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Originally released through the TF:Mosaic project. Retribution is part of our Season -1

:iconglovestudios: Art and lettering
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While origin-wise I prefer the creation of Unicron origin for everyone’s favorite black repaint that isn’t Skywarp, this is an interesting take on the concept and certainly captures the utter contempt for Optimus and desire to fuck with him physically and mentally that’s always been a part of versions of this character that actually have a personality. It honestly baffles me how someone can prefer the non-character that is the TFP version.
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Glad you like it, we'll soon be posting another short story about our version of Nemesis.
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I tagged this in a character art picture.

Transformers Animated - Nova Prime by RexBlazer1
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Sweet! I'm loving it. Great, great idea! And it ties together perfectly. :D
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Really glad you liked this one, it was my first ever script, and this has inspired a lot of what came later, I still haven't managed to continue with Nemesis' story, but I have some cool ideas for him.
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Cool! Love that artwork style.
Cerebro shells! That dude's stepping on Bombshell's turf!
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hehe, I guess somebody sold those in the black market during the golden age ^^
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So cool! :D Love this!!! What an interesting take on Nemesis Prime! :) 
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Glad you like it Niki! :)
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That kicks ass, I love characters like Nemesis Prime. :D
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:iconnemesisprimeplz::iconsaysplz:Like it? I love it!
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Who is the bot that became Nemesis? or is it a random bot with a grudge?
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He was just a generic co-worker of Orion, Dion and Ariel. Some time after I wrote the story I give this guy the name Fusion, after the obscure Optimus look alike from the old UK comics: [link]

Sorry for the very late reply :(
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No worries about the late reply.

I just always wondered. Nice way to work with exsisting cannon and wonderfully done too:)
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So do I! A G1 Nemesis!
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Thanks Gabriel :)

Nemesis will play a big part in the second half of Season 2.5.
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I like this a lot!
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Stay tuned for the next adventures of Nemesis.
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Very interesting story and the artwork is fantastic! Great job you two! :clap:
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