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Small amounts of soap still clung to her as she stood up from her bath, pulling the plug and feeling the suction of the water going down the drain on her feet. She smiled as she pulled at the tie keeping her hair up, she hadn't wanted it to get wet while she soaked in the tub. It had been quite the experience, she had tried a new bath balm called cream. Usually it would be strawberries and cream, or some other fruit but this had been just the word Cream in an elegant font. That didn't matter though, it smelled heavenly, not soapy at all actually. It smelled like a fresh pitcher of cream on a dairy farm, and it felt amazing, her whole body tingled warmly and she felt energized.

Maybe too energized even, her body was almost electrically charged feeling. Her breasts looked a bit fuller, heavier, but she was too absorbed in the strange sensations to notice. She nervously tried to clean the remaining soap off of her when she felt something wet slap against her leg. She stopped and had a concerned frown, before trying to turn to see what had touched her.

Her breasts began to swell larger as she leaned, growing full cup sizes without her notice, all she could tell was that her chest felt very warm. As she struggled to see behind her she thought she saw something furry, and it took a few tries but eventually she grabbed a hold of something and pulled.

It hurt like hell pulling on whatever it was, did it bite her, was it clawing her? She didn't know what was happening, it almost felt like it was attached to her.


She when to grab it again, this time more carefully, and it was either bigger than before or she got a better grip because she finally got a hand around something long and wet... kinda furry feeling. Her breasts grew bigger still as she fondled the foreign object. She leaned a little further and nearly let go when she saw what looked like... like a tail. Her ears flattened against her head as she frowned, and she started to dimly become aware of a pressure building in her chest.

She looked it over again and could only stare at it, it really was a tail, lightly furred, topped with a tuft of her hair, and it was... it was attached to her. Like, she could actually move it around if she tried to.




small drops of warm wet liquid hit her thigh, but she was still so shocked from finding out she had a tail that she didn't notice the droplets of warm white milk hanging from her nipples only to fall down onto her lightly furred thighs. She was about to let her... tail.... go when she felt another wave of warm pressure in her chest and a steady flow of milk started to spray into the tub and onto the bathroom floor.

It smelled like the wonderfully creamy bath soap... exactly like it...

I do not own the rights to the original image used for this photo-manipulation, if the owner requests its removal I shall do so =) (Smile)
~The Warlock
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themoldysausage's avatar
How do you expand breasts like that? I'd like to get into manipulation.
TF-Warlock's avatar

Sometimes it's copying a pair from a bustier lady, other times it's simply scaling up an original pair, sometimes a bit of painting and reshading/highlighting is needed

themoldysausage's avatar
Interesting. Are there any online resources available?
TF-Warlock's avatar

As far as the program i work in, it's free and called GIMP. Otherwise, i don't use tutorials, i'm self taught, and stock images are around if you look for them, not sure what else to suggest

themoldysausage's avatar
Thanks! I'll look into it. It seems like fun.
excellent work as always :) <3
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tr23456's avatar
Psychologist-Roachy's avatar
Compliments to the photographer, model, and you the photomanipulator
you should include a link to the next picture… since it seems to be the same model
maybe not
TF-Warlock's avatar
They are different models, but I'm glad you liked both images ^ _ ^
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3willi's avatar
I like sequences, yours is wonderful. Please more
TF-Warlock's avatar
Aww thanks :D I might do some more sequences
wbender2467's avatar
for the record she should have four medium sized breasts, not two large ones.
TF-Warlock's avatar
Multibreast is a tricky thing, lot of unexpected squish and crease of skin, hard to shade right.
What a wonderful, hot sequence!  More like this please!
TF-Warlock's avatar
:D Thanks, I might try and do some more sequence stuff soon hopefully
BadWolf117's avatar
i like how you added a sequence instead of a standalone picture it really captures the transformation sequence well ( would love to see more stuff like this) anyway
keep up the awesome work :)
TF-Warlock's avatar
It's a little extra work doing sequences, but it does add a bit to a TF, I should get myself to do them more often honestly
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