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Short Story Remembrances - v2


Art by :iconsakuranez:

Story and lettering by :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

SoD project and "Young Kup" by :iconi-sithlord:

Edits by :iconjustynnbailey:

"Old Kup" by :iconjazzluca:

"Professor Kup" by Davide "Red Alert" of [link] (


Original art.

Originally published as a Mosaic piece.

The Mosaic version has a cross-continuity approach and features dinosaur Sludge in the last panel (an impossible Earth mode, during the Civil War era).
The SoD version features the continuity-correct War-Within-robot Sludge.

Panel 1.
Kup, at a lunar spaceport, making a speech about the destiny of the Transformers, is a sequence taken from War Within: The Dark Ages (by Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman. In that miniseries, his interlocutor really was Grimlock; but it seems that Kup likes to repeat himself.

Panel 2. The aliens are Mechannibals! (from G1 Marvel US comics by Bob Budiansky). They are also featured in SoD Omega Supreme page 7.

Panel 2. Kup is backed up by Inferno (based on the character seen in Spotlight Blaster).

Panel 2. This is a Liberation Mission going on. More details in page 7 of SoD: Sentinel Prime.

Panel 4. The history/fate of the cybertronian moons and their technorganic population is told in SoD: Paradise Lost.

Panel 4. The other mech is Cyclonus, from Spotlight: Cyclonus.

Panel 4. The "Young Kup" featured here has a different look, devised by Peter and already seen in SoD Omega Supreme, pages 9-10.

Panel 6. Kup is also "Professor Kup", in Indiana Jones style. More about this in SoD: Jetfire/Grimlock.

Panel 6. Wheeljack and Ironhide will follow Kup in the Lightning Strike Coalition (War Within vol 1.).

Panel 6. "Floron", from Floro Dery, is one of the fallen Decepticon leaders honored in the Decepticon Hall of Heroes from TFTM86.

Panel 6. The idol in Kup's hand is a Haniwa statuette, often used in mangas for comedical purposes. (We thank Tomoko for this idea!)

Panel 7. The concept of Kup rejecting technological upgrades comes from Spotlight: Kup by Nick Roche.

Panel 7. The Dino-Sludge with the nerve-throb seen in the Mosaic version is a hilarious idea by Tomoko.

Panel 7. If Kup lived the age of Nova Prime, how comes that he never told Optimus Prime anything about that (forcing Optimus to ask Omega Supreme for information, in Spotlight: Optimus Prime) ?
The answer is that he just couldn't remember a thing of that age.

Kup and Sludge are based on Don Figueroa's designs.
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Bwahahaha! That punchline! The art and Kup's reminiscing makes one think it's serious, and then "Grimlock" gets the last word! XD
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