be honest, seeing as your ignorance did almost let this centuries-old shrine get destroyed last night.” “Hey!” cried Hana, feeling offended. “I still beat that thing, right? And I managed to do it without your help for the most part!” “Well, I will admit, it was quite impressive how much you managed to figure out in such a short time,” replied the Caretaker, hopping back over to his place in front of her. “You did quite well… for a human, that is. But you still have a lot to learn if you want to be this town’s protector. And I wasn’t trying to offend you or anything by saying that, I was merely stating a fact. Honestly, the way you humans get flustered over the smallest things… it’s adorable, really.” Hana sighed. As much as she didn’t appreciate the Caretaker’s teasing attitude, she had to admit that he had a good point. “Okay,” she said. “But you’re going to teach me those things, right? So that I can become a proper protector, like you want?” “That’s correct,” said the Caretaker. “It is, after all, my job to educate the young and foolish among us, so that our continued existence may be preserved!” He chuckled, ignoring the annoyed look on Hana’s face. “I shall tell you all that you ask. So, what do you want to know first?” “Well, first of all, I’m curious as to what exactly these shades are,” replied Hana. “I mean, I’ve never seen anything like that before…” She shuddered, memories of the being she’d taken down flooding her mind again. The mere thought of it sent a chill down her spine, similar to the chill she’d felt when facing it. The way its tentacle arms had moved, like something out of a Lovecraft novel, threatening to drain every bit of life from the shrine… “Ah, yes!” said the Caretaker. “I suppose you should get a little bit more info on what exactly you’re up against. Very well then, allow me to tell you the tale of the shades and the spirits!” He cleared his throat. “From the dawn of humanity, since the day your kind emerged on this planet, the shades have existed among them. Whether they come from humanity or are simply drawn to them is unknown, but one thing is for sure: they are beings of pure negative energy. Beings that would surely overrun humanity and lead to their extinction… that is, if it weren’t for us spirits.” He grinned once again, showing off his white fangs. “From the moment we were aware of the existence of these shades, we, the guardian spirits, have been locked in battle with them. For as long as the darkness of the shades exists, so too must the light of the spirits to rise up against them and restore balance and order to this chaotic world!” He stopped short, a small frown having replaced his grin. “At least, I’m assuming that’s the case. To be honest, even my ancient memory doesn’t specifically recall our exact origins. All I really know is that since I’ve existed, I’ve been a guardian of this shrine tasked with defeating the shades and helping to protect humanity from them.” “Um, okay…” said Hana, chuckling a bit at the fox’s melodramatic delivery. “So the shades are beings of darkness, and you fight them to restore light and protect humanity or something like that. But where do I factor into this?” “Ah, yes!” replied the Caretaker, resuming his flowery monologuing. “In the beginning, it was us spirits against the shades, beings of light versus beings of darkness. However, the spirits quickly realized that their light could shine even brighter if they joined their powers with the humans that they had sworn to protect in the first place. And thus, the protectors, chosen humans that the spirits bestowed their powers onto, were born! With this union, the spirits were able to guide the protectors, giving them their powers as well as the information they required to combat the shades. And when the protectors were unable to continue their roles any further, they would simply pass the role down to their youngest eligible descendant, ensuring that the role would never die. That is how the succession of protectors came to be.” “Okay…” said Hana, her head spinning from all the information the Caretaker had given her. “So… you’re a guardian spirit, then?” “That’s right,” replied the Caretaker. “And you, as of last night, are a protector.” He cocked his head. “Well, to be more specific, you’re the protector of this specific region, since that’s the area this shrine corresponds to. Basically, I bestow my powers upon you, and you fight the shades that appear in this area. That’s all you need to know, really.” “Right,” said Hana, thinking back to the form she’d taken to fight the shade. “But… why the transformation?” “Ah, right,” said the Caretaker. “Well, the human body on its own isn’t built to withstand the power that we spirits bestow upon it, so it tends to make some… adjustments to itself when accommodating for it. Typically those adjustments include some features from the entity that bestowed the power in the first place, which is why you ended up as a cross between fox and human.” “Alright, that makes sense,” replied Hana. “But… what about everything else? Like the kimono and the… curves…” “Well, the kimono is part of the uniform that your ancestors wore as protectors,” said the Caretaker. “It’s a proud piece of history, dating all the way back to the antiquity of the first protectors from this shrine. Because it’s part of the garb that the first protectors here wore, it’s essentially become part of the uniform that all protectors for this shrine wear when they transform. As for the curves you mentioned…” He looked up at her, a coy smirk appearing across his muzzle. “Might I wager a guess that you have dreams of being more, shall we say… well developed in certain areas of your body?” “Oh! Um…” Hana swallowed, her face turning bright red. “I… guess so?” She fumbled with her thoughts, trying to find the right words to express how she felt. “I mean… I have always sort of dreamed of being more attractive,” she finally said, thinking about the models from her social media feeds and the characters from the mangas she loved to read, the people she had always envied for their looks. “So getting to experience that for the first time last night was… well, it was pretty nice.”