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Fire At The Core - page 03

Page 03 of "Fire At The Core", Episode 09 of our Season 2.5.

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The Inhumanoids cartoon by Hasbro is potentially set in the same universe of The Transformers, Jem and G.I. Joe.
Some may wonder where the Autobots were, when the Inhumanoids started their attacks in 1986: our answer is that most of them were off-planet, busy in the "Great Space Adventure" hinted at in the previous page.
Even before that, the Autobots chose to let the humans handle the Inhumanoids by themselves, as the Inhumanoids are a native matter (unlikely the Decepticons).

As seen in the Prelude, though, Autobots and Earth Corps have previously met, becoming allies.



Prelude: Home Alone (page 1)
Prelude: Home Alone (page 1)

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the inhumanoid metlar  enhanced with the blood of unicron/dark energon aw snap this gonna be epic