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SoD Sentinel Prime - page 23


Page 23 (of 23)

Lineart, story and project by Peter Istyle :iconi-sithlord:

Colors by Ibai Canales :iconcanalus:

Story and lettering by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Edits by Zac DeBoard :iconjustynnbailey:


As you know, it never ends: Sentinel Prime will briefly return in Special Story: The Dark Side Of Sentinel (featuring a DotM-RotF crossover).

This page is based on a classic Fantastic Four page by John Byrne (from The Trial Of Galactus).

Check out the words in panel 2...and compare them with panels 3-4-5 of page 1: events have come full circle.

The featured Autobots are (from top to botton, from left to right):

- Jazz
- Silverbolt
- Ironhide
- Springer
- Hound
- Nightbeat
- Jetfire
- Hot Spot
- Prowl
- Blaster
- Scattershot
- Ironfist
- Grimlock
- Point Blank
- Fistfight.



Fistfight is misquoting Optimus Prime's motto, while Sentinel's last words are a paraphrase of the notorious "Light Our Darkest Hour".

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Great work SoD team, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the conclusion of this epic tail. Love your take on Sentenil Prime. Also very brave not to build/crutch your story around Orion Pax
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Thank you so much, that's a very rewarding comment, and also a true fulfillment (a webcomic isn't complete until it stirs a reaction).
To be honest, it's not just that we didn't want to use Orion Pax-- he doesn't exist in this continuity :)
So in this continuity was Optimus Prime always Optimus Prime and if so what was he doing during this era?
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
We never featured his pre-Prime persona, but he was Optronix (as you know, "The War Within" is our core continuity element).
Grandis-Granva's avatar
Wow... I really enjoyed that!!!
Sentinel Prime... I am very impressed by his character... He had all the needed characteristics of a hero--- of a leader... I loved watching him become who he was meant to be... His sacrifice... His acceptance of that fate...
And then of course the birth of Megatron...
A very enjoyable story!!! With superb art...

I also loved all the references scattered within...

I look forward to checking all of the stories out! It's great to know that they are here!
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
Thank you so much. I know I'm not a pro writer, and I can't expect to succeed in reaching other people with my comics as pros do, but it's so gratifying and heartwarming to find other people that understand what I tried to do with this great character and all that he represents for the original, true concept of what Transformers are meant to stand for (I think can say Sentinel is great because I didn't create anything really new: I used the material provided by Simon Furman and Don Figueroa!).
Thank you again!
Grandis-Granva's avatar
But then pro's aren't the only ones who can write great stories, just because they have all the recognition... I like that you try to embody the original spirit of the series. Transformers has always been so much more to me... It's one of those series' that has shaped who I am...
And I do get a bit disappointed seeing how marketing can ruin good things...
I have never read any official Transformer comics at all--- but would love to. I know there is so much more to the lore, but don't really know where to start. I suppose the originals would be best to begin with--- then I would love to go on with the British and Japanese continuities (The British in particular sounds most intriguing!)... Do you have any recommendations? I don't know if I will be able to find any of them, but I would like to start looking...
For now, however, I'm content to read these tales. I love seeing stories that extend upon the originals, and go far beyond the official cannon...

Sentinal Prime is a great character from what I can see here.
I completely understand when you say he is great to use, because he was already perfectly created...
I do the same thing with Rodimus. (To me, he was the perfect character.....)
M3Gr1ml0ck's avatar
I'd recommend to read the  original G1 Marvel run, that goes from issue #1 to #80. This is the USA title, which also includes the Headmasters miniseries.
After that, you can read the G1 Marvel UK issues; there's a huge amount of them, and they are like miniseries intertwined with the US stories, creating a big "extended continuity".
These books were made great by writers Bob Budiansky and Simon Furman.

For our Seeds Of Deception series, though, the recommended comic book series is "The War Within" (volumes 1 & 2). This is the modern day series, written by Simon Furman, who reimagined the G1 characters in their Cybertronian age.
so is Fistfight being there a deliberate gag or.......?
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
spinosaur67's avatar
grimlock is the strongest dinobot
Black-Mech's avatar

Awesome job, guys - It's been a long time since this was started, but I think it's well worth it.

Great job! Eagerly looking forward to more! :D
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Yes, Fistfight is really evil, and completely impossible to control XD
Detective-Barricade's avatar
Yay for a cameo by Ironfist!

And I thought Fistfight was with Shockwave? Someone's been hedging their bets...
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Fistfight is loyal only to himself, but he happened to be here by mistake. In fact, he sounds quite shocked, and he messes up Optimus' motto in his attempt at sounding like an Autobot XD
NatsumeRyu's avatar
Loved the story in this one.
JP-V's avatar
I believe the Sentinel Prime you people created has been executed effectively and wonderfully!
What really made me interested in this comic was the storytelling of each character, you gave them life and purpose which I felt. I also felt some positive and true meaningful messages from this story, being it reflects us people of everyday life, be understanding and help your world be a better place for everyone.
The other aspect of what made this interesting was looking at the fantastic talented drawings from Peter Istyle. I personally love the pre-designs of Sentinel Prime being Sentierius then transforming into a Prime. Both had a pure G1/War Within design balance and that's what always captured my eye being a illustrator.
The colourist Ibai Canales, has also done a lovely job getting clear light and shading for each shape and form that existed in the story.
I do have some things I would of like to have seen:
Is "The Staff Of Balance" not be easily broken by Megatron, to me it made the purpose of it seem almost a little less meaningless, if it took Megatron a few secs to break it then I would be more satisfied because it's such a cool looking staff!
One last thing is possibly the last page's colours could of had more in depth layers of light and shading to give it the dramatic and grand ending view to look it.
I never really had an idea who Sentinel Prime was. That is until you people gave me a good understanding of what potentially who and what the character was, I find him now a beautiful Transformers character.
As a whole a round of a applause to all you talented people who made this possible. It was certainly enjoyable and interesting to read. Great effort!
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Thanks so much for the fantastic feedback!
We're glad that we reached our goals, especially the one about explaining why we love the Transformers: because they are real people to us and we care for them (even the Decepticons).
Also, as Simon Furman taught us, this saga has a huge potential both science-fiction-wise and message-wise, and this is how the Transformers should be portrayed in media.
The Autobot ideals, the Decepticons being a metaphor for all that goes wrong in human society...

Just one quick note about the Staff: Megatron was able to destroy it because the Staff was left powerless by the contact with the Sword (likewise, Sentinel resisted the Sword's effect).
But, like the other Artifacts, the Staff cannot be destroyed permanently: in the future, it will re-form, when another Prime of Balance will reappear (this is NOT a distant future, as we'll show in the "Magnificent Crisis" story).
JP-V's avatar
My absolutely pleasure, you people deserve it!
I think you people are pushing the boundaries of strong storytelling, especially with characters who haven't been given one and fan created one's too which I find very worth wild to read about it.
It sounds like Simon Furman has taught me a lot valuable things within Transformers comics as well and I agree with your words.
The past has seems to have a lot of unsolved storytelling which is why I like to see the take on characters you people are developing and it's none of it seems to be negative towards personal thoughts which is great for other readers.

It all makes sense now to me, thank you for explaining the reason. I knew that it had to be some kind of reason for it not having withstand a permanent break.
I honestly would love to see more of Sentinel Prime after reading and seeing all this comic!
Magnificent Crisis, it sounds very intriguing to look forward to!
Thank you for the reply for answers I always asking about.
Keep up the great work!
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
Thanks again, and yes, Sentinel will return briefly in a really unexpected way ;)
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