“Heh, I figured as much,” said the Caretaker with a chuckle. “Well, another effect of the transformation is that it grants the protector some traits from their idealized body type, so I’m assuming that’s what happened there. Given what I know about how these transformations work as well as your reaction the first time you transformed, I assumed that you’d always dreamed about having that kind of build, so… I couldn’t help but tease you a little about it. “Oh. Okay,” said Hana, still blushing slightly as her mind wandered back to how amazing she’d felt upon finishing her transformation. As much as she had always dreamed of looking like that, she’d never imagined it would actually happen until that night. As she continued thinking about how she’d felt in that form, her hand happened to brush against the talisman she kept underneath her jacket. Snapping out of her thoughts, she pulled it out, showing it to the fox. “And this talisman is how you bestow your powers?” she asked. “That’s correct,” said the Caretaker. “The protectors use the talismans to transform into their protector forms, which allows them to use their powers. As I said, when a protector is ready to retire, they’ll pass the talisman down to their most eligible descendant, so that they can use it when the time is right. If I recall correctly, the last protector was your grandmother… though you’d hardly know it, given how different her protector form was from yours.” “Really?” asked Hana, intrigued. “What was her form like?” “Well, she was a fox girl, and she had a kimono like you,” replied the Caretaker. “Not surprising, given that you both have me as a guardian entity and come from the same line of protectors. But she wasn’t built like you at all. Her form was very young - childlike, even.” The fox sighed wistfully, looking up at the ceiling. “I recall her being very carefree and a bit immature when she first came here, so I guess it’s not really suppressing that her idealized form ended up being a young girl.” Hana chuckled. “Grandma did always tell me to value my youth and hold on to it for as long as I could,” she said. “Because it’s going to be gone before you know it.” She frowned, tilting her head to one side. “What was she like as a protector, anyway? Now that I know that she was doing this, I kinda want to know more about it.” “Well…” For a moment, the Caretaker went quiet. Then, he lowered his head. “That… I think is something that would be best discussed another time.” “What? Why?” asked Hana, confused. “Did something bad happen, or-” “Anyway,” said the fox, hastily changing the subject. “You said you wanted to learn more about how to become a proper protector, right? Should we start the training for that, then?” “Um… yeah, sure,” said Hana, making a mental note to ask about her grandmother the next time she visited the shrine. “So… what should we go over first?” “Well, if I remember correctly, there was that one spell you managed to pull off last night,” replied the Caretaker. “As impressive as that was, I feel that it would be better if you could learn to create something like that more… consistently.” “You mean the fireball spell, right?” asked Hana, thinking back to the fire that had appeared in her hand when she was battling the shade. “Yeah, that was pretty cool. It would definitely be better if I actually knew how to control it, though.” “Excellent,” replied the fox. “First things first, though: you’ll need to transform into your protector form. You remember how to do that, right?” “Um… I think so,” said Hana, examining her talisman once again. As she did, a thought popped into her head. “Actually, you wouldn’t happen to have a mirror or something in here, would you? I… kinda want to fully see the changes for myself this time.” The fox nodded. “Also not surprising, and I’d be lying if I said you were the first. There’s a mirror right back there.” He motioned behind him, towards the place where he’d been standing as a statue. “Feel free to move it somewhere where there’s a bit more light.” Smiling, Hana walked over and picked up the full-length mirror, moving it over to the side of the shrine near the burning incense sticks. Once she was positioned in front of it, she held up the talisman. “Kitsune!” she yelled, remembering what she had done to trigger the transformation the previous night. Once again, red mist began pouring out of the talisman, encircling her and seeping into her body. She felt her feet lift off the ground, keeping her gaze fixed on the mirror as she felt the changes begin. Her shirt was the first to change. Both her jacket and the shirt underneath seemed to fuse together, the fabric changing and becoming white and silken. Her skirt also began changing, joining together with the clothes on