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Buck Moon

By TF-Warlock
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The full moon hung in the air like a luminous disk, bathing the landscape in silver light. Reba thought it was odd to be out by the lake on the fourth without the flashing lights and noise. Normally, the grass would be packed from end to end with people waving little flags while the sky caught fire, and thunder echoed across the valley. This year the only one to keep the blonde-haired woman company was the moon, who looked delighted to be the sole feature in the cloudless sky.

Supposedly there was an eclipse tonight, and Reba watched for the faint haze to darken the moon somewhat. Hardly as excited as the cacophonous crescendo of fireworks she was used to, but in a pinch, it would do. Still...

Reba looked around the deserted beachfront and sighed.

She wished she could have at least convinced SOMEONE to join her. It wasn't all she wished for either, as Reba hugged her knees close and pondered the solitary white orb, she found herself wishing something would happen... anything. She was more bored than she had expected, and if her interest didn't peak soon, maybe due to a shooting star or a UFO, she would probably just go home.

Just because Reba didn't see a shooting star, didn't mean she wouldn't make a wish. The Buck Moon as it was sometimes called, would have to stand in for a star and grant her some reprieve from the boredom. She all but challenged the passive white orb to cause anything to happen, just as it began to darken. For anyone else looking at the moon, the penumbral eclipse was a passable astrological event. For Reba it would have put a trio of total lunar eclipses to shame. The sky itself seemed to glow as if the galaxy itself came into focus for just a moment as the moon itself faded from view. The experience made her feel small and gave her a sudden sense of vertigo that had her glad she was already sitting.

When the moon returned and the yawning rush of the Milkyway released her from its sudden trance, she found herself lying flat on her back, covered in sweat with her heart racing. All sense of boredom had passed, and Reba scrambled to her feet and to her car.

The entire ride home felt wrong. Her clothes felt wrong, her head felt wrong, her skin felt wrong. The only thing that didn't give her this disquieting sense of impending change, was that she couldn't see the moon. The moon thankfully was hidden behind the treeline, and Reba was glad it wasn't staring back at her. It had gone from a placid white disk to a leering red face in the sky, it's craggy surface twisting into a shape that looked vaguely like an expression. She could feel it looking at her even now, despite the abundance of trees.

Reba drove home faster than she intended and had parked her car in the driveway and her ass on the denim blue couch in her living room. She had convinced herself she was just having a panic attack, that nothing was really happening save for her own freaking out. Reba had had panic attacks before though, and this felt different... Reba looked around the room anxiously for a moment, only to realize the blinds were drawn. Moonlight was pouring into the room like a noxious fume, and Reba had been breathing it in.

Without warning, Reba felt a sharp twinge, and a dull ache, then a wave of prickly itching. It all happened so fast that she couldn't react with anything more than a startled gasp, then it was gone. As those sensations passed she gradually became aware of other less intense ones. A mild pressure beneath her black shorts, a warmth on her legs, and the sound of her fridge in the next room running being amplified. Reba moved her hand to the crotch of her shorts and felt something that had no business being there. She wouldn't have a chance to unbutton her shorts though. Having directed her eyes downward, she was the layer of hair, more correctly fur, that had begun to stick out of the leg holes of the fabric. Before Reba's eyes it began to spread down her legs like dripping paint. It had no sensation as it grew in save a sudden warmth, and the blonde could only marvel as the white and brown coated her legs entirely. She ran a hand through the fur, it was soft and thick and reminded her of a deer's.

Or more correctly, a Buck's. At that thought, her hand returned to her crotch, and the pressure was still there, confirming her suspicions. An even harder shape distracted her from pondering this change though, as two bone-like knubs pressed out of her skull, rapidly growing in size and weight as they formed into small antlers. They didn't stay small though, and soon enough Reba was a six-point buck. Or at least a hybrid of one, a buck, and a human. Save the deer-like ears and antlers, her upper body was remarkably human. Her lower body had taken the worst of it though, and between her feet which now resembled hooves and all the fur, one could easily mistake her for a deer, but not a doe. Thankfully some of the pressure in her tight black short was released when a fluffy white tail burst free of it and ripped through the fabric, but not all of it.

Despite still wearing her shorts, Reba was quite convinced she was a rather well-endowed buck. She no longer felt a need to get out of the harsh light of the moon, but she was eager to get out of these clothes. All sense of boredom had fled faster than the beachgoers when the fireworks got canceled. As the changes had subsided, the anxious energy went with them. Reba felt more comfortable than she had in some time if she ignored the clothing, that did feel a bit odd on her body. Even the moon, which had taken on some otherworldly malice earlier now seemed to be it's normal silvery self, shining down to gently bathe her in its light. Reba laughed and got to her feet, grinning at the sound of her hooves on the wooden floor. She only stopped grinning when she smacked her antler into the door frame. She let out a snort as she remembered she was part buck, and that she would need to be a bit more careful of these things. She reached up and let her fingers run the length of her antlers. It was an odd sensation, feeling their weight and shape, but it felt more right than she could have ever imagined.
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Love the expression on her face!

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I thought it worked pretty good for some TF reaction :D

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I was hoping the title would be "Oh deer"
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beautiful!!!!! tf warlock, do you remember who the model is? she's gorgeous!

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this is so hot!! any idea the name of the model in the photo? love her!

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A pair of racks I'd love to get my hands on ;)

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great art man!!!

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Awesome job! Talk about a big rack 😜

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Great pic and caption!

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Oh I love how this turned out! Gorgeous

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And what an absolutely beautiful buck she is 🦌

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I wish I had known about this eclipse ahead of time, so sad she had to go through it all alone

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