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Welcome to the Transformers: Timelines Fanclub...

Where we welcome to Join or Watch any fans of the stories, characters, toys, and conventions created by the Official Transformers Collectors' Club, BotCon, and FunPubComics!
Latest News: TCC Magazine #47 starting to hit mailboxes!
Here we especially focus on the following Fanclub-original universes:

Classics - Where Generation 2 never happened... plunging the Marvel Generation 1 characters into all-new adventures.
(Classics Discussion Area)

Shattered Glass - Where Autobots are bad, Decepticons are good, energon is green, the Cobra freedom fighters sing for freedom, and Cliffjumper is the Only Sane Mech.
(Shattered Glass Discussion Area)

TransTech - Where the Great War never happened, in a space-time nexus city that plays host to visitors from across the multiverse.
(TransTech Discussion Area)

Wings of Honor/Generation 2 Redux - Where we find out how it all began before the Generation 1 cartoon with the Autobot Elite Guard ... and how it continued afterwards with a new generation of Earth-born Transformers.
(Wings of Honor/Generation 2 Redux Discussion Area)

But we also have galleries for TCC stories in existing TF universes, for the official Club and BotCon toys and kitbashes of TCC characters, and pictures of events at BotCon, the official convention!

* General Discussion Area
* BotCon and Toys Discussion Area

Anyone is welcome to join as a Member, but please read the rules before submitting.
How many of the artists who follow us are either going to be in the Artist's Alley at BotCon, are doing commissions to save up for BotCon, or know someone here on DA who fits either of those categories? Let me know who you/they are in comments here, with pertinent links to journals and/or general info, and I'll start compiling a list. That way the rest of us can send some money their way either while watching on the sidelines at home or at the Con itself. :)

Artists At BotCon

:iconteyowisonte: - $10 commissions, G1 characters only

Saving For BotCon

:iconshirobutterfly: - Icons starting at $2 and full art starting at $10, more info here:…
More Journal Entries


:bulletblue: RULES :bulletblue:

What Is Allowed

Art and fiction based and focused on the official stories and the characters that appear in them. This includes not just Fanclub-original universes, but also Timelines stories in existing universes like the Unicron Trilogy or Beast Wars. It also includes anything related to the Fanclub magazine (which is technically not Timelines). Check out the links in the gallery folders for detailed info on the various fanclub stories. :)

Pictures of official toys or kitbashes representing Fanclub versions of characters, or official Fanclub or BotCon merchandise.

Pictures taken anywhere at BotCon itself, or art or fiction focused on BotCon.

What Isn't Allowed

Anything focused on fan characters or fanon/unofficial Shattered Glass or TransTech conversions. We'd like to promote the canon stuff here, it needs love! (Try ShatteredGlass-TF for SG fanon.)

Any "slash", or very sexual or offensive material; we'd like to stay fairly accessible to everyone.

Anything containing characters from other TF series that isn't Timelines-related somehow. For instance: Pictures of Elite Guard Ironfist = great! Pictures of Last Stand of the Wreckers Ironfist, not so much. Again, we'd just like to promote the Timelines stories themselves. :)





Gallery Folders

Glyph Practice by Kingoji
TFCC Magazine - Colors 2 by Teyowisonte
Flashbox by itswalky
Art for Nightracer by Tf-SeedsOfDeception
Post-combiners by MattDrawsRobots
At Fight's End pg2 by ZeroMayhem
At Fight's End pg3 by ZeroMayhem
Invasion Epilogue inks by Inker-guy
Shattered Glass
Shattered Glass Hot Rod by kaxblastard
Shattered Glass Soundwave by kaxblastard
Megatron vs. Galvatron by MattDrawsRobots
Shattered Reality's Tyrant by GRIMLOCKPRIME108
Transtech Prowl Colors by VegetaPrime
Transtech Starscream colors by VegetaPrime
I, Lowtech Panel by VegetaPrime
TransTech Ursa Magnus by UrsaMagnus
Wings of Honor + Generation 2 Redux
G2 Jhiaxus digibash by GRIMLOCKPRIME108
G2 Breakdown by GRIMLOCKPRIME108
Crystal City uniting us by rysenok
Orion Pax by rysenok
Toys + Merchandise
Shattered Glass Wreck gar by GRIMLOCKPRIME108
Shattered Glass Scrap Iron by GRIMLOCKPRIME108
Shattered Glass Beast Wars Megatron by GRIMLOCKPRIME108
Two madmen and a hottie by GRIMLOCKPRIME108
Botcon 2012 Puppets - Ravage and SG Ravage by goldzoma
Bodyguard. by miraibaby
TFA Swoop Cosplay by NestTheEchidna
Animated Fanclub Stories
Stunticons by S-zoh
Just a typical solar cycle at the Medbay. by VectorMagnus2011
Stunticons well-armed by rysenok
Good and Bad by kouno-B
Beast Wars Fanclub Stories
Dawn of Futures Past by dcjosh
TF Universe Cover by GuidoGuidi
Transformers Timelines Issue 1 by FunPubComics
Timelines cover 2 inks by Inker-guy
Generation 1 Fanclub Stories
Art for Nightracer by Tf-SeedsOfDeception
The Price of Punch by psychomud
Unicron Trilogy Fanclub Stories
TFCC Magazine - Colors 2 by Teyowisonte
Tap-Out Redesign by studiogdp


Botcon Springer by az28
TF Classics comic pg 1 by Dan-the-artguy
TF classics strip pg 2 by Dan-the-artguy
TF Classics Comic page by Dan-the-artguy
Shattered Glass
Shattered Glass: Do Over story art by kerfufflecolor
Starscream by darkvirusRE
Transformers:evil Autobots by butto00
Botcon Side Swipe by kerfufflecolor
TF:A Cheetor by FyriKnight
Immorticon by zgul-osr1113
Transtech Shockwave Colors by VegetaPrime
Transtech Cheetor Colors by VegetaPrime
Wings of Honor + Generation 2 Redux
Runabout and Runamuck art by Dan-the-artguy
Botcon G2 Breakdown by Dan-the-artguy
Botcon 2010 Sparks bio art by Dan-the-artguy
Sky-Byte Botcon tec spec art by Dan-the-artguy
Shockwave by Peanuttie
Botcon '08 cosplay groupshot by kaindarkstar87
Tara Strong by kaindarkstar87
Animated Fanclub Stories
Wildrider by frenzyaltron
Motormaster by frenzyaltron
Beast Wars Fanclub Stories
Primevil Dawn part2 page 1 by Dan-the-artguy
Botcon Page 3 by kerfufflecolor
TF Botcon Beast Wars 2006 by Dan-the-artguy
Generation 1 Fanclub Stories
TF Botcon 2005 comic pg 5 by Dan-the-artguy
TF club comic 2005 pg 7 by Dan-the-artguy
TF Botcon 2005 comic pg 7 by Dan-the-artguy
TF Botcon 2005 comic pg 9 by Dan-the-artguy
Unicron Trilogy Fanclub Stories
TFC Mini-Con Shot 'Jetstream' by MCRGuy
Flashdrive, official art by Boltax
Heavy Barrel, official art by Boltax
Nightscream, inks, official by Boltax
Autobot Rook Color by timshinn73




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