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Solaris - page 8

Page 8 of "Solaris", episode 11.5 of our Season 2.5

:iconjoeteanby: Story and lineart
:iconm3gr1ml0ck: Script and letters
:iconborezet: Colors
:iconiskander77: Edits


The Power Chip concept comes from "Heavy Metal War".

And this is all, folks. Shall we ever see the Quantabots again? Let us know if you liked them, and don't miss the collected PDF edition of "Solaris", featuring the Quantabots Profiles, done in MTMTE style.


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hellbat's avatar
Great job by everyone involved and a great way to introduce the Quantabots.
SolarGirlMina's avatar
SOLARIS! How I love the sound!!
Bright characters and enjoyable story. Great work! :clap:
Undrave's avatar
Great idea and great execution! Love the Quantabots and the connection to Cosmos. Great sacrifice from him to stick wih his current friends like that.
mrgrinmore's avatar
Great work on the issue, and absolutely loved the Quantabots!  Definitely loved Cosmos when I was growing up specifically because he had that old-fashioned ufo alt-mode and character, and seeing not only an expansion on his backstory but him being part of a larger combiner was awesome!
royi-20's avatar
Excellent work on this issue guys
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