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SoD Slammer - SixWing mode

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Art and concept by Joe Teanby :iconjoeteanby:

Text and concept by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:


Continuing from Scamper's SixCar mode file.

Original art.

You may remember a similar version of Optimus Prime (with his trailer turned into wings) from Transformers vs. G.I. Joe (IDW) by Tom Scioli and John Barber.

When a Decepticon breached the security of Metroplex, the three Curators of the city-bots found themselves unable to stop the intruder.
The Decepticon had planned for every contingency, and he made his way to Metroplex's most valuable and irreplaceable components.
But even so, entering Metroplex is one thing; getting out, is something completely different.
The Metroplex Team managed to chase and trap the Decepticon in a Nuclear Core Containment Subspace Sphere-- one of the most dangerous environments inside Metroplex's body.
In an unexpected move, the Decepticon made the whole team fall into the Nuclear Core, but exposure to a Transmogrification Driver became the salvation of the three small robots.
One half of Six-Gun combined with the robotic form of Slammer, granting him the ability to glide on the energy winds that blow restlessly inside the whole body of Metroplex.
Rising like an angel of Earth's mythologies, Slammer's wing left behind a spacetime-twisting trail that almost swallowed the despicable Decepticon.

This combined mode can last only a few Breems, as it's very taxing for the Spark Cores of the two mechanoids, as a huge amount of energy is drawn from them.
During that time, though, nothing can touch SixWing Slammer, and no barrier can oppose his advance.


Slammer and Six-Gun are featured in SoD: Metroplex - A Tale of Two City-Bots, The Transmogrification Occurrence.

The whole Metroplex Team Bios and more SoD Transformers in the Characters Art Gallery.
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are these...coloured pencils?!

Blown away...... :omg:
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They are: thanks!
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Nice concept
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I love your writing here. Great vivid description making Metroplex sound as immense as he should be with almost his own changing climate and environments. 'Spacetime-twisting trail' sounds very time Wars. I'm waiting to find out the identity of the Decepticon.... :)
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Oh, you'll know who he is faster than anyone else XD
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