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Fire at the Core: Home Alone page 02

Page 02 of "Home Alone", a prelude to "Fire at the Core", Episode 09 of our Season 2.5.

:iconiskander77: Story
:iconm3gr1ml0ck: Story and letters
:iconshaotemp: Art

Text-less art:

Behind the Scenes:

The organic green monster is Tendril of the Inhumanoids, while the humans in the last panel are (from left to right) Derek Bright, Auger and Herc Armstrong of the Earth Corps.
Which means that the menace we mentioned in the notes of page 1 were the Inhumanoids: and this explains why the Autobots never tried to intervene, in the Inhumanoids animated series--they simply weren't there.

Why would Inhumanoids want Energon? Think about what they used to look for in their own cartoon!

Franco's alternate take on the Inhumanoids/Transformers clash can be seen in And Gods Will Walk the Earth.



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Awesome! Great idea for a crossover. That's the first time I've seen Tendril in years! :D
Great colouring affect with the movement of the tendrils heading for poor old Beachcomber.