her upper body as the fabric changed to match them. Soon, all of her clothing had completely joined together into a silken white kimono, a wide sash forming across her belly to complete the look. For anyone else this might have threatened to make the cool weather uncomfortable, but luckily the next change was quick to fix that: thick red fur began spreading across Hana’s body, covering her torso and legs and warming her enough to make up for the lack of warmth her clothing provided. She held out her hands in front of her, watching the fur cover up every inch of human skin on both them and her arms. Feeling a pulling sensation on her tailbone, Hana quickly turned so that her side was facing the mirror, eager to see what was about to happen. As she watched, a plume of fluff began peeking out from the hole in her kimono, growing larger until it finally fully formed into a bright orange fox tail. Hana couldn’t help but giggle joyfully as she watched it sway from side to side, reaching behind her to try and run her hand through its thick fluffy fur. Meanwhile, the changes were continuing down her legs, coating them with thick red fur until they reached her feet. There her shoes began shifting, reforming around her feet into a pair of sandals. Another pulling sensation on her ears was enough to distract Hana from her tail, causing her to face the mirror again. As she watched, her ears began to grow and lengthen, moving up her head through her hair. While this was happening, her hat disappeared, the hair underneath going from black to a fiery orange that complimented her fur perfectly. Her glasses disappeared in a flash of red energy as the red fur spread across her face, her nose darkening and her nostrils flaring. There was a sudden push, and she gasped as her now-foxy nose shot out into a snout, taking her mouth with it. The fur spread across her ears as well, which now sat directly on top of her head, long and pointy. Looking at her newly foxy face in the mirror, it was all Hana could do to keep herself from squealing with joy. She looked so adorable! But as she admired herself, she could feel the final changes spreading across her body, elevating her joy even further. This was it - these were the changes she had been waiting for! As she stared intently at the mirror, she watched her boyish physique change underneath her silken kimono, her waist slimming down as the beginnings of her curvy body began to emerge. Her hips began growing out as well, flaring the kimono out to the sides. She watched with apt attention as her chest too began to grow, her breasts expanding outward. As she rose through the cup sizes, her kimono’s front slowly slipped open a tiny bit to reveal her growing cleavage, peeking out from below the cloth. Luckily, before her ample bust could unbalance her, beneath her tail she felt her rear join in and become curvier, enough to keep her steady on her feet. She quickly turned to the side to catch a glimpse of it, watching her lower half further flaring out the now tight-fitting kimono as her chest gave one last push to its final, generous size. And just like that - it was done. Gone was the shy girl with the boyish figure that had been in the mirror before, and in its place was the cool, confident, busty, curvaceous fox-woman that Hana had become. For a moment, Hana just stared at herself in the mirror, hardly able to believe what she was seeing. She lifted her arms to her chest, swaying her hips a bit as she watched the figure in the mirror copy her movements. “This… this is amazing!” she cried, barely able to keep herself together. Being able to feel how sexy she was was one thing, but seeing it for herself for the first time was… indescribable. The way her body curved in all the right places, her kimono showing just the right amount of cleavage from her perfectly sized breasts, the way her hips stuck out against her slim figure… all complimented, of course, by her adorable fox features. The face, the tail, the fur… all of that cuteness only served to make her even more attractive looking. Finally she could see herself looking the way she’d wanted to look for her entire life! “Are you done yet?” asked the Caretaker, snapping Hana out of her entrancement. “Geez, if I’d known that you were going to spend this long ogling at yourself, I would have just kept my mouth shut about the mirror.” “Er… right. Sorry,” Taking one last look at herself in the mirror, Hana turned to face the fox. “So… you’re going to teach me how to fully use my powers, right?” “Yes, of course,” replied the Caretaker. “As the Kitsune guardian, your magic is going to be primarily fire based. We’ll delve into the full extent of your powers another time, but for now, I want you to try to create a ball of flame like the one you created yesterday. Do you think you can do that?” “Sure!” said Hana, the confidence of this form welling up within her. Lifting up a red-furred hand, she held it out in front of her. “Burn!” she yelled. Nothing happened. Frowning, Hana turned her hand towards her, wondering what she was doing wrong. “Um… burn?” Still nothing. She turned to the Caretaker, still frowning. “Um, how do I…” “Oh boy…” the Caretaker sighed, shaking his head. “Look, controlling fire isn’t as simple as just holding your hand out and yelling a single word. You need to actually concentrate!” “Okay…” said Hana. “Concentrate on what?” The Caretaker groaned. “The fire, of course!” he said. “Look, all you need to do