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Short Story - Free Fall




Story and lettering by :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Art and script assist :iconreeves83:

Colors by :icontwotenjack11:

SoD Logo & Sixshot's colors :iconcanalus:

Ideas and SoD project by :iconi-sithlord:

Edits by :iconjustynnbailey:


Unlettered art.

A sequel to Short Story Replacement.

The Lords Of J'Nwan are back: a tribute to both Battlestar Galactica (Lords Of Kobol) and Simon Furman's works for BotCon (J'nwan = Gen One).

Fistfight is "Shockwave's little helper". Were he on Earth, he'd be Santa's Little Helper and Bart Simpson would love him.

This story takes place a little before the flashback shown Devastation #5, page 1.
Or a little later: depends on what you think Starscream is doing in the flashback. Pretending or showing real concern?

It would appear that these deactivation codes are just part of a larger fail-safe built in Sixshot's software.
This expansion of the concept brought to the "Achilles Virus", described in Last Stand Of The Wreckers #3, page 1.
The book states that the Achilles Virus was created by Shockwave. Since we implied that Sixshot is one of Shockwave's experiments, we inadvertently stayed in continuity, long before LSotW were even announced (yes, we devised The Replacement a looong time ago).

"Pi-Orion-Actual-Orbit": see Devastation #5, page 20. Now you know.
Wow, Starscream kept those a secret for thousands of years! And Shockwave never had a chance to change them (of course, he vanished not much later, in Spotlight: Shockwave).

Will Fistfight survive this fall?
Yes, because Tomoko nominated him Seeds Of Deception official mascot: starting in the next 36 hours, the two-pager Survival Instinct illustrated by Megumi will show you how Fistfight will handle this predicament (and Starscream's betrayal).

Miniseries Index (The Fistfight Experience)

Free Fall
Survival Instinct - Page 1
Survival Instinct - Page 2
Trusted Assistant
The Drought.
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