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Black Rabbit and the Bunnies

By TF-Warlock
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Blair squinted at the figure approaching her. The sun was too bright, and the pale-skinned woman clad in a mixture of black and fishnet wasn't expecting someone to recognize her. As her eyes adjusted to the difference in light from the interior of the college to the outside, she finally could make out the face attached to the extremely feminine voice that had called out to her. It was Candace, or at least it sort of looked like Candace. Candace had been her best friend in childhood, but they had fallen in with differing cliques. Blair had a love of music, dark clothing, and anything counter-culture. Candace was a good person, but more interested in clothing, parties, and social media than Blair thought was healthy. Candance had been a year older than Blair, so she had already been at this college for a while before Blair attended, and she had changed.

Candace seemed taller, tanner, blonder, and bustier. Her bouncing breasts weren't covered by a bra but struggled against the tight fabric of her too pink top. Her skirt was too small to be considered anything but slutty and her lips were plump and bee-stung. Candace's dirty blonde hair had become a thick platinum blonde mane, and curiously, a pair of bunny ears poked free from it.

"Candace? Is that you?" Blair frowned.

"Candace?" She asked with confusion "OH yeah, Uhm, call me Candi."

"Wow... it's been a while... uh, what happened, you look-"

"Different?" Candi laughed with a feminine giggle. "Isn't it great!?" She gave a grin and a wink before assuming a quick array of provocative poses to show off her assets, including the short tail poking free of the top of her mini skirt, finishing off the playboy bunny look she had going on.

Blair couldn't reconcile the woman before her with the girl she knew. For a moment she thought she should just try and figure out a way to leave, but Candi abruptly moved forward, wrapping her tan arms around Blair in a tight hug. Blair's concerns over her personal space where ended as she noticed the massive pair of breasts being pushed nearly in her face. Blair had a weakness for a good pair of tits, and despite how perky and round Candi's looked when they squeezed up against her, they felt and looked more real than Blair had expected. Candi didn't break the hug, and the black-clad girl's pale face began to redden as the pink bunny-eared blonde held her.

"I-I... can't... breathe." Blair croaked.

Candi blinked in confusion before noticing she was squeezing too hard. "Oh no, I'm so sorry, like, I didn't mean to..." She looked like a wounded puppy and Blair felt guilty for having needed oxygen as ridiculous as that seemed.

"Ooooh I know, I can like, make it up to you!" Candi was smiling again, but this smile worried Blair for some reason.

"You don't have to-" Blair tried to say.

"Come on, follow me" Candi beamed, grabbing Blair's wrist and dragging her toward the parking lot. "The sorority gave me extra in case I wanted to recruit anyone."

Blair stuttered out a few protests, but her old friend managed to get her to the car, which was also pink. Candi opened the door and bent over to look inside, it was at this point Blair realized she wasn't wearing underwear beneath that incredibly short skirt. Also, Blair got a close view of the platinum blonde tail sitting above the fabric.

"So... what's with the bunny thing?" Blair asked.

"Bunny? Oh yeah, like, all of us in the sorority have them. You can too Blair-bear, like, all you need is to drink this and you can be a beautiful busty bunny too."

Blair-Bear? It had been a while since she had heard that nickname. Blair laughed as she spoke. "Not thirsty, thanks anyway."

"Blaaaaaiiiirrrr..." Candi whined. "Don't you wanna have big boobies like fine?" She squeezed her tits together and Blair couldn't hide how impressed she was by the sight, even if Blair's pathetic wail did little to sway her.

"You can't just drink some... what is that, fruit punch? You can't just drink something and grow big tits. ANd I'm not going to wear some fake bunny ears either, look, Candace-"

"Candi! They aren't fake, you just don't believe me." Candi said defensively and Blair felt the steam leave her, she slumped down for a moment and resigned herself to trying to appease the blonde.

