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This is a group intended to collect and share transformation stories which are posted on deviantart.

We are accepting all content, including explicit and rated R stuff.

We also have our own Discord:

Feel free to come and chat!
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Submission Rules

The rules are simple:

  • It must, quite obviously, be a story - no Journal post, caption etc. But comics are fine as well.
  • It must contain a transformation (body swap and similar is okay as well)
  • Everything is game. Everything!
  • Don't be concerned if your story contains mature elements such as sex, violence and strong language. As long as it complies to dA's TOS, it's okay.
  • Don't submit to Featured! I have created gallery subfolders for a reason! Submit your story to the subfolder which you think fits your story most.

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Mature Content

Repost of Vacancy 2 by eriknl77

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Multiple Limbs, etc.
Shrink Growth

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Mature Content

Filter Options - Eevee TF by dawgs9

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Mature Content

Laughable Changes by Phobos-Writes
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Merry Christmas!

The Secret Santa event was a rousing success! We had a total of seven writers take part in spreading the joy this time around. I hope they all had fun with it - I know I did!

To: RobertDayson
From: QuirkyCatGirl
The 'Special' Gift Exchange
Robert happens upon a gift exchange at a local store after the conclusion of a draining term of school.

To: WhiTanFox
From: MagicalTF
A Most Curious Case [Secret Santa]
A superhero has a hard time getting... he's incontinent, you see, in a way.

To: QuirkyCatGirl
From: Bahogar
Cat's Eve (Secret Santa)
A young elf having an exciting Christmas party!

To: Bahogar
From: killer095
Bahogar: A Wyvern Transformation Story
In the days of Rome, when the world was untamed and raw, the peoples of the world looked to the gods for order, guidance, and assistance. Occasionally, they would grace; often, they would punish. But in the case of a young man named Bahogar, a blessing and a curse may be indistinguishable given the God he summons.

To: killer095
From: RobertDayson
The multiple meanings of a word get a tad tangled during a normal evening discussion between a computer science student and his flatmate.

From: WhiTanFox
A Friendly Face From Afar
Marcus knows he's going to miss his good friend when he moves out. Lucky for him, she has a thing for that!

I'd like to give a special thanks to killer095 for helping me wrangle the list of writers to keep everyone happy with their given prompt! He was a large part of making this possible!
Hi there,

I just want to let you know that there's currently a nice little transformation themed contest going on over at furaffinity:…

Lknauwnek is hosting a contest where people can send in X-Change Wild testimonies (with the theme 'deer') testimonies, essentially little experience reports about using X-Change Wild pills.

I guess most of you are wondering now what X-Change Wild is. ;)

The so-called X-Change Pill is a fictional transformation trope coming out of the genderbender community. It's originally been a pill which turns a man into a women (pink) or a woman into a man (blue) for temporary exploration of the other gender. It's been heavily used by TG captionists and there's a very active subreddit dedicated to it: (Warning, NSFW)

Lknauwnek has created a further diversification of the X-Change product portfolio by devising, among others, "X-Change Wild", "X-Change Wild Fantasy" and "X-Change Extinction". These pills allow you to turn into animal or anthro shapes. His works can be viewed at tumblr:
xchangewildunleashedgallery.tu… (Warning, NSFW)

All you have to do to take part in this contest is to send him your own X Change Wild testimony (remember, it has to be about deer) of up to 1000 words. The prizes are custom story commissions to be written by him.

I personally love the idea of X-Change Wild and hope that this contest will help to raise awareness about this nice, little transformation universe in our community! :)
Hello everyone!

After all the fun we had with last year's Secret Santa event on the TF-Stories Discord, we've decided to do a Secret Santa story exchange for Christmas 2018 with the entire DeviantArt group!

If you know what's going on, sign up right here!

If you want more details, read on!

This is a Secret Santa gift exchange for TF writers. You give a story request, and someone else writes it for you. You, in turn, write someone else's requested story idea.

Spread some joy this holiday season!

The signup will be open until December 1st. That is, end of day Saturday.
You will receive either a dA note or a Discord PM with details of your gift recipient on December 2nd.
Your story should be posted on or before December 25th. It would be preferred that you submit the story on December 25th for the sake of it being a Christmas gift.

Sound fun? Sign up now!

After Christmas, we will post a journal with all of the gift stories in one list.
The results are in - SketchySeraph, dkfenger and me each judged the stories and I combined our results. And here they are:

1st place - 50 $: magicshoppe with Trust Machines - I'm with the Band

2nd place - 30 $: NeodymART with Trust Machines - A Few Small Changes

3rd place - 20 $: AbNom with E-Venn Now

Special random dkfenger giveaway - one custom Trust Machines short story: Uncle-Ben

It was a really close race at the top - the competition for first place went down to a decimal, and the competition for third place was just as fierce! But in the end our three winners prevailed. Congratulations, magicshoppe, NeodymART and AbNom! :)

I'd also like to thank everybody who participated and didn't win - I really hope you had fun writing nonetheless. I definitely had fun reading your stories! :)

If you want to see all submissions, here they are:…

the circle closes. :) 

7 weeks ago I was on my train ride home and, on an impulse, pulled out my laptop and typed out my long-planned but never realized Trust Machines story contest. 

