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Vortex tech specs


Art by Peter Istyle :iconi-sithlord:

Texts by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Edits by Zac DeBoard :iconshadowapook:


Art basedon Don Figueroa's design for The War Within, vol. 1.

Specs based on Bob Budiansky's original profile, as seen in the Marvel Transformers Universe.

Are the Combaticons a gestalt in this continuity as well? Check out the model sheet for War Within Bruticus, and see the prophecy of the Gestalt Battle in Wrath of the Ages #4.

See more War Within Combaticons:
- Onslaught
- Blast Off
- Brawl
- Swindle.

Rung was introduced in Bullets, a novel by James Roberts, collected in the Last Stand Of The Wreckers TPB.


Are you an artist? Do you want to join the project? We're always looking for new talents (especially color artists, these days... Ratbat, Nova Prime, Jhiaxus and more need YOU!): if you want to learn more about this, please contact us.

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mobilesuitsoldier's avatar
A different take on his usual helicopter mode.
Yottatron1024's avatar
That's definitely a unique take on his vehicle mode. ;)
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
We have to thank Don Figueroa for that!
Metroplex-10's avatar
Uhhhh, why Autobot Symbol?
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
It's an image from the Golden Age, before the war :)
Factions did not exist and the Symbol was the Cybertronian Icon.
Metroplex-10's avatar
Okay, One question, think you can draw him without the other stuff? because I would like to use him as a profile picture
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
That could be difficult...we are overwhelmed with activities :)
Metroplex-10's avatar
its okay, I can wait, perfection must no be pushed
Metroplex-10's avatar
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
And just wait to see what we have in store for Metroplex ;)
Metroplex-10's avatar
You're welcome :), but seriously, this could make for a perfect design of Blast Off in the War For Cybertron sequel
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
I wish they had hired Don Figueroa for these redesigns: almost all our art is based on his previous works.
Metroplex-10's avatar
I think you make better drawings than Don Figueroa
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Thanks, but we're not worthy!
For the profiles, all credit that goes to :iconi-sithlord:
abarai-san's avatar
Isn't Vortex a Decepticon? @.@
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
He will be, when the Civil War begins.
This is a Golden Age tech specs file, and concepts like Factions are unknown :)
The Autobot symbol is used by military and High Offices, but they all are just Cybertronians.
abarai-san's avatar
Ohh right :) thanks!
PortableNetworkGraph's avatar
Thats very cool, do you mind if i take the layout and make a bg of it? ill credit you =D
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
NP; for the credits, would you please both link to this profile and to Peter's page? It's :iconi-sithlord:

I can send you the "code" to do that, if you need it. By the way, interesting stuff you're doing!
PortableNetworkGraph's avatar
Hmm, i dont really get what you mean with ''the code'' but a litlle help is always welcome^^ i think its not really nesecariy cause iam having it to re-create in a different style....
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