"Fine, look, I'll drink the punch." Blair doubted the punch was even spiked with alcohol, let alone anything strong enough to affect her body. This was why she not only drank the one that Candi had offered her but grabbed a second and downed it as well.

Candi remained unusually silent during Blair's chugging, but her eyes went wide and her expression wild as Blair drank the second one.

"Two... Like, nobody drinks two. This is gonna be fun, I can't wait to see how-" Candi's speech ended as Blair groaned, clutching her arms around herself and nearly falling to the ground.

"What did you... do to... me" She gasped.

"Uhoh, I knew you shouldn't have drunk two." Candi grabbed Blair and pushed her into the open car door. "Like, let's get back to the sorority, they just gotta know something."

Candi drove her pink car to the other side of the campus, and by the time she dragged the moaning goth into the front room, it was already too late. A few of Candi's sisters looked on as the pail girl dressed in all black began to change.

Blair tore at her shirt, her mind racing as she felt a fire inside her. Beneath the fishnet she wore, her breasts had already started growing. The modest size she had always been unsatisfied with had begun to look larger and decidedly rounder. Beneath the pair of tits that had easily passed D cup already, the second pair of nipples and areola had formed, and they too began the process of expanding into round bouncing flesh.

Blair's ears moved up the side of her head even as they lengthened in size. Unlike the tall platinum shapes of the other girls now surrounding her, Blair's began to flop over in a large lopped fashion, and the fur that grew on them was black instead of blonde. Black fur started to grow in many other places too, the double shot she had consumed now working overtime to turn her into a Bunny-Bimbo, but failing to remove the gothic sensibility she had about her. Blair's black nailed hands went to her mouth, she ran her fingers over her plump lips and felt her teeth begin to grow long like those of a rabbit.

A rabbit, that was it, she wasn't turning into some blonde bunny, like the others, she was a black rabbit, and like, that was so cool. Blair's mind felt dazed, and she had a series of thoughts, each airier than the last drift by.

The busty blonde's murmured to themselves as the black rabbit-girl moaned, her breasts still expanding and her hands squeezing, kneading, and tugging at them.

"Like, what's going on? It's not working right."

"She drank two!"

"Shouldn't she be blonde? She looks so dark and sexy..."

"She has four boobies, I'm so totally jealous!"

"Her fur looks so soft, and her tails really cute."

Eventually, Blair looked like her senses were returning, and two of the sorority bimbos pulled her to her feet. Blair didn't feel like she had lost any intellect, more that she seemed to have an array of bubbly thoughts always interrupting her, and certain words seemed almost hardcoded to be replaced, such as trying to say breasts would always say boobies. Aside from her mind, her body felt amazing. Her hips and ass looked larger, her boobies were bigger than her head, and even the second pair was larger than her original ones. She had long black ears ad fur on her nose until it widened and turned pink. She looked like an overly sexual goth rabbit-girl, and... she loved it.

"Wow, that was like... No wonder you wanted me to drink some." Blair laughed giving Candi a hug. "So... I can totally join the sorority now right?"

Candi laughed. "You already did!"
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Heyyy rly apreciate the art you make!!! This is my fav so far!!!!!!
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So is there a Candi in the works as well?

TF-Warlock's avatar
There isn't, I just like to be able to include more than one character in a story ya know ;)

Though I do have a blonde multibreasted bunnygirl to upload eventually, but she will be in her own story as it wouldn't quite fit Candi's description or story
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Absolutely freaking amazing work.

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Bunny girl with four big boobs? I think I'm in love
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Heh, whats not to love :D
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this is the best thing ive seen in a long while
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^ _ ^ I had a lot of fun on this one
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cheeky there. 
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I absolutely love the lower breasts in the fishnets. Awesome work! 
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They were a challenge, and i couldn't do exactly what i wanted with them, but they look pretty good regardless, glad ya like :D
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Whose the original photo by?
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I couldn't tell you, but I think the model is Amy Andersen
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It's not something I can link to, it was from something too pornographic for DA that I edited to be safe to post.
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