is focus your energy into what you’re trying to create. The large and more powerful the flame, the more energy you’ll use up, so the more you’ll need to focus. Balls of fire are fairly easy to create and don’t require a lot of energy, which is why we’re starting with them. But you need to focus! Picture what you want to create and focus your energy into it, okay?” Hana nodded, determined to pull this off. She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. Holding her hand out in front of her, she pictured a bright flame appearing before her in her palm. “Burn,” she whispered to herself. She suddenly felt a warm feeling traveling through her body, spreading across her arm and culminating at the palm of her hand, where it suddenly disappeared. She opened her eyes and gasped - there, sitting in her palm, was a ball of flame. “I did it!” she cried, turning to the caretaker. “See? I knew I could pull it off!” “Alright,” said the Caretaker. “Fair enough. But now that you’ve created fire, you need to learn how to control it as well. See if you can recall it back into your body.” “Recall it? Okay…” said Hana, looking down at her palm. “How do I do that?” “Just focus your energy into your palm again,” said the Caretaker. Only this time, instead of releasing it, try to recall the energy from around your palm back into your body. Like what you just did, but in reverse. Got it?” Hana nodded. “I think so,” she said looking back down at her palm. Once again, she concentrated her energy around her palm, this time focusing on drawing in the energy around it. Sure enough, as she concentrated, the flame in her hand became smaller and smaller, until it had completely disappeared. She grinned, turning back to the Caretaker. “How do you like that?” she said, embracing the cockiness she felt from her current form a bit. “Alright, good,” said the Caretaker. “You seem to have a pretty good handle on how to control your fire. Now, let’s see just how good you are at manifesting it!” He used his tail to point to a pile of sticks in the corner of the shrine. “If you can create a ball of fire large enough to destroy that pile of sticks, I’ll consider today’s lesson a success. You’ll need to exert more energy the larger your ball of fire is, though, so keep that in mind.” “Got it!” said Hana, turning towards the pile of sticks. Taking a deep breath, she began concentrating once again, focusing her attention on her palm. Once again, she felt the warmth from her body travel through her arm, releasing from the palm of her hand. As it did, another flame began flickering to life in her hand, small at first, then growing larger and larger. The more she concentrated, the more energy she focused into the flame and the bigger it grew, until it was almost as large as her head. “Now, release it!” yelled the Caretaker. “Move your arm towards the pile of sticks and release the energy fully, like you’re throwing an actual ball!” Hana nodded. With a yell, she swung her arm forward, letting all the energy she had focused into the fireball go. As she did, the fireball lept from her hand and collided with the pile of sticks, engulfing it in flames. Watching the sticks burn, Hana bent over, slightly out of breath. “Whew!” she said, catching her breath. “That… felt like it took a bit out of me.” “Well, creating fire like that does expend a lot of energy,” said the Caretaker. “But don’t worry, you’ll get used to it as you go. You should also be able to eventually get to the point where you can summon fire quickly, without having to spend as much time concentrating on focusing your energy.” As he spoke, the fox looked up at a nearby window. “Ah, right on cue. The sun’s coming up, which means our time here is done for tonight.” He hopped up onto the back altar, turning to face her again. “You did good tonight, Hana, but you still have plenty more to learn. We’ll pick up here when you return for your next lesson, alright? Alright. See you tomorrow, then!” “Wait!” cried Hana, her voice trailing off as she watched the fox’s body slowly turn to stone in front of her. Looking around, she noticed that the flame in the basin was slowly fading away, as was the flame that she had shot at the pile of sticks. With both flames disappearing, the shrine seemed to be returning to the dusty and dilapidated state it had been in when she entered it. Glancing around the shrine, Hana happened to catch sight of herself in the mirror, noticing that her body was starting to return to normal. Her fur, tail, and snout all disappeared while her ears, breasts, and hips shrank, her physique returning to the way it had been her whole life. She sighed, watching her hair turn black again as her hat and glasses reappeared, her kimono splitting apart into her jacket and skirt and her sandals turning back into shoes. She was disappointed that she couldn’t keep her protector form for just a little longer, but it was okay - she’d have plenty of time to revel in it the next time she came, after all. She turned her attention back to the Caretaker, now nothing more than a stone fox atop the altar. She still had some unanswered questions for him, like why everything in the shrine seemed to return to normal when the sun came up, but again, she knew she could simply ask about it next time. For now, she needed only to return to her simple life at the shop. With a smile, she pulled open the shrine doors and exited, knowing that her life as a protector was only just beginning....
