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Short Story - Throwdown


Art by Koen Luyten :iconkluyten:

Story and lettering by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Special thanks to Ibai Canales :iconcanalus: and Simon Reeves :iconreeves83:

Edits by J.Z. Belexes :iconjazzeke:

SoD project by Peter Istyle :iconi-sithlord:


Original title: "Body-snatched" (a bit too spoiler-ish!).

First Draft of Nova Survivor. Inks of Nova Survivor. Prime battle. Nova survives.
Unused battle scene 1. Unused battle scene 2.
The Assembly Hall. The Citistate shot.

Panel 1.

Koen had a lot of fun in this: lots of unnamed mechs, plus some weird images in the giant screens. Are those Gobots?
And what about the miscolored Grendizer in the crowd?

Panel 2.

On the left, a hint of the mysteryous storyteller, Jhiaxus. On the right, Guardian Prime.

The Citistates Assembly Palace is of course well known to our readers: see SoD: Omega Supreme, SoD: Shockwave/Soundwave and Short Story: Voice Of Experience.

Does the Prime have a throne, literally? Wait and you'll see.

Panel 3.

"Fire of the Matrix" is a nod to page 5 of SoD: Sentinel Prime.

Finally, an Anti-Prime!

The name "Guardian Prime" comes from the Dreamwave continuity. In that continuity, he was supposed to be the Prime that came before Sentinel Prime.

Panel 4.

The Pagoda Supreme is another location that has become a trademark of our saga.

Panel 5.

What is the Abyss Resurgence? Who dwells under the Sea Of Rust?

Energy-based weapons. Guardian is using an Energo-sword, in Grimlock style. Nova is using a spiked ball, reminescing of Megatron's "Morning Star" (see G1 cartoon episode "More Than Meets The Eye").

Panel 8.

Nova Prime's plan is revealed, as per Spotlight: Optimus Prime and Revelation.

The contrast between the theoretical nobility of a Prime and the G2 feel of the fanatical supremacist Nova Prime was first raised/explored by Ibai Canales and Peter Istyle.

Finally, Jhiaxus!

Jhiaxus's characterization is partially based on the novel "Spotlight: Flywheels" by Simon Reeves (and on Simon Furman's work, of course!).

The saga continues in Short Story: Something Old, Something New, Constant Moons: Paradise Lost, Short Story: The Shape Of Things To Come.
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Nemesisprime91's avatar
The Anti-Prime...strange how Modern Cybertronians labeled him that when The Fallen has a similar name. Could he actually be a proto-descendant of that Prime?
Nemesisprime91's avatar
Thanks, my other theory was that this Anti-Prime had found Unicron's Fossilized blood and merged it with his spark.
ninjha's avatar
Wow! Amazing! Damm that Jiaxus!
Tf-SeedsOfDeception's avatar
And we'll also have to rebuild the Pagoda, now =___=
Canalus's avatar
LOL, yeah, Gobots in the screens! Also, there are some mechs with strangely WFC-like designs, interesting...
Nemesisprime91's avatar
Not just Go-bots but Voltron Vehicle or sea force too
Canalus's avatar
Ah yes, really cool!
Ha-HeePrime's avatar
A very cool idea.
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