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Precursor - page 2

Page 2 of "Precursor", a part of our Season 3 additions.

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In the Transformers G1 cartoon episode Grimlock's New Brain, Grimlock manages to build five Technobots out of the wreckage found within Unicron's floating head.
How does he infuse life into their bodies, without using the Matrix?
Even as super-intelligent as he is in that episode, he simply doesn't have the means to do that.
One theory states that Grimlock recycled the Laser Cores from the bodies of some fallen Autobots who died within Unicron's head during the final battle against the Machine God.
But what if he managed to gather and use the wreckage which were still retaining the creation energy released by Rodimus Prime?

Protoforms are first seen in Beast Wars.
Apparently, Primacron doesn't like the idea that the Cybertronians achievbe this technological development-- maybe because he is jealous of his own role of creator of Primitive Transformers.

Primacron's plan to release Tornatron (which will happen accidentally) takes place in Call of the Primitives.

This webcomic also belongs to the alternate continuity of G1 Season 4: an Italian Detour

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Muy bueno, sigan así. Great Work