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Hello everyone, Founder here.

I'm just going to make it quick due to a massive headache I have now: :icontf2-drawings: is going to receive a new and special folder named "Critique Requested". Artists are free to upload their artworks into it and admins are going to give a critique with purpose to help improve the submitted piece.

Now keep in mind, the critique you're going to receive is going to be an honest and straightforward opinion given by people who draw in similar mediums for years. You may or may not take what you receive, and it's ultimately up to you, but any forms of arguments or prolonged discussions basing around justifying and excessive explanations of your art choices are not going to be accepted, or in the very least, respond to.

Also keep in mind that we're a pretty big group and many users submitting to that folder at once will form a queue that admins will have to go trough. You may get a response at instant, but you may also get a response even in the next week, depending from the amount of submissions (and of course our private lives).

Speaking of submissions - only one artwork can be submitted to a group, so if you submit to a Critique folder, it stays there. It might be also a good idea to make it a signal for other members that they're free to leave their own two cents on the pictures in the gallery.

All in all, I'm giving you a chance to help and improve, especially to a couple of these shy artists I see uploading very rarely, yet visibly trying to give their best everytime. It's up to you however how you take that help and what you're going to do with it.

In addition I think it's safe to say the group would use a couple more responsible and skilled artists to fill the admin roles in this group. Just hit me up if  you're interested in accepting/declining pictures and giving people critique on drawings.

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- Gore.
- Shippings
- OCs, Femfortress, Tentaspy, Painis Cupcake etc.
- Crossovers
(as long as it keeps a major focus on tf2 themes).
- Pictures traced from SFM, as long as a certain amount of effort is put into it.


- Low quality photos of traditional drawings.
- OCs that don't look TF2-ish.
- Ponies, furries, nekos, anything non-human

(the only exceptions are Tentaspies, Spycrabs and in-game items that actually make mercs look like monsters/animals. For example halloween cosmetics).
- Porn, fetish art, nudity, very suggestive clothing/poses/gestures.
- ANY type of 3D works
- Fanfics.


Admins have a right to decline your picture if they find it to be inappropriate for any reason beyond the rules.
You also have a right to ask for explanation why your picture got declined. In most cases, the explanation won't be given unless requested.

Thank you.





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