Now I'm on the same train again, traveling the same route, and once again I got my laptop out and am typing the closing words for my contest. I have to say that I'm really overwhelmed by the quality of your submissions! I hope you had fun writing in this universe! :) 

Attention: I'm not declaring any winners yet! I've decided to assemble a squad of TF authors who will judge each submission on a scale from 1 to 10. In the end, the submissions which gather the most points overall will win. The results should be in this week eventually. :)

So... the World Cup is over and thus is this contest. In the end, in an awesome final which packed as many goals as the last four finals combined (!!!) France won over Croatia. Congratulations to you, France! You definitely were the best team in this World Cup, and you deserve to be champions of the world. :) 
I have to admit that I'm feeling a bit sorry for Croatia, though. They definitely had the chance to win this, they just got a bit unlucky in how the match initially played out. Still, you gotta be proud of your run into the finals, a tremendous achievement of a country your size! 

But how will the Trust Machines story contest play out? We shall see... 

What are the prizes?

1st place: 50 $! 
2nd place: 30 $! 
3rd place: 20 $! 

Special prize: dkfenger will choose one partaking author at random and gift him a custom short Trust Machines story! 

How will be judged?

Each story will be judged by the individual judges and gets points assigned from 1 to 10. All points from all judges will be added up for each story and the three stories with the three highest scores will receive the honors. 

Who are the judges? 

dkfenger - Creator of the Trust Machines universe and author of dozens of Trust Machines stories
SketchySeraph - TF author extraordinaire and my best friend in the tf community :)
clancy688 - Yes, me. Long-time Trust Machines fan. :D

Where are the submissions? 

And here they are - listed in the order of their submission date! Oldest first, newest last!

Isn't just the trust
Author: SenorIncognito69
Synopsis: Uncle Ruso's blind Venn dates are the perfect opportunity for having your perfect date. Let's see how it goes for a first-timer. 

Body suit tf tg | trust machine
Author: landshark02 
Synopsis: Mike and Jason are friends who challenge each other regularly and Venn the loser into something of the winner's choice. Let's see what they are now up to... 

Of Mice and Venn (Trust Machine Story)
Author: Elykzyr 
Synopsis: Kaitlyn's and Nathan's long-time relationship has steadily be going downhill. So now they are prepared for a last-ditch attempt at saving it - by using Venn Machines. 

Patty on the Grill
Author: grapehyacinth 
Synopsis: After his wife's cousin Patty turned Rob into dogfood, he longs for revenge. And revenge is a dish best served... grilled. 

Trust me...I'm rich!
Author: PoseMe
Synopsis: While his parents were away, Chance and his best friend Joel threw a party which broke his parents maid-bots. If they find out there'll be hell to pay, but thankfully there are Venn Machines... which would allow the two to substitute for the broken bots! 

Trust Machines: Letting Loose
Synopsis: Jamie has never Venned. But then he and his best friend Alex stumble into a Venn competition and Alex talks him into attending. But there's a catch: Jamie has to change gender! 

Trust Machines - I'm with the Band
Author: magicshoppe
Synopsis: Kevin is in a band and thinks that they could have more success if they had a female front. Luckily his friend and bassist Steve knows about Venn Machines. 

A Tiny Fight (NSFW)
Author: GayChaste
Synopsis: Justin and Aaron are a gay couple who frequently Venn into fantasy characters for their DnD sessions. But sometimes Aaron can just be some kind of a dick... 

E-Venn Now
Author: AbNom
Synopsis: Maggie is a happily married housewife. But when she notices that her husband has developed a special interest into cute, furry creatures, her children decide to introduce her to the secrets of Venn Machines. 

Trust Machines
Author: DerAnanasKing
Synopsis: Saylor wants to become a falconer, but she doesn't own a falcon. Thankfully there is her friend Alex - and Trust Machines. 

Trust Machines - A Few Small Changes
Author: NeodymART
Synopsis: Lilly and Alex are a pair of Venn Virgins who get talked into Venning by their best friends. Alex wants to start with small changes. He gets his wish - just differently than he imagined... 

Un-Bree-Lievable Vacation (Venn-Cation story) and What about Abbie? (a Venn-Cation story)
Author: Uncle-Ben
Synopsis: Bree and Abbie are about to embark on their first Venn-cation!
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Hey guys, looking a tf story that goes by this description...

““I'm looking for a story I thought was pretty awesome. It is pretty short but it is about a girl who just got out of the hospital because of being a were-horse and she goes to a club. She starts dancing with a girl and starts to turn into a were horse. She turns into a male horse and mates with a girl she's dancing with right on the dance floor. This turns the girl into a horse as well. I think it ends with the insinuation that other people in the club are also starting to transform”

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Description: " I'm looking for a TF story where all girls are transformed, and males have to take them in camps, told by the point of view of a man."

Does that premise sound familiar to anyone, I suspect it might be Doc's Lab (where I found the description) but I am not sure. Thanks in advance for any help.


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