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Unexpected Udder Offer

By TF-Warlock
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A tall blond-haired woman approached the counter and started speaking before the woman behind the counter could greet her

"So all of your products are 100% organic?"

The woman behind the counter blushed slightly, not that the blonde noticed.

The woman who worked the counter laughed "Yes, all of our products are organic, and we even make the milk ourselves."

The blonde woman raised an eyebrow, impressed they had their own cows, though she wondered where the farm was since the ice cream shop was rather small and located near a bunch of buildings. As the blonde looked over the flavors offered she asked the saleswoman a question without looking at her.

"So, where do you guys keep the cows? With this much business, you must need a pretty good-sized farm to get this much milk."

The saleswoman idly twirled her dark hair nervously and replied sheepishly "Uhm, well, they are nearby..."

The saleswoman pressed herself against the counter, pressing the soft pink flesh of her udder against the cool wood and trying to better conceal her oddly-bent fur-covered legs from the inquisitive customer.

"Actually, we really do need to increase our milk supply, business is doing so well"

The blonde settled on her flavor of choice, opting for two scoops of cookies and cream. The saleswoman didn't move to make the ice cream immediately, instead, she looked lost in thought for a second before snapping back to focus.

"Hey, you aren't looking for work are you?"

"Work? Like working her making ice cream?"

"Not exactly, we need people to help to make the milk."

"I don't really know much about farming I don't-"

The woman behind the counter grinned. "Oh don't you worry about that, as soon as you get some hands-on experience you will know your way around an udder in no time. The job pays well, hours are flexible, and the ice cream is free for employees."

The saleswoman started making the ice cream cone while the blonde thought the offer over, turning away for a moment to add a special extra ingredient to the ice cream.

She turned back with a large smile and handed the cone to the blonde, who fumbled to grab her wallet to pay.

"Oh don't worry about that, it's on the house."

"No, I couldn't possibly-"

"Call it a signing bonus."

"But I didn't-"

The blonde's words trailed off as the woman behind the customer started helping the next customer and began to ignore the blonde. Confused by the interaction, she sat down at one of the tables just outside the shop and began to slowly eat her frosty treat.

Her eyes went wide at the first taste, it was rich, creamy, and far better than any dairy product she could recall consuming. It took all of her composure to not wolf down the entire cone without savoring it. No wonder they were willing to give ice cream away for free, a single scoop would be enough to endear a customer for life. She was starting to feel jealous of how the shop's employees were allowed to eat as much ice cream as they wanted, it was so good. Then again, she could simply accept the unexpected job offer and all the flavors on the menu would be hers to try.

The blonde's stomach churned for a moment, and she felt a fleeting sensation of pressure pass through her body. She shivered suddenly despite the heat of the day, the chill of the ice cream settling into her very bones even as she sat in the light of the midday sun. She got to her feet, polishing off the last few bites of the cone with the intent of getting back to her day when she noticed something odd.

Her pants felt tight, extremely tight.

She looked down and noticed the crotch of her jeans was bulging softly, a large round shape filling the area and causing the discomforting tightness. The blonde swore and started to unbutton her jeans only to notice the flesh of her lower abdomen had turned a rosy pink shade.

"What in the hell is this!?"

She ran her hand over the front of her jeans, feeling the pressure of the round shape, and noticing four stiff bumps. Her face twisted into a frown of confusion she started to unzip her pants, but as she struggled to peel them down she stopped. She had a better view of the shape causing her so much discomfort, and it was immediately recognizable for what it was. A small but obviously still growing udder.

She wasn't a cow, women don't suddenly grow udders, and... She could already feel a strange pressure and didn't need to check to know that it was swelling with milk by the moment.

As she panicked over her unexpected growth, she didn't even notice the long thin shape that had snaked its way over the top of the back of her pants. It continued to grow in tandem with her udder. As the pink flesh swelled, filling with milk, inches of length were added to the now fur-tipped tail that hung behind her.

Her tail wasn't the only place growing hair either. Unlike the woman in the shop, the blonde's changes were not limited to her lower half. instead of fur-covered legs with hooves, her ears had begun to take on a bovine appearance, and two small horns had pierced the golden hair on her head.

The blonde rushed back into the shop, convinced that this had something to do with the ice cream she had eaten. Thankfully, the other customers had left already, and it was just her and the saleswoman.

"What did you do to me!?"

"I don't know what you could ever mean. Did something happen?" She said in a tone of jesting innocence.

"Yeah, something happened!" She pulled her pants down slightly, exposes an udder about the size of her head with four plump teats, each softly dripping with milk. "What did you do to me?"

"Wow, you're already so big, and look at all that milk, I knew you would make a great addition to the team."

"Team... what do you-"

"As i said, we make the milk ourselves." She stepped out from behind the counter, exposing her oddly shaped legs. "Why don't you come out back with me and just fill out an application and I can get you a uniform and nametag."

The saleswoman approached the confused and mildly stammering blonde, lightly dragging her toward the back of the store.

"But... I can't just... I"

"Now now, just follow me and let's see what we can do about all that milk, you look rather full and I bet you could do with a good milking."

"I... yeah I do feel rather full, but-"

The saleswoman shooshed her and held the door to the back room open. The blonde nervously shifted her weight as she stood, but ultimately walked out back, struggling to hold her pants up as her udder swayed and bounced with each step and her tail swayed behind her.
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Gotta wonder what 3 scoops or more would’ve done lol
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Nice one :) Love how the udder remains concealed, but still recognizable :)

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She could be their spokesmodel :happybounce: 
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