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The Transformers - Trannis - page 19


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Lineart by Nicola Perugini :iconenneppi:

Colors by Nasmik Allen :iconnasmikaniku:    

Story and lettering by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Story and project by Peter Istyle :iconi-sithlord:

Edits by Joe Teanby :iconjoeteanby:  


Featured in this page:
1. Onslaught, Shockwave, Razorclaw,
2. Motormaster, Astrotrain, Divebomb.
3. Soundwave
4. Brawl, Starscream, Thrust
5. Nameless Decepticons whose designs may look familiar (Snapdragon? Vortex?) but whose colors make them "repaints". And Repaints are independent characters, just ask Hasbro.

The "discipline of pain" is a reference to page 2 of The War Within (vol 1) #3, where Starscream states:
"Just pain.
It's Megatron's way of controlling us.
The Arena, the Forge, the Branding Pit...we've been gradually conditioned, tempered.
We inflict pain, we take it.
No questions.
It's what it is to be a Decepticon."

The SoD series featured the Arena, but not the Forge or the Branding Pit.
Will there ever be room for that, in an additional chapter of the series (maybe an Onslaught/Razorclaw one?).
For now, you can find hints of these two untold "steps" of the Decepticon indoctrination in page 6 of SoD: Trannis and page 16 of SoD: Starscream

How is the Gladiator about to be reborn?
Hasn't he just done that, by receiving Trannis' Spark Core?
As you might remember, the Gladiator Armor is actually a walking Protoform Pod, acting as an incubation chamber for something that it's still in the making.
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May I ask who is the bot in the panel after Shockwave? The yellow and orange one? He has a face worthy of being a faction brand.
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
He is a nameless repaint of War Within Vortex :)

Vortex tech specs by Tf-SeedsOfDeception
Plookustheplok's avatar
Um I think you mixed up which one I was asking about. The one to the right of Shockwave not the one to the left. The face and helmet are far too different to be repaints of Vortex unless I'm looking at it wrong. :)
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Sorry, that one is a Snapdragon repaint.
Plookustheplok's avatar
Thank you and no worries mistakes happen to us all. :)
Plookustheplok's avatar
Ah yes that looks much closer. Thank you very much.
Detective-Barricade's avatar
4. Brawl, Starscream, Divebomb

I'm pretty sure that second Divebomb is supposed to be Thrust.
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Thanks! That's the second mistake in just one comment; someone must pay for this. Shall it be :iconm3gr1ml0ck: ?
Clu-art's avatar
Brawn? Brawl I guess.
TrueError's avatar
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Don't miss his own online comic!
TrueError's avatar
Is that the one with Shockwave, or something coming soon?
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
It's that one, and I see now that you've already read it.
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