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The Transformers - Trannis - page 17


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Lineart by Nicola Perugini :iconenneppi:

Colors by Charlotte :iconbluestripedrenulian: LottiesLittleWorld on Tumblr

Story and lettering by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Story and project by Peter Istyle :iconi-sithlord:

Edits by Joe Teanby :iconjoeteanby:  


This page is a crossover with page 15 of SoD: Shockwave/Soundwave.

Apparently, Shockwave hates Omega Supreme.
Actually, Shockwave can't feel emotions, but the events of page 3 of SoD: Omega Supreme would lead other mechs to believe differently.

Soundwave is not fool enough to believe that Shockwave can feel rancor, but he has his own reasons to bring up this topic.
Namely, the fact that he hates Shockwave, as chronicled in SoD: Shockwave/Soundwave.

Trannis is not just having fun by pitting his two powerful allies one against the other: he is testing them (as seen in SoD: Shockwave/Soundwave), but he is also preventing them to form an alliance against him, as per the motto "divide and conquer".

The four Seacons featured in panel 2 are: Snaptrap, Seawing, Octopunch and Nautilator.

The building featured in panel 3 is the Pagoda Supreme.

If the panel 4 has a "Gone But Not Forgotten!" (G1 Marvel US #25) feel, it's not by chance.
From this angle (which differs from the aforementioned SoD: Shockwave/Soundwave page), Shockwave displays the same attitude ad technologically-oriented plans of his original G1 counterpart.

This manifolded plan unfolds in SoD: Omega Supreme, SoD: Jetfire/Grimlock, and SoD: Magnus.

"End Of The Road" is Simon Furman's trademark title for the final episode of his G1 Marvel runs.
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While fixing a minor mistake in the text balloons, we also seized the opportunity to revise some of the dialogue.

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"End of the road" is a nice touch ;)
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Too bad we didn't feature a line about how the "road never ends" in the Sentinel/Megatron battle!
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Haha, yes that would've been a nice one to include :D