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I have some questions about future large scale contests we hold about judging process, contest format and winner selection.

1. How would people feel about a contest that awards achievement in specific categories rather than one overall grading system?
To illustrate what I mean, currently contests generally have 2 categories: art and writing and are scored on our usual rubric of ability/originality/theme and the winners are whoever gets the highest score in that.

The alternative some have proposed is to instead award the best achievement in more specialized categories. So for example awarding the 'hottest piece' the 'smartest piece' and the 'funniest piece' (or something like that). Judging would still be done but a new score of the category would be added.

The question that's been brought to my attention is whether or not pitting simpler fetish pieces against pieces that are aiming for a more thoughtful or humorous approach makes sense. The downside here is that barring any huge windfalls this would lead to the prize being divided in a different way and only the first in each category would likely be paid, especially if we keep the writer artist separation.

2. Many people have asked about a 'team-up' contest between art and writing. There are many issues with doing that on its own but how would people think about the following?
Holding a media exclusive contest. Either art only or writer only. That contest would run its course and then after it ends, a second contest would begin for the other media type.

So for example hold an art only contest. Let it run its course and then afterward a writer only contest where entries need to be based on the entries from the art only contest. Or vice versa.
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