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Precursor - page 2

Page 2 of "Precursor", a part of our Season 3 additions.

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In the Transformers G1 cartoon episode Grimlock's New Brain, Grimlock manages to build five Technobots out of the wreckage found within Unicron's floating head.
How does he infuse life into their bodies, without using the Matrix?
Even as super-intelligent as he is in that episode, he simply doesn't have the means to do that.
One theory states that Grimlock recycled the Laser Cores from the bodies of some fallen Autobots who died within Unicron's head during the final battle against the Machine God.
But what if he managed to gather and use the wreckage which were still retaining the creation energy released by Rodimus Prime?

Protoforms are first seen in Beast Wars.
Apparently, Primacron doesn't like the idea that the Cybertronians achievbe this technological development-- maybe because he is jealous of his own role of creator of Primitive Transformers.

Primacron's plan to release Tornatron (which will happen accidentally) takes place in Call of the Primitives.

This webcomic also belongs to the alternate continuity of G1 Season 4: an Italian Detour

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Acem73's avatar
Muy bueno, sigan así. Great Work 
hellbat's avatar
Haha 😄 Excellent!
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
Thanks! Shame on me for mocking Primacron again: it's like shooting at the low-hanging fruit.
hellbat's avatar
Alas, poor Primacron's fate ;)
Clu-art's avatar
excellent read
pokesonicmaster300's avatar
finally! a new chapter, great work!
squeegeewing's avatar
Nice work. I always get a smile on my face when I see an update to these comics. I especially like how you (as in all of you who worked on this) related the events to the creation of protoforms.
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
Glad you like that: finding small bits of G1 that seem to foreshadow the technological breakdown of the Beast Wars age is one of my obsessions.
For instance, Micromaster tech is potentially th e basis for the downsizing of Maximals and Predacons. And Pretender tech might be a first step in developing the hybrid nanotech of the beast modes.
squeegeewing's avatar
I remember reading about that. I think Jim Sorenson wanted to expand on that in Beast Wars Uprising, which is an amazing series and I hope you have read it.
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
Never mind, I looked it up in the Tf wiki.
squeegeewing's avatar
You're a well informed Transformers fan, so sorry if some of this is obvious or already known. I'll put this into perspective as best I can. Jim Sorenson is the guy who wrote The Allspark Almanac. The two part series of books that expands upon the Animated universe. Basically the Transformers Collectors' Club decided to expand upon a very minor character from their comics. It was a version of Blackarachnia that came from an alternate universe. They gave the reigns to Jim Sorenson and BAM! He world-built that universe like crazy. He included TONS of character in his story, from both Hasbro and Takara Tomy.
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
I must confess I missed that one. Is is an online comic?
ShadowApook's avatar
I can only imagine Primacron kicking himself for that last statement!
Shadowhawk27's avatar
I hope the comic answers the question on the Terrorcons since they appeared without explanation or introduction.
TF-The-Lost-Seasons's avatar
We actually already have a story dealing with the Terrorcons origin:  They were Titans cover by TF-The-Lost-Seasons
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
This short comic ends here, but I have ideas for the Terrorcons as well :)
Shadowhawk27's avatar
Do you have one for the Protectobots as well? Cause they also appeared without explanation or introduction. As far as i know some idiot at hasbro wanted to put the characters on the show as part of the "Sell toys" gimmick without any character developments back then.
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
The Protectobots are featured in the LOst Seasons continuity, and their backstory goes back to the Lawless Times, making them very ancient heroes that were later "resurrected" in the modern age. Unfortunately this specific Lost Seasons episode was never produced.
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