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Short Story: Overkilled




Lineart by Nho YounJu :iconccamang:

Colors by Yu Hye Shim :iconloneold:

Story, script and lettering by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Edits by Gregory Donaldson :iconnovastorm73:

Special thanks to Ibai Canales :iconcanalus:

SoD project by Peter Istyle :iconi-sithlord:


Original lineart.

Unlettered color art.

Fistfight's adventures continue, revealing the identity of the mystery character from
page 3 of SoD: Jetfire/Grimlock. Who was commenting the Arena matches in Yetron? Now you know!

Fistfight: Tech Specs.

Overkill: art.

The Terrorcon: Arena Betting Card.

Who is Twoheads? His fear of small creatures identifies him as SinnerTwin.

Overkill works for Soundwave, as explained by Fistfight: he is a "cybernet mobile node" (see SoD: Shockwave/Soundwave).

Too bad that Fistfight's alt mode was mode-locked during Special Story: The Drought. It would have blasted Charger in orbit!

Too bad that Fistfight's alt mode can levitate only for a few seconds. It would have spared him the humiliation of Short Story: Free Fall and Short Story: Survival Instinct.

"Who is the boss" is a nod to Animated Dirt Boss (of course, it's more than that, but Transformer-wise speaking...).

Follow the adventures of Fistfight in: Short Story: Transmutated, Short Story: Replacement, Short Story: Free Fall, Short Story: Survival Instinct (two pages), Short Story: Trusted Assistant, Special Story: The Drought.


Are you an artist? Do you want to join the project? We're always looking for new talents (especially color artists, these days... Ratbat, Nova Prime, Jhiaxus and more need YOU!): if you want to learn more about this, please contact us.

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More art in Characters Art Gallery and Universe (Profiles + Tech Specs).
Read the SoD comics: Short Stories, 1: Omega Supreme, 3: Jetfire/Grimlock, 5: Magnus, 6: Shockwave/Soundwave, 7: Sentinel Prime, 8: Blaster, 9: Starscream, Constant Moons: Paradise Lost, Special Story: The Drought.
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Overkill has never looked so adorable.