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Wrath of the Ages 5 - page 15


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Lineart by Daniele :icondanbrenus:

Colors by Esther Pimentel :icongeekgilmu:

Script by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Edits by Zac DeBoard :iconshadowapook:

Project by Peter Istyle :iconi-sithlord:


The story so far: charged to protect the Autobot Resistance Base, the Turbomaster got soon bored.
During an improvised race, their teammate Flash vanished inside a wormhole gate that Perceptor had built to search for the missing Optimus Prime through the Dimensional Space where he vanished a long time ago.
Unfortunately, Flash disappeared into the wormhole, and now the Turbomasters are the only ones who can look for him, as Perceptor has other more pressing concerns.

In case you are wondering why Hurricane is that clever, here is a part of his original "G2" bio:
Brilliant analyst. Super intelligent.
Pins his defence plans down to the minutest detail.
Almost clairvoyant in his forward thinking.

Check out the early pages of issue #4 of "Wrath Of The Ages", for Perceptor's explanation of Optimus Prime's disappearance.

In panel 3, replace 'tracker' with 'bloodhound', 'marker' with 'scent', and all of a sudden you have a G1 Marvel reference to Nightbeat. Can you tell what that is?
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That probe Nightbeat sent to locate Ratchet in the Marvel comics.
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And the prize is.. drawing the SoD: Metroplex cover!!

Wait, is this a prize?
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I really like how you showed more of the Turbomasters, especially Hurricane the "Defense Tactics Specialist" ! He is indeed intelligent and glad you showed that here on this page! Over great page team effort!
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Thank you so much, the Hurricane bit was the only one that we were able to cram in. Not enough room to develop Boss and Scorch, unfortunately :)
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My pleasure! Aww that is indeed unfortunate.
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