CheesyCalvin opened his eyes to a strange smell wafting past his nose. He blinked a few times, then sat up in his bed, confused. Frowning, he sniffed the air a few times, trying to figure out what exactly that scent was. It was a strong, rather pungent smell, and while he certainly wouldn’t have described it as pleasant, there was something… enticing about it. He somehow felt drawn to it, like it was calling out to him from… well, wherever it was coming from. Knowing that he wouldn’t be able to rest until he found out exactly what it was, he jumped out of his bed and walked out the door, continuing to sniff the air as he went. Following his nose down the hall, Calvin was eventually led to where the smell seemed to be the strongest: the kitchen. He frowned, confused. There didn’t seem to be anything in the immediate area that could be causing it… nothing on the counter, in the sink, or even in the trash can seemed to be giving it off. But he was certain that it was coming from this room, so what could be causing it? Sniffing the air a bit more, he suddenly turned his attention towards the fridge, noticing that the smell seemed to be the strongest in that area. Was this mysterious scent coming from inside the fridge? Was it really so powerful that he was able to smell it even through the fridge’s closed door? His curiosity getting the better of him, he walked over the fridge, reaching out and pulling the door open. Immediately, the strength of the scent increased tenfold, practically knocking him backwards and causing him to gag. There was no doubt now that it was definitely coming from the fridge… but what could be causing it? His eyes scanned the inside, looking for anything out of the ordinary, until they fell upon what appeared to be the culprit: a thick, triangular block of cheese sitting on a shelf, covered in plastic wrap. He had no idea how it possibly could have gotten inside his fridge; it certainly hadn’t been there when he’d last looked and there didn’t seem to be anything else out of the ordinary, so it seemed safe to assume that it was the thing causing the stench. For a moment, he just stood there, staring at the cheese and occasionally sniffing the air a few times. Now that his nose was adjusting to the scent, it didn’t seem to be as bad as it was before… in fact, the more he sniffed the air, the more alluring the scent seemed to become. He’d found the source, so why was he still feeling so drawn to it? He didn’t have an answer, but he knew that the scent wasn’t going to leave him alone unless he did something with the cheese. He reached forward and grabbed the cheese off the shelf, pulling the plastic wrap off as he did. This caused the strength of the cheese’s stench to increase even more, but this time he didn’t gag. In fact, it only seemed to make the scent even more enticing, in a way he couldn’t possibly describe. His mind was feeling woozy, the strange aroma encompassing his thoughts to the point where it was all he could think about. Slowly, he lifted the cheese up to his nose and inhaled deeply, causing the scent to fill his mind even further. As the smell flowed through his brain, it seemed to have a strange effect on his body as well - specifically, his face. With each sniff, his nose seemed to become smaller and smaller, flattening against his face until only the two nostrils seemed to remain of it. At the same time, his face was beginning to push out, growing and lengthening into a hairless snout. Yet Calvin failed to notice any of this, his mind solely focused on the cheese in front of him. Through the haze, a thought suddenly occurred to him: if the smell of the cheese was this alluring, then what about the taste? Presumably the cheese was there so that it could be eaten, after all, and was it not true that the smelliest of cheeses often tasted the best? Surely whoever put the cheese here wouldn’t mind if he took a little taste, right? With that thought now at the forefront of his mind, Calvin lifted the cheese to his new snout and bit off a chunk. The moment the cheese hit his tongue, his eyes widened. It tasted… like nothing he had ever tasted before in his life. He could only describe the taste as utter perfection… the initial sharpness complimented by the overall savory factor, with just a hint of creaminess underneath combined into what was likely the greatest thing he had ever tasted. He had barely swallowed his first bite before cramming the block of cheese back into his mouth again, desperate to experience that taste again. As he chewed, brown fur slowly began spreading across his face until it was covering it completely, from his cheeks to the tip of his now fully-grown snout. His nose began changing color, turning a vibrant pink, and his two top incisor teeth slowly grew larger, forming into a pair of buck teeth. His ears were next to change as they turned pink as well, growing out and stretching larger and larger until they were over twice as big as they were before. They also migrated upwards slightly, still on the sides of his head but much closer to the top than they were before. As Calvin shoved the last bit of cheese into his mouth, he happened to glance down at his hands. They too were starting to change, turning the same shade of pink as his ears had and