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Lineart, story and project by Peter Istyle :iconi-sithlord:

Colors by Ibai Canales :iconcanalus:

Story and lettering by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Edits by Zac DeBoard :iconjustynnbailey:


A new step in the Soundwave/Blaster rivality is born: for more, see SoD: Blaster.

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Reading this in 2017 and find it very interesting Soundwave's take on propaganda and spinning of media, and the last big media election on Planet Earth ;P
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Yes, history repeats itself, although the first time is tragedy and the second one is farce.
Ironically, the original inspiration for this story was a media election which took place in Italy.
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*Le Gasp* A version of Sentinel Prime that isn't a colossal douchebag? WHAT NEW SPORE OF MADNESS IS THIS!?!?
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Well, hopefully you'll tolerate it.
After all it was the original plan for the character ;)
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I know, I was just being a sarcastic bastard.
I, for one, think that we've had enough of the jerk-Sentinel for quite a while.
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Seriously, it was passable in Animated, but was insultingly awful in DotM.
Fun fact: those versions were originally meant to be Hot Rod/Rodimus and Ultra Magnus(respectively), but they were both changed to Sentinel because Hasbro didn't want to ruin their good name(s)/reputation... though, that didn't seem to stop them from doing it to Sentinel...:|
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The Animated one had his own reasons and at least was well handled during the development of the series.
The DotM one made no sense to me, especially after reading the comic book prequel, in which he was almost decent. Hence our "retcon" comic: The Dark Side Of Sentinel.

But our SoD Sentinel Prime is actually a reaction to the one seen in "Megatron Origin", which I saw as the worst possibile version (and the most illogical at that).
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Just finished The Dark Side of Sentinel and, I must say, you guys have actually managed to take Michael Bay's explosion/military/stereotypes/pornstar/America-fetish nonsense and make something that both redeems DotM's Sentinel and explains some of the glaring plotholes in the movies(like why the Fallen was so easy to kill-off, why Sentinel crashed on Earth's moon, and why Megatron would even consider joining forces with an Autobot).

Really? What kind of jerk was that one?
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Thank you, your analysis humbles us.

Yes, those movies really make no sense to us, especially when Sentinel Prime feels forced to honor a pact that has lost any meaning: with the Decepticon totally defeated, he has no need to betray the Autobots to help the 'Cons re-start a war that is already over...
Just one of an endless list of betrayals of logic that those movies represent!
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IDW Sentinel : Fails to kill Megatron despite obvious advantages and Apex armour

SoD Sentinel : Decks the floor with Megatron without an arm, no matrix, and slashed by a Mystical chaos sword.
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Yes, that's how we think Sentinel should be, since The War Within! (He wasn't around any longer but he left a lasting impression on other mechs!)
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