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Attack of the D.I.A.clones intro page C

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Intro page for Attack of the D.I.A.clones part 3, Episode 04 of our Season 2.5.

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RyugaSSJ3Student Traditional Artist
He needs courage and G-stone power to prevail against the Doctor!! The doctor must die!!
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Don't know what G-stone is, but if it helps against the Doc, bring it on! =D
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RyugaSSJ3Student Traditional Artist
If you know what Yusha/Brave series by Takara is,you know that it is a sister series of Transformers after TF Zone's failure and that it did not garner a series of its own which will span to Battlestars and Operation Gattai. Gaogaigar is by far the most popular of the Brave series here(my fave is Da-Garn) and the Autobots which are called Mechanoids or GGG here are powered by Energon of the series called G-stone which is powered by courage as seen here: [link] (Skip to 2:50,please) The evil badguys here are called Zonders which they remind me of Ohranger/Power Rangers Zeo villains due to their mechanical designs.

Btw,the Optimus prime/Convoy of the series is Gai/Gaogaigar and he is amazing.
TF-The-Lost-Seasons's avatar
Oh, I know of the Brave series, but never watched any of the cartoons, thanks for the info! :)
RyugaSSJ3's avatar
RyugaSSJ3Student Traditional Artist
Yer' welcome. May the power protect you.