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Foxfire Blessing

By TF-Warlock
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She was studying an ancient culture that worshiped a fox spirit when she came across an obscure text reference a ritual to summon the spirit of the fox and receive his blessing. She wanted her paper to be authentic and figured she might be able to gain some form of unseen insight into their culture by performing the ritual herself. It was surprisingly simple, just a few herbs, a small chant, a dance... It only took her a few days to have everything ready.

She began the ritual with a small camcorder recording her efforts for her to review later. she danced around a small bonfire, it's light the only thing illuminating the dark forest clearing. She tossed herbs into the fire at different points, saying the summoning chant as she did. As she threw the last herb she bowed down and closed her eyes. When she opened the, the fire was out, but it was not dark. Above the cooling embers floated a whitish blue fire, it swirled and danced in the air before taking on the shape of a fox.

"Intriguing. It has been many years since I have been summoned, many... Boring years. I enjoy being... entertained, and it seems my followers have abandoned me... Hmmm.... What could possibly have driven you to summon me, you don't look like a worshiper, what are you."

"U-uhn, I I'm a student."

"A scholar? So you too desire to learn... I think you deserve to get a first hand feel of how my worshipers used to live. I am going to give you my blessings, and in return I will watch the world through your eyes, try and keep me entertained." The fox spirit grew brighter and brighter, turning into the fiery shape once more before launching himself at the girl. She screamed as she expected the fire to burn, but it felt more like she was being caressed, and soon she felt the world drift away and she passed out.

When she woke in the morning she felt like she needed to stretch, she let out a large yawn and leaned forward, arching her back and sticking her bushy red tail straight out. She blinked in confusion, reaching behind her and feeling her tail, then following it to her body before noticing she was a fox from the waist down.

(This is a physical representation of the blessing, your powers will take more time to discover, but it should be... fun to watch you uncover your new gifts)

"Who... Who said that!?"

(You know my name, though you dare not say it... Now, it is time for you to keep up your end, find something to keep me entertained, find me something unique, something I have yet to experience...)

The half fox got to her feet and took a few steps on her digitigrade legs, feeling her paws touch the ground for the first time. She took a few more steps before starting to jog forward, then she broke out into a full run, she was moving faster than she had ever ran before, faster than anyone she had ever seen run before, vaulting over fallen logs, and dodging between trees, navigating the forest with the ease of a fox.

I do not own the rights to the original image used for this photo-manipulation, if the owner requests its removal I shall do so =) (Smile)
~The Warlock
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I love her ! Beautiful model ( who wouldn't fall for that smile ?) and nice realisation. I just think the story could be a little longer : is she really appreciating the unasked blessing ?
TF-Warlock's avatar
I wasn't really writing long stories much back in 2015, but I'm glad you enjoyed the arts ^ _ ^
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Wait a minute... Fox Where a your panties?))) 
TF-Warlock's avatar
Tail ripped them I imagine, no sense wearing ripped panties
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She's a cute vixen!
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Fox blessing cool. :D
too.. bad i only can use fairy blessing :<
gothicmaniow's avatar
very cute lookin model ,shes gorgeous !! you have the original photo  ?? 
TF-Warlock's avatar
the computer i have it on doesn't work right now, stuck on an old laptop atm
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Such soft, so fur.
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Mmmm...such a foxy lady.
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She looks SO SOFT
TF-Warlock's avatar
Who wouldn't want to have such soft and fluffy fur ^_^
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great story including the photoClap +fav Love Nod 
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Hello foxy lady.

I deserve to be punched for that.
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