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The Balance, Crack'd - page 01




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Art by Lau :iconhosanna9:

Story and lettering by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

SoD project by Peter Istyle :iconi-sithlord:

Edits by J.Z. Belexes :iconjazzeke:


The title is a paraphrase of "The mirror, crack'd".

This story takes place after War Within: The Age Of Wrath and Short Story: Full Metal Contact.

Bludgeon's group (composed by Iguanus, Finback, Skullgrin and Bomb-Burst) is the same featured in Stormbringer and Spotlight: Soundwave.

The Tyrest Agreement was first mentioned in Spotlight: Ultra Magnus. More about it in Special Story: The Drought.

The background are inspired to the War For Cybertron locations.

Bludgeon mentions "Dark Science", in a nod to his activities in The War Within: The Dark Ages. It seems that he is not working anymore with his old partners Bugly and Mindwipe, though.

The not-yet-Pretender featured in this story (minus Bludgeon) evolved from Primitive mechs. It is not clear, though, if they emerged from the Infiltration Batch.

Bomb-Burst's secret nature will be revealed in SoD: Ratbat. More details in Bomb-burst's tech specs.

Why is Finback a fish-like creature? The answer in his personal adventure, Short Story: Transmutated.

Fistfight created the Horrorcons? Actually, the SnapDragon Arena Betting Card shows a 'bot who apparently had just one alt mode.

Finback's funny noise ("Gh") is a tribute to italian comic Ratman, by Leo Ortolani.

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