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Survival Instinct - page02


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Story and lettering by :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Art by :icontwotenjack11:

Ideas and SoD project by :iconi-sithlord:

Edits by :iconjazzeke:

SoD Logo by :iconcanalus:

Special thanks to :iconsakuranez:


Unlettered art.

Starscream appears here in is War Within version (drawn by Don Figueroa), while Megatron is drawn in his Infiltration look (drawn by EJ Su).

This story takes place a little before the flashback shown in Devastation #5, page 1.

Even after the betrayal of War Within vol.1, Megatron is still fond of Starscream.
Probably Megatron is sure to have tamed him, after the punishment Starscream underwent during The Age Of Wrath.

Miniseries Index (The Fistfight Experience)

Free Fall
Survival Instinct - Page 1
Survival Instinct - Page 2
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The Drought.
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Hehehe, Starscream's good at making enemies, but not getting himself killed. Is it good planning or dumb luck? :rofl: (He's always been my favorite Transformer. I'd like to think it's all part of a grand plan. ;) )
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We love Starscream! He is both clever and lucky, but he can also adapt to shifting circumstances, pretend and so on...and he must always survive, because he is a natural at this!
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A very logically thought out story, with all of the possible outcomes for poor little Fistfight.
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Next time, Fistfight will star in a documentary about the origins of Energon and the issue of cybertronian dwindling natural resources ^^
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I like all the "What if?" panels.
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
Thank you: I just could not resist the idea of showing EJ Su's Megatron together with Don Figueroa's Starscream.
In the same time, those panels should also hint at how Fistfight's mind works: he's logical like Shockwave, but with a more imaginative streak.
I'm sorry for the grammar errors, though: those are all my fault.
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Canalus's avatar
LOL at Fistfight in panel 3 ^^

Awesome work!
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
And in panel 4 he's starting to sound a little tired of Shockwave's logical mind :D
Canalus's avatar
LOL yeah, he seems so tired he's gonna take a nap... in the dirt!! Ò_Ó
Firelight451's avatar
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
Grazie! Ora speriamo che Fistfight non diventi una Mary Sue :D
Firelight451's avatar
Scusa l'ignoranza, ma cosa è una Mary Sue?:?
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
E' quando un fan scrive se stesso in una fanfic, e si presenta come personaggio fantastico, amatissimo, potentissimo, intelligentissimo.
Tutto risale a una certa Mary Sue che ai primordi della rete scriveva fanfic di Star Trek Next Generation con se stessa che faceva strage di cuori sull'Enterprise e simili :)
Firelight451's avatar
Oh! Grazie mille della spiegazione, sei stato chiarissimo ^_^
Sketchfan's avatar
lolz always the easy way out
Novastorm73's avatar
I like the style of art and the story here.
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
Thanks! Megumi used every detail of the script and even added something more :)
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