slightly growing in size, becoming a bit meatier than before. His nails began growing longer and sharpening into claws, and brown fur was starting to sprout on his wrists and make its way down his arms. He only looked at his hands for a second before turning his attention back to the fridge though, seemingly oblivious to the strange changes spreading across his body. He had finished off the cheese, but he was still craving more, and he was eager to see if the fridge had anything else that would satisfy him. He opened the small drawer at the bottom of the fridge, where he knew the rest of the cheese was kept, and his eyes fell on a lonely looking block of cheddar sitting off to the side. Immediately he swiped it up, digging his claws into the sides before digging his huge buck teeth into the front. This only seemed to accelerate the changes, causing the brown fur to spread down his neck and up his arms even further. Upon swallowing the first bite of cheddar, Calvin quickly took another one, his desire for the taste of cheese still at the maximum level. This cheese wasn’t nearly as good as the first one, of course, but it was still enough to satisfy his craving… for now, at least. With every bite he took, the brown fur continued to spread. It covered his chest at first, then spread down to his lower torso, his belly slightly bulging out with all the cheese it was being filled with. By the time Calvin finished the second block, his torso was entirely covered in brown fur, his belly pressing ever so slightly out from underneath his blue sweatshirt. He still wasn’t satisfied, though. Turning his attention back to the cheese drawer, he noticed a block of swiss sitting right next to where the cheddar had been. He quickly dove for it, sinking his teeth into it as fast as he was able. As he chewed on it, he felt a strange sensation: a tugging on his spine, followed by a pushing against the seat of his pants. Paying it no mind, he swallowed his bite, then immediately went in for a second one. Again, he felt his spine tug, and the pushing against his pants seemed to worsen with each movement of his jaw. When he took his third bite, his pants finally gave way, as a long thin rope-like appendage burst through them. With each bite, his pink hairless tail grew longer and longer, whipping back and forth as an expression of the pure bliss he was in. As he finished off the block, the tail finally reached its full length, stretching all the way to the floor before curling back up slightly. Patting his cheese-filled stomach, Calvin looked back over at the cheese drawer. There didn’t appear to be any more cheese blocks, which disappointed him, but there seemed to be a couple of packs of shredded cheese left. Not quite what he was hoping for, but it would have to do. Pulling open a pack of mozzarella, he opened it up and dipped a clawed hand in, grabbing a fistfull and sprinkling it into his mouth. His tail waved back and forth again as he chewed on the cheese scraps, the brown fur having covered his hips and now spreading down his legs. He continued scooping up handfuls of shredded cheese and dropping them into his awaiting mouth, the brown fur moving down his legs further and further each time he did so. When the package was nearly empty, he dropped it and reached for the second one, quickly tearing it open. This time, he didn’t bother trying to scoop the cheese up; he instead lifted the package up to his face and tilted it, pouring the contents directly into his mouth. As he did so, he suddenly lost his balance, falling over and landing flat on his back. The fall barely even registered with him, though; his mouth was still filled with cheese, and to him, that was all that mattered. As he chewed through the avalanche of white cheddar, the brown fur finally spread down to his ankles, stopping when it reached his feet. His feet meanwhile, were already turning pink to match his hands and tail, while stretching forward and lengthening at the same time. His big toes began shrinking as they migrated down to the sides of his feet, his other toes growing longer and thickening out to make up for the extra room. Finally, his toenails lengthened and sharpened into points, growing out into claws just like the nails on his hands. Having swallowed the last bit of cheese, the human-turned-rat Calvin gave a contented sigh. Dropping the empty cheese package to the ground, he reached down and rubbed his large, cheese-filled belly, giving off a large belch and chuckling to himself. He’d had a good meal… and now, it was time for him to rest. He stared up at the ceiling for just a second before feeling his eyes droop, the energy he’d expended going through all that cheese finally catching up to him. His eyes closed as he felt his thoughts drift away from him… and in an instant, the new anthro rat was asleep, thoughts of more cheese drifting through his head....


Hello all. I'll keep this short. I've gotten much more busy, and do not have the time to manage this group proper. As such, I will be stepping down to allow someone else who does the chance to do so. If you're interested in taking the reigns, please leave a comment below and I'll look into finding the replacement between those.
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