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A City Unseen

On a recent trip to southern Ontario, I had an hour-long stopover in downtown Toronto, so I decided to walk around and shoot a roll of black & white film. Even among the bustle of a major metropolitan center, I found myself drawn away from the crowds toward the quiet, unseen corners of the city. It served to reinforce the fact that I don't think I could ever be a journalistic or portrait photographer. I very much prefer to photograph solitude.

Photo details:

Camera: Nikon F50
Shutter Speed: Automatic
Aperture: Automatic
Film Speed: 400 ASA
Date Picture Taken: January 26, 2006

Scanned from 4x6" print (hence the diagonal lines across the photo from the print stock), processed in Photoshop.

Location of photograph: [link]
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This picture is so freaking amazing! I just love the amount of depth and angle it has. And the face makes me laugh. ^__^

Also, I have a question, would you mind if I[we] used this as a stock photo for a group project icon?
I saw this and was instantly in love. XD
tfavretto's avatar
Thank you, and thanks for the :+fav:

Sure, that would be fine.
Rivenmist's avatar
Awesome!! Alright, we turned into a icon for this group here; [link]

But I reuploaded it here so you could see what happened to it since it's hard to see. [link]

Thank you lots!
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I used this in my background of my picture, and I credited you. :) I hope you don't mind?
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Thanks fine, thanks
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:) thanks. you're welcome
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ellu, used this picture in a bg ai made, is that ok fer you? ^^
~I.K. :icongwomp:
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I used this here

hope you don't mind
tfavretto's avatar
I don't mind at all, nice piece you've created.
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would it be possible to use this as stock in one of my photos?
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Sure, go ahead.
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thank you :] here's the link to the image! [link]
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Simply beautiful
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Thanks, and thank you for the :+fav:
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very interesting pic. different from your other photos;)
:+fav: :)
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Thank you, and thanks for the :+fav:!
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That's pretty colourful for a B&W film. ;) But I like the shot a lot.

And I'm with you on photographing in solitude, away from main arteries, or just on the side. Quiet corners are just so much more friendly than people when you put a lens in their faces. :boing:
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nice, esp the mask!
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oh the shot. stunnign one...really like it
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