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Precursor - page 1

Page 1 of "Precursor", episode 24.5 of our Season 3.

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The concept of Laser Core was first mentioned in the Transformers G1 cartoon continuity (namely in the episode Divide and Conquer).
It's commonly believed that the Laser Core is a housing unit for the Spark.

The Matrix of Leadership was first featured in Transformers: The Movie (1986), where Rodimus Prime released its energy to destroy the machine-god Unicron.
As revealed in Season 3 of the G1 cartoon, the Matrix of Leadership is a collection of information: then why did information have the power to destroy Unicron?

In the G1 Marvel comics continuity, the Creation Matrix had the power to create new Cybertronian life.
Hence, it made sense that its creation energy could destroy Unicron, which represented the opposite concepts of death and destruction.

"Precursor" is now doing what other official and unofficial lore already did, possibly starting with Beast Wars: merging the two Matrix concepts.

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Well tbh,the Movie was meant to introduce Life Sparks or Sparks as they were called.