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The Transmogrification Occurrence - p24



Lineart by Joe Teanby :iconjoeteanby:

Colors by Jason Nangle :icongambits-wild-card:

Story and lettering by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Project by Peter Istyle :iconi-sithlord:


As revaled in pages 7 and 8, Scorponok is the instigator of Axer's assault on Metroplex.

The FastTrack drones usually don't talk, but FastTrack-One seems to have a higher level of intelligence and autonomy.
Could he be an actual Cybertronian, or even an extension of Scorponok's own persona? With Scorponok's penchant for fringe technologies, you can never know.

What does Scorponok's holo-project represent, in panel 2? Could it be a city-sized alt-mode for a gigantic robot version of Scorponok?
Considering that he needs a T-Drive capable of controlling the transformation of a robot as big as Metroplex, that sounds logical.

Yes, Axer encrypted the storage access as an insurance, just in case the mission would end up with him being caught by the Autobots. He knew that Scorponok would want him free at any cost.
Now we all know who is the real winner of this match, yes?

Thank you for reading!
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I like it, though with the recent release of Earthrise Scorponok, I am curious if there was any consideration towards using the middle-robot from that in place of Scorponok's tweaked design here. Certain elements of this version look similar to it, at least to my eyes.

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This comic was started a looog time ago. Scorponok first appeared in page 8, sporting his Cybertronian mode: it was 2016, long before the Earthrise line (2019).

Page 24 was also drawn before Earthrise came out (and it took us a long time to find a colorist).

The concept for our Cybertronian Scorponok was created in 2010 (!) and it was based on the art of Spotlight: Ultra Magnus, a comic by Simon Furman and Robby Musso.

That's why we had no way to include relatively recent toys in the art references.

The Transmogrification Occurrence - p8
Scorponok Personal Notes
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btw, Spotlight Ultra Magnus is still one of my favorite (non SoD :D) comics. Really like that Ultra Magnus characterization.