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Fire At The Core - page 02

Page 02 of "Fire At The Core", Episode 09 of our Season 2.5.

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Ark-32 is a nevly created Autobot spaceship, whose name is a nod to Simon Furman's run for IDW comics.

The Decepticon Interstellar Energy Ring was featured in at least two episodes of the G1 Cartoon (Season 2): "The God Gambit" and "A Sea Change".
Both these episodes show that the operations of the Earth-bound Decepticons are not limited to Earth: they extend to other planets rich in energy and resources.
Different Decepticons are in charge of checking the activities of their outposts on those planets, enforcing the exploitation of the local resources (once again, just like in Simon Furman's run for the IDW comics).

The Autobots never tried to break that Ring...until now.



Prelude: Home Alone (page 1)
Prelude: Home Alone (page 1)

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