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Fire At The Core - page 01

Page 01 of "Fire At The Core", Episode 09 of our Season 2.5.

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Lensor comes from the Diversion saga, which was created long before "The Lost Seasons", and it's one of the first attempts at explaining the huge amount of "copies" of the main Decepticon cast featured in the early "More Than Meets The Eye" trilogy of the G1 cartoons.
They weren't animation errors or attempts at bolstering the outnumbered Decepticon forces-- they were different, unsung characters.

Lensor and Reflector have acquired the ability of creating hard-light copies of themselves after stealing Hound's holographic power-chip (which happens to also be the basis of Synergy, Jem's holographic supercomputer).

Ultra Magnus used to say "We can do this my way... or the hard way" in Simon Furman's run for IDW comics.



Prelude: Home Alone (page 1)
Prelude: Home Alone (page 1)

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