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Trypticon 2.0 - Stormbringer II evolution





Art by Simon :iconbaboomart:

Concepts and coordination by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:


As recapped and/or chronicled in Metroplex: A Tale of Two City-Bots, Trypticon was developed in The War Within vol. 1 and first deployed in The War Within vol. 2: The Dark Ages.
He later fought Thunderwing (alongside Omega Supreme) in Stormbringer.

Ultimately defeated by Metroplex in the aforementioned SoD: Metroplex, Trypticon is currently recovering in his space station mode, although the Decepticons don't seem particularly interested in bringing him back into action, maybe because that would force the Autobots to deploy Metroplex once again, with undesirable consequences for both sides-- as a Trypticon/Metroplex usually leaves the targeted planet so shattered that it can't even be stripped of its raw resources.

Being one of the few (if not the only one) Cybertronian who survived the "Trinary Spark" enhancement process, Trypticon is bound to draw the attention of Galvatron, sooner or later.
After his return, chronicled in Stormbringer II, Galvatron starts enlisting Decepticon warriors for his own private army (starting with the Monstructor Six and Sixshot): in order to salvage a certain planetary item that was stolen from Cybertron by the Quintessons, and hidden on a planet that is well known to Wheelie, Galvatron will probably have to resort to Trypticon's might... even if this means seizing the most defended Decepticon space station in the galaxy, and finding the resources to reformat it!

Check also the Trypticon 2.0 turnaround.

More art in The Future Is -Ation.
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Oh no, It's decepticzilla!
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ooh so coool!
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Duuuuuude. That is awesome.
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Hi Tf, I'm happy the design is of use to the project! The rematch with Metroplex is inevitable, right?! :P
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Hi, I have to apologize for losing tracks of this specific sub-project: unfortunately things happened in the last year that took my mind off the subject... I was supposed to ask you for a hi-res version of the files, but after so long, I felt almost ashamed to do that :(
SW-Illustration's avatar
No worries! I sent you a note with higher res versions of these pictures. Hopefully you've received them, and that they're still of use. I hope all's good.
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He has a very 'Mechagodzilla/MMPR Green Ranger's Dragon Zord' vibe to him, I like it.
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That is extremely cool.
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I have bin wanting a donobot combiner now for some time. Think that sounds really cool.
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There was one in an early 2000s short comic...
Chakat-Stripedfur's avatar
Yeah, that was 'The Beast' I think.  Didn't turn out well. x3
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Man that's good art!
Love the design too. He looks more dangerous being more streamlined. Makes me imagine he can move faster.
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Certainly a battle against Metroplex would take a very different turn, now!
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