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The thief...revealed! page 2

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Art by Leslie williams :iconshouyume:

Story and lettering by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Edits by Zac DeBoard :iconjustynnbailey:

Project by Peter Istyle :iconi-sithlord:

The Transformers is a Hasbro/Takara trademark


Shockwave has been working on reformatting tech for quite a while! He experimented upon himself, as seen in page 12 of SoD: Shockwave/Soundwave. And he let Fistight experiment on others, as seen in Short Story: Tranasmutated.
More info in the Multiple Bodyframes tech file.

Headstrong is still sporting his beast mode. But something tell us this won't last!

In fact, Chop Shop has finally changed his alt-mode: he now transforms into a vehicle, as seen in the background of some panels of The War Within (volume 1).

In that same miniseris, an unidentified Predacon features a vehicle alt mode as well. Could he be Headstrong?
We don't know, but we are sure that the Predacons will adopt vehicular alt-modes in time for the big battles told in the flashback sequences of Spotlight: Blaster and Stormbringer.

But what about Venom and the others?
The saga is not over yet!!
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I love the digital art!(:
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no problem (:
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Nice job all round.
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AutobotProwlHobbyist Artist
Did I tell you I love insecticons? insecticons? insecticons?

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M3Gr1ml0ckHobbyist Artist
Hahaha, we'll try to bring them under the Spotlight again.
They are actually in the missing pages of SoD Ratbat, of course.
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AutobotProwlHobbyist Artist
THe insecticons are such outliers. They are for their own group first and if Megatron fits in, good. If not, who cares. That sort of boldness is amazing and I remember them sort of being an older group set aside from everyone else in G1. Beautiful stuff.
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M3Gr1ml0ckHobbyist Artist
Thanks! Glad you liked it!
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AutobotProwlHobbyist Artist
OH my god. That is just beautiful. Anything or anyone who can make Shockwave look like a fool or fool him can sit beside me. :D

The art is so beautiful. It's G1 but it isn't completely. The design is classic but tweaked to be something more I think. I can't describe it. But its beautiful. The face of Headstrong is just the kind of version of them that I love. Its so human but not, expressive like a human. Reminds me of the bots in Last Stand of the Wreckers where one of them says to merge into a combiner as a sort of joke before getting killed and nothing happens. Two frames of them just standing there with goofy faces and nothing happening. I LOVED that and I love this. just the kind of TF that make me want to sit and stare at the art, the color, the light and dark, the shine. Brilliant.
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multi-comicsStudent Interface Designer
AH YES, A NEW STORY, ANOTHER AMAZING STORY :D, yes moaaaare insecticons coming yourwayyy, muhahahah, the fact that these guys are so concerned about their colors amazes me, lol.
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Clu-artHobbyist Traditional Artist
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lovefistfuryHobbyist Traditional Artist
you guys succeded in making chop shop a definitive character and giving him more of a purpose
really like that! its good to see something on the three insecticons that are not widely known
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