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SoD Slammer - transformation

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Art and concept by Joe Teanby :iconjoeteanby:

Text and concept by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:


Original lineart.

Continuing from the Scamper bio <<.

Motto: "For every thousand roads to failure, one single path to success".

A slightly reclusive mechanoid, Slammer was glad to seize the opportunity of working in the Metroplex Team, as it would give him not only the isolation he enjoys, but also (and especially) an almost unmatched chance to put his own advanced engineering skills to use.
As a major field expert of quantum metamechanics, claytronics and the corollary disciplines, Slammer has found the proverbial "promised land" inside Metroplex: every day, a new challenge arises, as each section of the vast spaceship that Metroplex is, requires not only constant maintenance, but also new solutions to meet its always-evolving needs.

After a few Breems working and living inside Metroplex, Slammer became aware of a change in his behavior patterns, as he used to spend more and more time in his tank mode, while his concerns for security became fiercely strong.
Through experiments and data collation, Slammer empirically ascertained what Scamper had theorized: constant exposure to the gigantic mind-field generated by Metroplex's immense Metaprocessor was influencing the personality of the crew members, making their thought-patterns adapt/resonate with Metroplex'.
Slammer quickly developed a brainwave dampener to muffle the interference caused by Metroplex' thoughts, but the three crew members decided unanimously not to cut Metroplex off: his influence, in fact, wasn't altering their personalities by imposing Metroplex's one; it was instead simply enhancing the affinities between the Titan and the crew members.
As Six-Guns put it, this sharing of minds granted all of them a more accurate understanding of their partners, making them realize how their deeper intents and values matched the greatest Autobot ideals, and thus creating a team harmony never experienced before (The Transmogrification Occurrence).
In tank mode, Slammer's cannon shoots rocket-propelled mortar shells for defence purposes, but he usually uses the long-range capability of the cannon to shoot diagnostic probes inside the key joints of Metroplex's body.
The cannon can also convert into a multi-jointed extended arm for long-distance repair.
Like everyone in his team, Slammer would rather build and heal than wound and destroy.
His threads have a wide array of gravito-electromagnetic emissions that allow him to cling to any sort of surface, in any environmental condition, from cosmic storms to deep space void.

In robot mode, Slammer uses standard maintenance tools provided by the mobile repair units that roam freely inside Metroplex.

>> Continues in Slammer's SixTank File.


Slammer's robot mode is featured for the first time ever in SoD: Metroplex - A Tale of Two City-Bots.

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Wow I love the transformation effect in this
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Joe's done a great job with the transformation.