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Story and lettering by :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Art by :icontwotenjack11:

Ideas and SoD project by :iconi-sithlord:

Edits by :iconjazzeke:

SoD Logo by :iconcanalus:

Special thanks to :iconsakuranez:


Unlettered art.

Is it a sun, that thing shining in Kaon's sky?
Not exactly: it's one very unique Moon among the many of Cybertron, as we hinted in Paradise Lost, page 4.
More about this in Special Story: The Drought, featuring Perceptor, Octane and Fistfight (again!).

"Achilles Program": an expansion of the Achilles Virus described in Last Stand Of The Wreckers #3, page 1.


Decisions, decisions. Never a dull moment in the life of our diminutive Cybertronian!
Will Fistfight kill Starscream? And if he doesn't, how will he escape the wrath of his mighty masters Shockwave & Megatron?

Miniseries Index (The Fistfight Experience)

Free Fall
Survival Instinct - Page 1
Survival Instinct - Page 2
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The Drought.
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:squee: As always, I love this! :love: Thank you!
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What a bossy little fellow XD
Canalus's avatar
Go get'im, fistfight! :ahoy:
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ah the achilles virus...what is it anyway?
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A safeguard created by Shockwave, to prevent the Six-phasers to turn against Megatron. Or so Overlord described it :)
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ah,well I figured it was something only overlord had,considering what we saw of him,megs clearly needed to keep him in line,ahve to wonder if it's that same thing megatron used to keep cons in line during the infiltration
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I would limit that option to the Six-phaser mechs only, since they are the most dangerous.
Sketchfan's avatar
hmm,true,I mean considering who they are,what they're capable of and all,overlord of course clearly being the biggest lunatic of the 3
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Man, that little guy is something else! Who knew? Well I guess you guys did for starters!
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We're as surprised as you.
And there's more: it would seem that Fistfight is behind one of Simon Furman's most controversial "plot devices". It is whispered that he built that device (together with Perceptor and Octane) and that device plays a major rore in the Transformers existence!
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