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Trannis bio - short


Words and concepts by :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Art and concepts by :iconi-sithlord:

Edits by :iconjustynnbailey:


Character concept based on [link].

Apparently only a retired war hero, Trannis will play a major role in the birth of the Decepticons: SoD: Trannis.

See the entire Seeds Of Deception: Profile Gallery.
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This guy has Decepticon-like qualities, sort of.
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You're onto something here! Check out his online comic to see how correct you are :)
автобот О_о..фига се я сперва думал что это десептикон
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This is a mech that lives in the Golden Age.
It's an age before the war: Decepticons did not exist, then.
The Autobot symbol is simply the "Cybertronian Insignia".

But yes, he is evil and when the war begins, he will reveal his true colors.
так значит этого меха лицо не рисовать ? и мне его как нарисовать бес всякого сижета ну как просто рисунок его арт или концепт ? да ?=)
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I'm not understanding the translation ^^'
отправте мне пожалуста еще раз то описание про того меха а то я не успел запомнить =)
и объясни мне бесталковому рисунок делать как ,только персонажа этого или там сценка будет какая нить ?
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I'm afraid the translation is getting too difficult ^^'
We need an interpreter!
If he's supposed to be Trannis, why the Autobot icon in his shoulder?

Also, wasn't he supposed to be a younger Decepticon, much like equally
ambitious Starscream, at the time of the Ark's disappearance?
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Before the war, the Autobot Icon was a Cybertronian Symbol for the military/administrative forces, or the Higher Offices of the planet.

In our continuity, Starscream and Trannis (and almost all the G1 characters) were brought online many metacycles after the Ark's disappearance.
This explains why they know little or nothing about Nova Prime (as shown in Spotlight: Optimus Prime, where Op must ask Omega for information about Nova).
By the way, our continuity follows The War Within, the -Ation series and the related Spotlights.
Oh, fine to clear it up - looks like i would have to read some bits and pieces to get a better hang of the kind of continuity you work with here.
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There's a fair share of Trannis's comic online :)
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