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Wrath of the Ages 5 - page 4


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Lineart by Daniele :icondanbrenus:

Colors by Al :icona-virginia-d:

Color edits by Hedge :iconhappyhedgehog:

Script by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Edits by Zac DeBoard :iconshadowapook:

Project by Peter Istyle :iconi-sithlord:

Art and Story editor: Ibai Canales :iconcanalus:


The story so far: Megatron returned from his exile at the head of an army of AE Troopers, and conquered Cybertron, disbanding the newly Autobot/Decepticon alliance.
The enslaved Autobots have been forced to work in a Mining Shaft that has been erected with the purpose of extracting the Planetary Core.
But a small group of Autobots avoided being captured and gave birth to the Autobot Resistance.
Under Perceptor's directive, Blaster led a small unit to the bottom of the Mining Shaft, in order to free the Enslaved Autobot Miners.
Unfortunately, Megatron was here as well-- alerted by his new, not-so-mysterious allies: the Quintessons!

SoD Blaster started as an ambassador and became a journalist later: Blaster's bio, Blaster's comic.
When war erupted, Blaster joined the Autobots, as seen in the The War Within books.
Ultimately, he became "The Voice", as chronicled in Spotlight: Blaster. This last book is also the one featuring the "sonic attack" that we replicated in our Wrath Of The Ages.

The Decepticons in the last panel are Octane and Barrage.
Barrage was supposed to appear here in his Cybertronian form (with a vehicular alt-mode); he's instead in his Primitive mode (with an insect alt-mode).
But if you've followed the story of the Cybertronian Insecticons from Secret Shame to Short Story: The Thief...Revealed!, then you know that these guys change their alt modes quite often.
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This is no way a fair fight! :)
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Just re-read all of #4 and what was already done of #5 before getting to these new pages.  You guys are doing a great job with this Wrath of Ages project.  If only I could get it in printed comic book format, I could finish off my WW collection.
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We are creating (or re-creating) all  the pages in 300 DPI to be included in a PDF. Maybe the hi-res version of these pages could be used for a printed edition, when all the episodes are done!
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Cool!  Yeah, that will be handy.