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Fire At The Core - page 05

Page 05 of "Fire At The Core", Episode 09 of our Season 2.5.

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From the Inhumanoids cartoon:

1 - Metlar's lava can be infused into lifeless statues, in order to animate them.
Metlar's army of servants features statues from Ancient Greece and modern day USA.

2- Metlar has been looking for "primal energy" since the day he was freed in this era.
Was it oil, methan, solar energy, electricty, nuclear power?
No: apparently, it was Energon!

3 - Infernak is the underground kingdom of Metlar. Apparently, it is adjacent to the very core of Earth.
As this is physically (very) impossible, we went for a retcon, stating that the eerie Core seen in the Inhumanoids cartoon is actually a metaphysical representation of the forces that balance planet Earth.

The man in the blue armour is Derek Bright (aks Engineer) of the Earth Corps.



Prelude: Home Alone (page 1)
Prelude: Home Alone (page 1)

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This is some Star-trek going on.