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TF Club Submission Rules

Rules n Stuff

:pointr: Must contain a transformation of some sort, whether it is Written, drawn, or Photo Manipulated. These MUST be original creations and not screen shots/clips from cartoons, web animation, or the like.
:pointr: If you are going to submit Mature/ Nsfw artworks, they MUST be censored appropriately.
:pointr: Do NOT submit IRL picture of nudity, artistic or not, I will NOT be accepting pretty much raw pornography.
:pointr: Do NOT submit to the wrong folder, if you do on multiple occassions you will be banned from the group
:pointr:If you resubmitted submissions excessively to the group you will be banned, resubmissions may it very hard to keep to track of the other things that are submitted to the group.


Folder Details:

Solo TFs:
A TF that is a solo piece/ does not stand with any other images/ a one time image.

Multiple Character TFs:
Either there is more than one character in the TF or there is Multiple characters that are transforming.

Comics and Sequences:
Applies to either a comic, a sequence, or separate images that are a sequence. Be sure to show in the title if there are multiple parts for the TF! (For example: Part 3/4)

Any TF that is animated.

All Nsfw:
Any Nsfw transformation content.

Open YCHs and Commissions:
Please show in the YCH or commission that something is transforming if you're going to submit to here!

Any photo that has been edited to show a transformation of some kind.

Any written works, whether it is posted as an image or a typed document.

Gallery Folders

[c] Just for a Night by RecurrentArt
[f] Alek Shift Badge by RecurrentArt
[c] Froach Shift Physical by RecurrentArt
[c] Something's Squirrely by RecurrentArt
Solo TFs
Monkey business by Unidentified-TF
Multiple Character TFs

Mature Content

TF - COM: That's So Bovine by BeingObscene
oryx tf by Furryflan
Thristian and fanny : Panthers tf by Furryflan
Starting her Army-[tftg collab] by TheElderTF
Comics and Sequences
Danny Phantom - Possession - TF TG comic by ToonTraps
Gravity Falls - Mind Control - TF TG comic by ToonTraps
Teen Titans - Alter Ego - TF TG comic by ToonTraps
Revenge - Comic by ToonTraps

Mature Content

Sirens curse by Unidentified-TF

Mature Content

Commission NSFW for Analternateguy234 - 2 by Furryflan

Mature Content

Anthro deer TF 3 by Cyberalbi

Mature Content

Anthro deer TF 4 by Cyberalbi
Dog morph 3 by Jokerfan79
Morphing in sleep by Jokerfan79
Title Has No Clever Punchline (Punching Bag TF) by NotShuttingUp
Maury prototype overworld sprite by AlphaBetaGamma986


Hey all! Here is the first entry of the Community Classifieds, where members of the group can submit their contests, commission infos, trade requests, and everything in between! Let's not waste anytime and get right into it!


Vino and Me Contest TWOOO [EXTENDED]Update: Pushed the deadline back. I didn't have enough time to advertise the contest since the e-com situation. As such, it's moved back to allow for more time to see it! 
Update #2: If you spread the word about the contest in way of a journal and link it back to me, I will write you one free quickie transformation! Quickie transformation is basically a very short story that's essentially just a transformation. 
Hey all, it's Vinomath! So, it's that time again: contest time! I've been wanting to hold another contest lately, and while trying to think of a theme my mind kept returning to the Vino and Me contest I held a little less than two years ago. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of cool ideas came out from it and I kind of want to re-visit the idea! So that's exactly what we're doing! I am officially announce: 
Vino and Me Too Thanks!
So, what exactly is Vino and Me? For those who weren't around last time (which is pry likely, since I've met a lot more people sin
by :iconvinomath: (hey that's a familiar face!)

Want to enter a contest where you can go wild with what you can write? Try it out with very little limitations and even your own self insert to be included! Fun prizes and both writers and artists are welcome to enter! Check out the post for more info!

Machine Malfunction TG Contest!! $600 Prize Pool!!Machine Malfunction: Complicated devices breaking down.
Total Prize pool for this contest is: $600.
The contest starts on July 1st and will end in 2 months on August 31st.
The main theme of this contest is Malfunctioning Machines that lead to a transformation, with a preference for genderswap. Entries should depict a genderswap or other transformation that occurs as a result of a machine breaking down. Submissions can take any form: Comics, Pinups, Sequences, Stories, Captions, Mixed Media, etc. Visual and Written entries will be judged separately.
The most important rule for this contest is to make sure your entry involves a machine breaking down in some way. For this contest when we say machine we mean ‘A device that uses power to complete an action.’ Please no abstract concepts of machines like ‘society is a machine’ or ‘when you think about it, humans are machines.’ None of that. When we say malfuncti
by :iconflashkill455:

Big ol' contest with a big ol' prize pool and a plethora of judges. Make sure to check it out and enter for a chance to get a piece of that!


Commissions Open!Hello everyone! Wanted to make a form stating my commissions and fees! Nothing fancy; just gonna get to the point. Use my gallery for reference of my capabilities.
Sketch- $5
Lineart- $10
Color- $15
Shaded- $20
Waist up
Sketch- $8
Lineart- $15
Color- $20
Shaded- $30
Full Body
Sketch- $10
Lineart- $20
Color- $30
Shaded- $40
Same as the above, but each additional step in the sequence will be 50% of the base price. For example, a shaded 3-step headshot would be $40 ($20 base price plus $10 for each additional step in the sequence).
All stories are $.01 per word, or $10 for every 1,000 words. Maximum $50 words.
I refuse to draw or write anything that is NSFW, sexual in nature, or of fetishy intentions. I mostly do tf and tg stuff so feel free to go for those. I don't do comics, but sequences are okay.
If you want Lineless art, it will cost an extra $5.
If you want a background, the price will vary based on the amount of detail.
I also love doi
by :iconnikolai-jolt:

Commission Sheet 2019 by TheRecurrent by :icontherecurrent:

Pay What You Want Commissions!Hey fellas, I'll be taking five slots for Pay What You Want commissions! However, don't get cocky and please read the guidelines before you commission me.
NO NSFW CONTENT WILL BE ALLOWED. I try to keep this account PG-13 at best, and would rather not violate deviantART's terms of service.FURTHERMORE, NO SCAT, VORE, OR HYPER ANYTHING WILL BE ALLOWED. Again, keeping in guidelines, I would not like to write something involving any of those three fetishes.MINIMUM OF 100 POINTS, NO MAXIMUM. Additionally, points only as I do not have a PayPal set up yet, please and thank you.
Any concerns can be sent my way before you commission. Also, please, note me with any references when you message me for the commission!
cylonmaverick - Bea (Night in the Woods) TF/TG [started]OPENOPENOPENOPEN
by :iconturpshi:

Caption Commissions Open!Caption Commissions by yours truly. I like to think I'm competitively priced compared to other writers especially given my average caption length.
Basic Single Caption: $4.00.Buy 5 Get 1 Free
Add Ons (description of each below):
Provide an image: subtract $.50 cents. Fanfiction Research: Usually $.50 cents - $1 (Only if I don't know about the series/character)Colored Dialogue: add .50 cents - $1. (Dialogue amount dependent)Fetish I'm not super into: VariablePrivate Caption: add $4.00. Series: Negotiable.
If you provide the image you want capped I will take 50 cents off the price. It also tends to lead to the cap coming out quicker.If you want me to do research on a specific series for the cap I will add 50 cents to 1 dollar per major point of research. 50 cents if I know the series but not the character. A dollar if I don't know the series. Otherwise I will only go off what is given in your note.If you want the dialogue colored to match specific speakers I'll add 50 ce
by :iconflashkill455:
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