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Strawberry 100 Pound Cake

By TF-Warlock
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An image I made to celebrate maxgrowth's birthday a few months back. Finally got the story done for it so i could upload it, hopefully you like the story as much as the image heh ;)

Lucy inhaled and exhaled, letting a low sigh escape her lips as she eyed the shelf. Her brown eyes were fixed on the empty location that was normally the resting place of her intended treat. In truth she was hardly surprised; nothing was going right for the curvy brunette on her birthday. Now that she had moved to a new city, she didn't know anyone, and her family lived on the other side of the country. She was going to be spending her birthday alone, and all she wanted was a strawberry pound cake to keep her company, but alas, empty shelf.

Lucy was about to leave the isle, her waning positivity subdued by the missing baked goods, but she saw something that halted her. On a few shelves down a cartoonish drawing of a rather chubby red panda holding a cake beckoned her. It wasn't her brand, but it was a pound cake, though upon inspection of the package she found it was a one hundred pound cake. Lucy didn't quite understand the advertising pitch, was the cake supposed to make you feel fat even before you ate it? It didn't matter though, Lucy had her strawberry pound cake (In fact she purchased a second one in a moment of waning willpower) and could resume her plan to go home and eat the cake while watching some sappy rom-com.

By the time Lucy reached her apartment, she was more than ready to peel her unfortunately tight jeans of her ample thighs and eager to remove the tight bra that held her large breasts. She quickly got into her most comfortable PJs and all but threw herself on to the couch with the pound cake. She hadn't eaten all day, and though it was getting late in the day, she didn't care if she spoiled her dinner with such a large desert. It was her birthday, she could eat cake if she wanted to.

Lucy brushed her light brown locks of hair from her face and scoffed again at the little cartoon red panda, and for just a moment, she could swear that it winked at her. Lucy frowned and shook her head lightly as if to banish the hunger-induced hallucination. Lucy turned on her television and began to eat the cake while she clicked through the channels. Her eyes drifted from the screen though as her attention fixated on the miraculously delicious cake in her mouth. She paused mid-chew, letting the cake sit in her mouth as she savored the taste, she was actually loathed to swallow it, to end the magical moment.

Lucy was so distracted by the flavor, she didn't notice something more insidious happening. Lucy's PJs were becoming less loose. The oversized shirt swiftly becoming just a shirt, and the soft pants she wore now clinging to readily growing curves. Lucy's large breasts seemed huge beneath the ever-tighter fabric, her plump ass was steadily becoming thicker and plusher, and it wasn't until she had eaten her extra cake, this time devouring it even quicker than the first, that she noticed something. Lucy felt bloated. Actually, no bloated, Lucy felt fat.

Lucy looked down, glancing through a canyon of cleavage to see her round and heavy belly sitting on her thick thighs. Lucy had always had a curvy figure, but now, she could practically see the pounds being added to her frame as the cakes turned into a soft layer of cushiony flesh. With a grunting effort Lucy got up off the couch, but she stumbled, unused to her new weight and fell on her stomach. The brunette pushed herself to all fours and felt the weight of her body, she must have gained almost two hundred pounds in under five minutes, and her mind was racing. This wasn't possible, she couldn't be this big.

She shook her head, in shock that she had thickened into such a wide shape. Her ass wasn't just big, it now was a massive shape that wobbled tantalizingly. Her breasts, already on the big side, had grown until each was larger than her head, and were sandwiched between her arms. Her belly was a soft expansive shape that felt oddly warm and soft, comforting in a way that filled her with confusion. She didn't want to be this big... did she?

Her pondering on her ponderous frame was interrupted as she noticed something between her eyes. Lucy's nose had turned black and become a strange shape without her noticing. She reached up to touch it and let out a shriek as she saw her hand was black too, and it had claws and.

She had a paw. Her hands were paws.

She shuffled ungainly and looked to see that her feet were paws too. and fur was growing from her paws all the way to her elbows and up her legs, though as it reached her ass it turned red color. In fact, her hair had turned red at some point too. What truly captivated her attention though, was a long bushy shape that was visible near her ass. It looked like a tail.

With an effort, she managed to twitch and move it. It was a tail, she had a tail, a striped tail like a... red panda.

Lucy lunged for the cake wrappers sitting on the couch and as she grabbed the plastic, the cartoon panda gave her a second wink.  The one hundred pound cake was true to its word, and Lucy knew she weighed in at well over three hundred pounds now. The fact that she was turning into some sort of half-woman red panda hybrid certainly had not been made obvious by the wrapper though, and if her soft body and thick fur hadn't felt like a plush blanket she might have actually been annoyed. Instead, she felt... comforted? It was like being inside a warm hug or hiding beneath your blankets, and while she was mildly concerned that she didn't have a single piece of clothing that would cover her huge tits or fat ass, at least she was covered in enough fur to have some modesty.

Nobody knew her yet, but they would never meet the curvy brunette who had moved to the city, instead, they would know a plump red panda-girl who loved to show off her oversized breasts and always was good for a hug and in the mood for a good pound cake.
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Super suprised no one has asked for the name of the model she's really cute
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Love this full figured model, can't wait to see bigger cows piggys and ponys
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WHat a big cute panda!
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 I hope we can see more of this animal in the future ^w^
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This is my kinda shit
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see we need more plus sized gal in tf 
show the world how fun they are
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She cute and very hot, BBW are bast to model with.
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This is beautiful. Im so happy you are using a bbw as a model!
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Thanks :D

Maxgrowth was in the mood for a big gal for his bday, and I hadn't played around with a thick model like this before. I had this nice image sitting aside though, and we thought she would make a great red panda.
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